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Catherine ran a successful advertising agency in the Pacific Northwest. She was in her mid-thirties with long dark hair, about five-nine or so, and a decent figure. But she was so career-driven, she rarely had dates. It seemed like she was always in a bad mood. In her desire to succeed, she'd forgotten about the people that worked with her.

Her four officemates were Shelly, Jack, Carrie & Dan. They were all bright and talented individuals, who originally liked the high-paced atmosphere, but had gotten tired of Catherine's tirades & general over all bitchiness. They remembered one holiday weekend when Catherine insisted they stay til late Friday night to finish a project, even though two of them had planned a getaway, causing them to cancel their plans & more importantly, lose their $200 deposit on the place! Or the time Catherine had screamed at Shelly because she refused to work one day when she had the flu.

One Friday evening, the four of them were in a local watering hole griping about their boss. "Ooooh, she makes me soooo mad sometimes! Carrie said. Jack & Dan commiserated about her, saying "Yeah she can be such a pain in the ass. I wish there was some way we could get back at her." Shelly agreed, saying "I wish we could kidnap her & leave her tied up somewhere."

Suddenly, Jack's eyes lit up. "Hey, ya know that's not a bad idea. And I think I might know a place we could pull it off!" The other three looked at him incredulously. "Are you crazy?" said Carrie, "We could all land in jail!" "Well, I might know of a way to pull it off & get Catherine the Great to mellow out. But, I'll need everyone's help. A friend has a place about thirty miles from here.. out in the boonies, so to speak." Jack had an evil grin on his face as he continued, "He also has some uh.. equipment and such designed to keep a "prisoner" in line.. all sorts of restraints, and ummm..."household appliances" that work quite well in persuading someone."

"But," Jack went on, "I'll need everyone's help on this. We have to plan this in advance & not leave anything to chance! Let's agree to have a couple more meetings at various people's house over the next couple weeks, while I finalize the details on my end. Are you all with me?" The other three eyed each other nervously. "Hey, do you want to keep working with that bitch or not?" Rick asked. The other three shook their heads. "Look, I understand how you feel. But if we pull this off just right, she won't ever say a word & she'll thank us later!" Jack said.

So over the next couple weeks, the four of them met at Shelly's house and formalized the plan. Jack could get a van to transport them up to his friend's place. He also got plenty of ropes, hoods for his coworkers and a pair of blindfolds. He also had a huge bag full of vibrators, dildoes, nipple clamps, floggers and paddles. His plan was to kidnap Catherine on a Friday night & along with the others spend the weekend sensually torturing her! He figured by the end of the weekend, Catherine would be so frazzled, she'd do anything they said!

He talked it over with the others and they thought it sounded great! They decided they would do it that Friday night after 6. Catherine tended to work til at least 6:30 or 7 every night. They would turn off the lights in her office, grab her, blindfold & gag her & take her out to the van & drive off.

That last week, Catherine was in her usual bitchy mood. She was very sexually frustrated as well. It had been weeks since she'd even thought about sex, much less had any. She remembered the vibrator she had at home & thought about using it that night.

Friday arrived & the four workers said nothing, just smiled at each other & nodded. Jack had borrowed the van, & had everything they needed in it. The four met at lunch & went over their plans. They would each leave at their usual time & meet out in front at 6:30pm. Dan would shut off the power to Catherine's office & Jack & the two women would take her by surprise, bind & gag her & take her out to the van!

5pm rolled around & Catherine noticed everyone leaving. She muttered a bye under her breath as she watched them leave. Then about 6:35, she was working on a report when suddenly, her office power went out. "Damn!" she said, "Must be a circuit breaker." She was about to get up, when suddenly she saw several dark figures swoop down on her. One covered her mouth, as the others held her down. "What the f.. mmmfpphhh?"

She heard one of them yell, "Get the handcuffs on her!" She struggled to get free, but the others held her down quite well. She felt her arms being pinned behind her back & the click of the handcuffs. She felt something put on her legs as well. Then something was stuffed in her mouth, and some kind of blindfold around her eyes. She tried to scream, but whatever was in her mouth prevented her from saying much.

"mmmmmmfpphmmm... mmmmmmfphhhhh! She screamed, as she felt herself being led outside. She heard what she thought was a car door being opened and then was helped inside. She heard the others get in & the slamming of doors & then an engine being started. "There! We got her.. let's go!" she heard one of them say.

After a few minutes, she felt the blindfold and the gag in her mouth be removed. She discovered she was in the back of a van. The people in the van were dressed in black & had hoods covering their faces. "Who the fuck are you? You know, you're not gonna get away with this!" Just wait till the police find out. I'm having dinner with an important client tonight! You better turn around & take me back right now!"

One of the hooded figures spoke, "We know all about your dinner. We called him & told him you had to cancel because of a pressing engagement out of town. Let me assure you that no one will notice you are missing. They will assume you took the weekend off. If you cooperate with us, you will be returned unharmed. Otherwise.."

Catherine started to speak again, "What do you mean YOU called him? Who the fuck are you? I'm gonna have your a.. mmmmmmfphhhh!" She noticed the gag had been put back in her mouth. The figure spoke again "If you insist on screaming, we will continue to gag you. Of course, where we are going, no one will probably hear you anyway. You are ours now! You can decide to be quiet and we will take out your gag. Or you can choose to be unpleasant! The choice is yours."

Catherine began to realize it was futile to resist, though inside she was seething. The dinner she was having was with a client that represented a hundred thousand dollar account & she didn't want to blow it. She had worked so hard all week to set it up and now this. If she wasn't already bound, she'd kick both sides of the van she appeared to be trapped in.

She spent the rest of the ride, silently fuming, even after the gag was taken out again. She felt the van stop & felt the blindfold being put back on. She heard the van door open and felt herself being grabbed & helped out the back of the van. She was led inside the house and marched into a room. She felt the blindfold being taken off and saw her captors again.

"Once again, I demand to know.. who the FUCK are you people? What do you want with me?" Catherine asked. She watched as the hooded figures took off their masks. With a gasp, Catherine realized it was her office employees! "Jack! Dan! Shelly! Carrie!! Have you all lost your minds?? You could get thrown in jail for this! I'll have my lawyers on your asses faster than flies on shit Monday morning!"

Jack spoke, "Yes, Catherine, I suppose we have lost our minds. We've put up with your shit and your bitchy attitude for months. We decided it was time to teach you a little lesson in humility. As for contacting your lawyer, I doubt that. Your lawyer is a friend of mine and I told him about our plan. He thought it was a great idea! He said he's sick & tired of your lousy attitude too."

Catherine just yelled a huge "OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! I'll find some way to get you back for this. You're fired, you hear me?? Fired!" Catherine screamed. "Fine dear." Jack said, "In the meantime, we're going to tie you to the bed over there. You've been through quite an ordeal & you'd probably like to lie down for a while. Oh and to help you relax, we're going to attach this vibrator to your stomach. The tip of it, you will find out just grazes your clit."

Jack & the others took off Catherine's handcuffs & replaced them with wrist restraints. They took Catherine over to the bed and lay her down on it. They attached ropes to them and attached the other end to the bedposts. They did the same with Catherine's ankle restraints. Then Jack pulled up Catherine's blouse & pulled out a large vibrator. Taking some masking tape, he taped it to Catherine's stomach. Part of it was pressing up against Catherine's crotch. Catherine maintained a defiant attitude, even tho she was a little unsure about the vibrator.

Then Jack switched on the vibrator.. on low. It began to hum. "OK Catherine, we'll give ya a little time to chill. Perhaps in a little while, you'll be a little more agreeable to what we have planned. Have a nice nap!" Jack remarked as he closed the door. Catherine began squirming immediately.

Meanwhile outside, Jack & the others were amazed at how easy it had been to kidnap Catherine! "Ya know, I secretly wonder if maybe just a little, Catherine was hoping this would happen to her?" "Naaah Jack, we're just lucky we got away with it," Dan said. "hey, how long you gonna keep her like that?" Jack responded, "Welll, about 30 minutes or so. Even as horny as she probably is, the vibe is turned on low. All that should happen is she'll get REALLY horny! "My..my." Shelly exclaimed, "You are the devious one, aren't ya Jack? Jack just broke out into a shy smile.

About half an hour later, Jack & Shelly came back into Catherine's room. Catherine looked about the same as before, though a slight wet spot was detectable on her jeans around the area where the vibrator was. It apparently had had an effect on her! "Well Catherine, are you feeling better after your nap?" Catherine said nothing. "Well, perhaps we'll let you rest some more." Jack said as they left the room.

They checked on her an hour later and untied her. They said that it was getting late and they were all getting ready for bed. They didn't have any night clothes for her, but did have plenty of blankets, which they provided for Catherine. Then they left her alone. Catherine sighed & finally decided to take off her clothes. First her blouse, then her bra, jeans & panties. She put them on a chair in the room. She stopped to admire her body. The vibrator "treatment" had left her quite aroused. Her pussy was still somewhat wet, and she put a finger inside herself & realized how good it felt! She looked at herself in the mirror.

Before long, she was rubbing her clit and fingering herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. "Ohhhhhhh.. mmmmmmm" she moaned, hoping that the others wouldn't hear her. She put another finger inside herself and started fucking herself faster with them. She pinched her nipples with her other hand. She realized how good it felt!! "ohhh.. I wish I had a cock in me right now.." she moaned as kept fingering herself. She put another finger in herself as she began to approach orgasm. "MMM.. ohhhhhh.. ohhhhh... gggiiooddddddd!" she moaned as she came!

With that, she got into bed & pulled the covers over herself. She slept rather well, in spite of everthing that had happened to her that evening. When she awoke the next morning, she looked around & discovered her clothes were gone! She looked everywhere for them. Apparently, someone had snuck in during the night & taken them!

Catherine opened the door & saw the four coworkers having breakfast. "Dammit, where the hell are my clothes?" she demanded. "well, a Good Morning to you too Catherine! Would you like some breakfast? Shelly asked in a sweet voice. "Shit! What did you do with my clothes?" Catherine whined. "Catherine, we decided you really didn't need them. You're not going anywhere for a while and besides they're kinda dirty. Don't worry, we put them in the wash for you & we'll give them back.. eventually." Dan answered with a sly grin on his face.

"So what am I supposed to do now?" Catherine demanded. "Well, for starters you could just start to relax & accept what will happen to you this weekend. Really, this is for your own good." Jack said. Catherine slammed the door. "Hmm.. this may take a bit of work to get Catherine to come around." Jack offered. "Well, I'm sure we can provide a good attitude adjustment for her.. hehe," Shelly said as she eyed a strap-on dildo harness among Jack's toys. "Ya know, I've done a couple women with one of those before. I wonder if Catherine might enjoy it?" Shelly asked.

"Well, I'm sure she would, but that can wait til later today," Jack said. For now, I have some other delights in store for her. Hold on, I'll take some breakfast in for her." Jack took a tray of pancakes, eggs & orange juice in Catherine's room. She said nothing as he left the tray. "Catherine, we will be starting our day's activities in a little while. You might want to take a shower. It might be your only chance much of the day," he said as he shut the door.

Catherine wondered what he meant as he left. She decided to use the shower. As she turned on the water, she rinsed her hair and her body; the warm water felt really good. She saw the soap & shampoo that had been left there & scrubbed her body & hair. After a few minutes, she stepped out & dried herself off. She was feeling a bit more relaxed and thought "Hmm.. this might not be so bad after all."

It was at that point the door opened & Jack walked in. "Ah.. you took my advice. Great! We can get started!" "Started?" asked Catherine. Jack said nothing as he attached restraints to Catherine's wrists and ankles. "Now.. come with me.. we are going to see about an attitude adjustment with you. By the end of the weekend, we will ensure that you will no longer treat us badly and that you will treat us with the respect and dignity we deserve!"

"Ha!" said Catherine. "You don't deserve nothing. I gave you all jobs, remember!" Jack sighed, "First of all, from here on you will be addressed as slave. You will refer to Dan & I as Master.. and Shelly & Carrie will be addressed as Mistress!" Catherine smirked, "You gotta be kidding! Me.. your slave? Get real!" Jack began to get angry. "Fine, slave, for that you will be gagged again. I thought last night had taught you some manners, but it obviously hasn't!"

With that, Jack pressed the gag into Catherine's mouth. She mumbled something that was unintelligible. He locked her wrist restraints together & led her towards the back of the house. They arrived at the room and Jack opened the door. She looked inside.. there were all kinds of bizarre-looking things in the room.. ceiling hooks, some kind of restraints, paddles, whips, along with a couple of padded bars.

Jack moved Catherine to the X-frame against one of the walls. He undid her wrist restraints and then reattached them to the restraints on the X-frame. He pulled out a small vibrator & turned it on. "Remember this from last night, slave? You seemed to enjoy this!" Jack asked. Catherine shivered as she felt the vibrator go down her body.. over her shoulders.. past her breasts.. and down her belly toward her pussy. She could feel a trace of wetness there. Her defiant look was starting to change.

Jack pressed the vibrator against Catherine's pussy as she softly moaned into the gag. "Yes slave, you want this, don't you?" "mmmmmmph.. mmmmph!!" Catherine said into the gag. Jack turned the vibrator on to high as Catherine moaned even louder. "Hmm.. I'd say that's enough for now." Catherine moaned again, more out of disappointment. "Damn, that felt good." she thought to herself.

"Oh did you think I'd let you off that easy?" Jack asked. "Well, guess again. You are ours to play with this weekend. When we think you've had enough, we'll let you know. Of course, you could just make it easy on yourself and promise to be nicer to us at work!" "MMPH eeu!" was Catherine's muffled response. Jack just smiled at Catherine's attempt at an obscenity. He took out some feather dusters & started dusting off Catherine's body, paying special attention to her nipples, inner thighs & pussy.

Jack noticed that Catherine in spite of herself was quite wet. Her nipples were quite erect as well & when he touched or pinched them, Catherine jumped! He took out one of his floggers..one made out of deer skin and brushed it down Catherine's body. Then he found a neurological wheel, a device with numerous sharp points on it and ran that across Catherine's breasts. Catherine screamed & grimaced and shook her head.

"Hmm..yes..that's the reaction I like to see out of you slave! I bet in a few more hours, we'll have you eating out of our hands. But for now, I think I'll leave you alone. Oh..I will take out that gag for you. A thank you would be nice." Jack removed the gag. Catherine thought of saying something choice, but decided against it. Jack walked out of the room & closed the door. Catherine was left there for about fifteen minutes or so.

Then Carrie walked in. "Welll, how's our slave doing so far? Hmm, you look comfy!" "Carrie! Get me down from here!" Catherine demanded. "Ohhh slave, you are to address me as Mistress, NOT Carrie! Haven't you learned anything yet?" Carrie asked. Catherine's eyes rolled skyward. "Okay.. Mistress..would you please let me down from here?" she asked. Carrie smiled, "That's better slave. Yes, I will let you down." Carrie undid the restraints as Catherine watched.

Carrie helped Catherine down, then to Catherine's surprise, suddenly yanked her forward to the table. "Now slave, lie down on the table!" she demanded. Catherine was dumbfounded. "What the..? she said. "Just do it slave." Carrie said. Catherine complied & she watched as Carrie put ropes inside each of the hooks on the table. She quickly noticed the ropes crisscrossed her body. She started to protest and Carrie said "Silence, slave!"

"There! You're all set! Nothing like a change of positions I always say. This should hold you for awhile. We're getting ready to have lunch soon. We'll bring you something when we get done." She ran her fingers along Catherine's body. "Hmmm...you have a very nice body..I wished I looked that good. I bet a lot of guys would love to fuck you."

Catherine's resentment was starting to fade away. She kept thinking about how horny all this was making her & the thought of some guy pumping away at her made her even hornier. "Anyway slave, someone will be back to check on you in awhile. Enjoy!" Carrie then left the room.

Meanwhile, outside the four employees were having lunch. Dan had gone out to a local sandwich shop & had brought back a few sandwiches. Jack & Carrie especially were enjoying themselves. "Heehee..Jack this is fun. Not only are we getting back at the bitch, but the sight of her & all of this is making my panties wet!" Carrie said. Jack just smiled & said.."welll, maybe we can do something about that later!" Carrie just smiled.

Shelly eyed the dildoe harness. "Ya know, perhaps it's time I introduced that bitch to the pleasure of a good dildoe fuck. From what you've told me, Catherine is probably close to the edge and wouldn't be in too much of a position to argue with me." She had a slightly twisted look on her face. "Hmmm." said Jack, "I was gonna wait awhile, but hey why don't you bring her some lunch and a soda & see what happens? Hehheh."

They finished their lunches and Shelly took off her clothes and put on the dildoe harness. Shelly was quite attractive & was rather voluptous too. About five-feet nine & 160 pounds with red hair, Rick & Dan both had fantasized often about her. She looked rather imposing wearing the leather harness with an eight-inch dildoe sticking out of her crotch.

She picked up a sandwich & soda & turned to her three coworkers as she opened the door. "Wish me luck, guys." and then disappeared into the room where Catherine was. Catherine heard the door open & saw Shelly standing naked before her. She also noticed the huge rubber dick sticking straight out!

"Ummm...what is that?" she asked. Shelly ignored her question & proceeded to unfasten the ropes around the table. "Slave, I brought you some lunch & a soda. I hope you like ham & cheese..that's all that was left." Shelly said. Catherine grabbed the sandwich & quickly ate it, and drank some of the soda. "So slave, how are you feeling? Not hungry now?" "No, that sandwich was good. Thank you err Mistress." Catherine said.

As she said that, she noticed Shelly handling the huge rubber dick. That made her nervous. She asked again, "Umm...what's that huge rubber thing you're wearing?" "Oh this? Shelly replied. "This is a dildoe harness I'm wearing and I'm going to fuck you with this rubber cock!" Catherine's eyes grew wide. "Ohhhh..wait I..I..I don't do women!!" she said. "Ohhhh slave, it's ok..you can just pretend I'm a guy with a nice big cock giving you the fucking you crave! It really feels good. I've fucked and been fucked with it." she cooed.

She put her hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Now just get on your hands & knees on the table like a good little slave or I will tie you down." Catherine sighed & realized she had no choice. She did as she was told "That's a girl..Relax..I'll be gentle..at first!" Shelly laughed. Catherine looked over her shoulder & saw Shelly apply some lube to the rubber cock. "I probably won't need this, your pussy looks quite wet already, but what the hell!" With that, Catherine felt Shelly put her hands on her hips & then felt her enter her pussy..slowly at first, then Shelly gradually increased the tempo.

At first, Catherine tried to resist and Shelly grabbed her hips a little harder. She bent over her & Catherine started to feel her hot breath on her back and neck. Catherine began to grunt & groan as Shelly began fucking her faster. "Oh yes baby..you like thissssss don't you? Shelly hissed. Catherine moaned out a "mmmmmmm..yes." Shelly grabbed some of Catherine's hair in her hand and said "I knew you'd like to be dildoe fucked! With that, she let go of Catherine's hair & started fingering her clit. Catherine thought she would faint, it felt so good!

"Oooohhhhhh, I'm gonna come soon! Catherine yelled. "Yessss baby..cum for your Mistress..it feels soooo good! Shelly yelled. She kept up the rhythm as the sweat rolled off both of them. Catherine felt an orgasm approaching.. it had been so long since she'd cum like this, she thought she was going to pass out. "Ohhhhhhh..myyyyyyyyyy....yessssssssss!" Catherine collapsed to the table as she came. Shelly sat there for a minute, waiting for her to regain her composure.

Catherine rolled over on her back. "Oh God, that was incredible! Huh?" She looked up and Shelly was smiling.."slave, now you have to suck my big dick!" Catherine gathered up the strength to move & opened her mouth. Shelly moved her rubber dick to Catherine's mouth, grabbed the back of her head & began fucking her mouth in much the same way as she'd fucked her pussy. She did this for about 30 minutes or so. Then she got up & smiled & said "slave you do that well. I'm sure Masters Jack & Dan will enjoy finding that out!"

Catherine caught her breath. "What the hell did Shelly mean by that? She didn't have long to think about it as Dan walked into the room. "Welll slave, looks like Mistress Shelly enjoyed you very much! See how much fun it is when you comply?" Catherine only mumbled..her brain and body were still trying to comprehend her first orgasm in a month. "You seem to be having trouble listening to me. I think it's time we put you back on the X-frame!" Dan said.

With that, Catherine was led over to the X-frame and again put on it. This time, Catherine saw the clamps Dan had in his hand. "Yes, slave these are nipple clamps. They will help bring your concentration back to the here and now." "Ohhhhhh...please noooo!" Catherine cried. "So, you will promise to be nice to us from now on?" Catherine muttured under her breath. Even after all she'd been through, she still had some resistance to change her attitude. "What was that, slave? Still think it's better to resist? Fair enough!"

With that, Dan twisted & pinched Catherine's nipples as she screamed. Then he put the nipple clamps on her swollen nipples. "Slave, if you think they hurt now, I can adjust them even tighter!" Dan took the vibrator out again and switched it on. He pressed it against the chain the clamps were on as Catherine's body shook. "Hmmm...I think you enjoyed that! Perhaps I should leave the vibrator on your ummm..most sensitive area.. for a while. Sorta like what Jack did this morning." said Dan with a gleam in his eye.

"Ohhhhhhh!" was all Catherine could think to say. Damn, it was getting harder & harder to resist all the pleasure she was feeling and maintain her resolve. Dan left the vibrator on her for about fifteen minutes or so and then left the room.

The four employees, even Shelly had gotten quite horny "playing" with Catherine, which gave her an idea. She mentioned having given Catherine a really good fuck & wondered if Jack needed one as well. Carrie then asked Dan if he felt the same way. They all agreed that a little impromptu orgy sounded great and they'd leave the door open so Catherine could hear everything!

Dan came & got Catherine, took off the nipple clamps and took her back to her room. He tied her to her bed & left the door open. Then the four of them went into the next room, ripped each other clothes off and fucked like crazy, making sure to be very loud. Catherine could hear everything, and struggled at her binds. She wished she could join them, or at the very least finger herself to another climax.

After the four were finished, Jack came in & untied her & gave her some dinner. After dinner, he hooked her wrist restraints together to ensure she wouldn't try to play with herself the rest of the evening. Finally, bedtime arrived & Jack came in and unhooked the restraints just long enough to tie them to the bedposts. Then he "tucked" her in & closed the door & turned off the light.

Catherine didn't sleep much that night, thinking about all the stimulation she'd received that day & the dull throb in her pussy. She also wondered how much more of this would she have to endure. By the time morning arrived, she would have done virtually anything to get rid of that ache.

Shelly opened the door with a cheery "Good morning, slave! How did we sleep?" Catherine was too tired to answer. "I brought you some breakfast. Enjoy. Then you are to take a shower as we have more delicious torture for you today. See ya!" With that, Sherry shut the door. Catherine devoured the breakfast and then got up to take a shower. It was all she could do to keep from fingering herself in the bathroom!

As she dried herself off, the door flew open and there was Jack. "Well, my dear, looks like you had a bit of a rough night. Oh well, plenty to keep you busy today." With that, he bound her wrist restraints together and led her back into the back room. "Oh ummm..Master..please..I..I.." "Yes, slave? Go on." said Jack. "I just don't know how much more of this I can stand." "Well, has our slave had a change of heart? Has she finally begun to realize the error of her ways?" "I..well..I just don't know..I." Catherine stammered. "Hmm, you still seem to be indecisive. I think I know just what to do to help persuade you." Jack said.

He took Catherine into the room, took off her restraints & then took out some saran wrap, which he wrapped in long rolls over Catherine's body. He wrapped her like some kind of package and then rolled tape on the wrap to keep it from falling off. He left the room and left Catherine in the wrap for an hour or so.

When Jack got back, Catherine was ready to give in. She was so horny she would have fucked a horse! She also began to realize what a bitch she'd been to her employees. No wonder they resorted to such harsh actions! Jack came back in and cut Catherine out of the wrap. "Oh Master..I..I wish to apologize for being such a bitch to you and everyone else!"

Jack smiled. "Ahh..I KNEW you would come around! See, we really did this for your own good. We just got so damn tired of your constant bitchy attitude." "Yes I realize that now and I'm very sorry." Catherine said "Please just fuck me now! I'm so damn horny!!" "Hmm..slave, I have a better idea."

Jack went & got Dan from the other room & ordered Catherine to fuck Dan & suck his cock. Catherine readily agreed! Dan slid his hard dick into Catherine's wet pussy as she tightened her lips around Jack's cock. You could hear the moans & the screams from all three of them. Dan started fucking Catherine faster and faster as Catherine kept going "mmmmm...mmmmmmmm!" Jack was enjoying the feel of his dick in her mouth and Catherine LOVED Dan's dick in her pussy. They all cried out as they came.

Shelly & Carrie ran in to see what was going on & quickly took off their clothes and joined in. At one point, Shelly was sitting on top of Catherine as she greedily ate her out. They fucked for the next couple hours. Afterwards, they sat and talked as Rick gave Catherine back her clothes.

"I'd forgotten how valuable you all were and are to me. If it wasn't for you, my agency never would have gotten off the ground! I feel awful about how I've treated you. Tell you what, why don't you take tomorrow off to umm..recover. God knows, I need to!" Catherine said, with a wicked gleam in her eye.

So they packed everything up and got in the van. Catherine got in the back seat, where she promptly fell asleep. They got back to their office and drove home. Catherine was a lot nicer to deal with until one day a few weeks later.

Catherine slammed down the phone and yelled "Shit! Dan, Get in my office now!!" All four employees looked at each other as Dan ran into her office. "Dan," Catherine said, closing the door. "I just got off the phone with that fucking friend of mine, Lori. She is so uptight, she needs desperately to get laid and get an attitude adjustment. Uh you think you could arrange another kidnapping?"

Dan and Catherine just smiled at each other.

© 1996 LordSaber

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