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An Old Friend Visits

By Chiron

To toast in life that which we take so real in fantasy.
To honour two fine Ladies well mounted on fine steeds.

LadyS let the water cascade around her, the pressure turned up to feel the massaging effect of the stinging flow. She ran her hands over her head, feeling the grit of the days travel melt away and the heat relax her muscles, turning slowly to expose all of her firm body to the water, letting it fondle her with delight. Regretfully, she turned the water off and reached for the towelling robe hung close at hand, LadyS had other things to look forward to for the day however and she had lingered enough in the shower. She slipped lithely into the robe wrapped a towel around her head, padding across the thick rug to the bed where she sat in the warmth of the sun and began to dry her hair, running long fingers through it to air then brushing it.

Normally she would be indignant at the lack of a personal body servant but here, she was among friends and LadyR had dropped subtle hints about " how busy they were preparing a surprise"

LadyR moved around bed with and threw open her case with a purpose. She gently removed each article and lay them across the bed. The white silk of delicate underthings contrasted with the supple, thin leather beside it and she ran the backs of her fingers over them feeling each surface simultaneously and lovingly. She picked up the panties and pointed each delicate foot as she stepped into their caress, feeling them slide up the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and enclose her feminine glory. Next came thin white nylons with lacy elastic at the top to hold themselves up, She knew the clips on suspender belts can rub delicate skin really quick, especially with what she had in mind today. A low cut camisole came next, cut to hug her bodyshape and not have any gather under the leather.

Mmm, the leather. Custom made and kid glove thin, lovingly cared for by her own servant it still had a shine and a smell just shy of new. It was one of her greater pleasures to wear this, even putting it on helped build her mood as it was a happy prelude to what was to come. Her pants slid easily on, thanks to the slick stockings and panties, she lifted them around her hips and did them up across a firm stomach. The legs were short and came halfway down her calves so as when she put on her boots they would not pull the pants down. Besides, her calves and ankles where worthy of being shown off, they had kept many slaves eyes below her knee's without them having to be told. A sleeveless tight vest, quickly encased her torso, zipped up the front to lift her breast's and hopes for the day and she sat down on the bed, reaching for her boots.

The supple leather of the dressage boots slid easily over her foot as she placed just enough pressure to seat her heel in each, she had been blessed with small feet and well shaped legs and the boot's only helped show them off. Small heels added little to her height but the form of the boots around her calves made them stand out well. She rose from the bed and took her crop from the case and moved to the full length mirror, to see what she was feeling, her rise in temperature from both the heat and thought of the leather causing a light flush to her face. A gentle knock on the door interrupted her but she knew the servant would await her pleasure. She tapped her crop against her boot several times as she watched in the mirror and satisfied, strode across the room to the door and out.

Chiron who though his eyes betrayed his thought's, kept his manners well in check. He was well aware of his duty this day and to his regret, others would get to bear the ladies on their outing. "My Lady" He bowed his head and just slightly his body, reminiscent in the way of the oriental people, and gestured towards the wide stairs leading down, still keeping his eyes respectfully low, "Our Mistress awaits in the drawing room, I am instructed to see if all your needs are met, My Lady and then at your pleasure, escort you there" "The day hold's much promise Chiron, let us waste no time. I am anxious to be with my friend" Chiron bowed again and closed the door, following her at a respectful distance. LadyS moved quickly, it seemed everything came to a purpose when dressed like this, and she strode down the steps rather than walked, her head held high and one gentle hand sweeping the wooden Bannister, comfortable in her beauty and power.

She reached the bottom and made her way to the large oak doors, Chiron opening them, then standing back to allow her to enter the room first. LadyS had always liked the time spent being waited upon by LadyR's servants. She had met few over the years, it seemed her friend engendered strong loyalty and certainly longevity in her close world. Each seemed relaxed and accepted of who they were, as though their manners had been practiced the better part of their lives. They could be amazingly quick to anticipate one's needs but seemed to barely exist when in the room or awaiting your pleasure.

She had never ridden one of LadyR's ponies, on previous outings she had always been mounted on of her own, a known quantity and secure ride, but LadyR had insisted that she come alone. She knew that each servant was a willing pony to LadyR when required and the thought of putting her spurs to Chiron's flanks, seeing how long he took to raise a sweat crossed her mind. She smiled to herself knowing it must rampant through Chirons as he closed the doors behind her, disappearing from view.

She swept across the room as her friend rose to greet her, they hugged with genuine affection, cheek to cheek, then stood back holding hands as they looked at each other's outfits. Standing before the big fireplace, she felt the warmth of the fire as it crackled in the bright embers, flames licked and played the length of the logs in their mesmerising dance. She thought how fire was a thing of beauty and power, yet easily controlled and bent to ones needs and will, like so many things if you knew how to trigger or nurture it and then draw your pleasure from it. She was happy that LadyR's servants kept the fire well stoked even though it was a warm day for she always loved its warmth and life.

LadyR had dressed

LadyR decides she likes the outfit and decides she will experiment with erotic riding outfits.

Chiron soon returned with a large tray which he placed on the table before them, peeling back a cloth to reveal six sets of spurs before backing away a small distance. The ladies had always delighted in the ritual of choosing, each trying to offer the other something surprising or unusual. Arrayed before her was a choice of goads, two sets had rowels shining in the spur, other's were blunter and one set was incredibly small and rapier sharp, yet so small and ladylike.
Each was hand polished till they shone and the straps showed little wear though she knew that LadyR had a diligent servant look after and replace them regularly. LadyS looked to her friend who gestured to the tray, offering her the choice with a proud grin. She picked a heavier set with rowels and spur mounted on a thick heel cup. The broader straps on this style helped them sit well on her small feet and the rowels meant less effort required applying them effectively. The jingle reminded her of bells attached to her feet and she had always liked the idea.

LadyR nodded her approval and reached for the other heavier pair with her choice long made and placed them at the edge alongside her friends. She knew before the cloth had been removed which her friend would choose and delighted to herself that she had been right.
She had always liked the look of the shiny spurs on her boots, the way the straps crossed her instep and these spurs jutted out considerably further than others. The rowels offered harsher reprimand than she had ever truly used but allowing more hidden movement, less swinging of her foot when kicking the steeds flanks. Old dressage habit's die hard sometimes but LadyR had trained each of her stable to respond to heel or knee commands alone or together, her control achieved with rider and steed working finely tuned and no apparent signals.

Chiron quickly moved and knelt before LadyS, his hands lifted LadyS's choice from the tray and he kneeled before her await her permission. He had seen the subtle nod from his Mistress indicating he should attend her guest first and had been anticipating it. LadyR also knew other ways of control without being obvious.
A small gesture in his direction indicated he should proceed and he cradled her booted foot to place the spur, her small feet lost in his hands but his movements practiced and gentle, mindful of both the Lady's size and her position above him in the scheme of things.

Again he silently lamented that the spurs he affixed would not be used on him, but he too knew when to move with a purpose and dare not tarry, wishing to speed the Ladies to their afternoons entertainment with any means at his disposal. He pulled the strap tight against the soft leather of her boot, seating it firmly but not uncomfortably for the Lady and felt it, making sure it was firm and effective. He quickly repeated the task on her other foot and moved to serve his Mistress. He quickly affixed the goads she had chosen and tested them for effect, in his own way making sure both the Ladies and their steeds, his friends, would be pleased.

He then moved back, stood up smoothly and picked up the tray to withdraw as the Ladies continued their conversation just as they had during his efforts, practiced ignorance of the servants around them being natural to ladies of breeding and refinement. His next allotted task awaited.

As they finished their tea, LadyR leaned closer to her friend in a way that suggested she had a plot in mind and suggested that they make their way to the stables, where the gift she had hinted at, awaited. This seemed a good idea to LadyS of course, her curiosity peaked by the prospect of something new and they finished their tea, left the cups on the saucers and rose to make their way through the old doors and out into the day.

The stables were a pleasant walk from the Manor, through a small line of tree's that hid them from the view of the house. The tree's were very old but heavily laden with small oranges. One had been struck by lightning many years ago but bore its fruit on misshapen branches as proudly and richly as any of its neighbours.

As they cleared the trees and made their way though grass, kept cropped by the cows ever present around the farm, LadyS noticed a large black and white, slowly chewing here cud, watching her with little fear. A newborn calf on wobbly legs was feeding at her udder, butting with its head and waving its tail excitedly as it fed. As she looked further up the hills, she could see the cute calves lying in the morning sun, some feeding like her closer encounter or running and playing.

Two ponies had been tethered to the slip rail in the shade, the corral being heavily sanded to help keep it clean of mud. The headstalls preventing the ponies from turning to look but gave the Ladies ample opportunity to inspect their mounts as they stopped short to talk.

As their steps brought them closer, she recognised Lucienne, one of her friend's favourite ponies, already resplendent in headstall and harness, a type she quickly approved of. A wide belt encircled his waist, a strap over each shoulder attached to the girth front and back. From each shoulder there hung a stirrup, swinging loosely against the ponies flanks. The reins that tethered them firmly to the slip rail attached to the bit just as firmly fixed in his mouth. She clearly saw him cock his head to listen, once he heard the Ladies approach.

"Lucienne I recognise dear, but just who is the other" LadyR looked with an admiring stare and obvious approval.
"Ah, this my dear is L'Abate and today, he is my gift to you"
"What a gorgeous name, I love it, the way it just rolls off the tongue, there is always something secretive and elegant in the way French sounds" LadyS nearly purred as she approached the steed before her, looking his lines over with a practiced eye. Strong calves on long solid legs, firm buttocks up to a well shaped back and broad, strong shoulders to seat a Lady in comfort, his head held proud and high, tossing it every now and then, as if disdaining the restraint of the headstall holding him in one place too long.

"A strong body and a spirit to match" she approved as she reached out gently to lay her hand on his withers and gently stroke his back as she spoke softly to him, letting her touch and voice reassure him. "He has a mind sometimes, though I find it makes for a more interesting ride. I took my time with him before he would accept the harness and me upon him, but it has helped keep more of his nature intact rather than suppressed it. Rather than break him to a harness in the traditional way, I rode him often without it to start off, once he was used to just me I then worked him in it on a lunge rein before actually riding him with it."

"I can but marvel at how you have an affinity, no more like an empathy with the ponies, how do you get them to accept you so easily without breaking their spirit"

"You see, in the herd, the stallion reigns over each member and he decides your place in the herd, therefore your chances of survival hinge directly upon his acceptance or rejection" LadyR explained as her friend checked with practiced hands that the harness was tight and would not slip under her or rub the pony. "Each member is uneasy till they know their place in the herd according to firstly to the stallions preferences and then down, I make it a herd of two only, so they seek to me for their approval"

"If you ignore and reject them once you are alone in the ring, push them away without force, they will naturally begin too seek to placate you or shows signs of seeking your approval. The you build on this by rewarding each desired result with increased attention and eventually they will accept anything from you as you are the head of the herd" LadyR moved to her own mount and took the reins in a small gloved hand, she tapped Lucienne on the left knee, as always and he knelt before her that she may mount easily.
He stayed there till he felt her booted feet settle into the stirrups and move herself harder against his neck, then came the expected pressure of the reins pulling his head back as her spurs gripped to his sides, encouraging him to rise and step back from the slip rail. LadyR felt herself lifted and adjusted her posture once he was at full height putting more pressure on his neck with her pussy than on her feet in the stirrups. She could already feel the motion as he waited, gently shifting his weight beneath her from foot to foot with the odd, impatient stamp.

She watched with interest as her friend untied L'Abate from the slip and holding a firm grip on the reins, tapped her crop to his knee. He knelt quickly if unsurely in the sand and her friend mounted, holding his head steady. He lurched to his feet as she jabbed her spurs to his sides, once she had quickly settled her weight ,and spun to face the opposite way, trying to fight the bit and the difference in her weight and feel astride him. LadyS held her unfamiliar mount to a tight rein and let him feel the spurs resting against his flanks as she assured him in a voice that could barely contain its excitement, "Easy boy, Easy" and gently twirled the hair on his head between her thighs with a delicate finger while still holding his head steady against any thought of bolting.

He stepped sideways and she moved her heels up and down, toes pressed into the stirrups, dragging the rowels up his tender flank with just enough force to cause discomfort rather than the outright pain of kicking them to his side and he moved up beside where her friend awaited astride her mount.

"I love him already" she beamed at LadyR, pressing her thighs tighter against his neck and moving forward against the curve of his neck. He was a few hands taller than her usual ponies but she felt secure on his shoulders, her small feet in the stirrups giving her all the power of her legs to grip with. LadyS watched as spurs kissed her steeds flanks and he moved into a trot around the ring, LadyS familiarising herself with his gait and height.

Once LadyR was assured that both bearer and lovely burden were comfortable in each other's presence, she touched her heels to Lucienne's sides and reined him towards the gate, designed to be opened without having to dismount. She pulled him to a stop alongside it, holding the reins in one gloved hand, and opening the latch with the other. Lucienne felt her spurs grips his sides and the pressure on his mouth indicated move backwards, he complied, LadyR heeling him back as the gate swung wide enough for passage through. LadyS had pulled her pony up near her by this, and then heeled L'Abate through the gate, LadyR pulled Lucienne back once she had let go off the gate and followed her friend through.

She hastened Lucienne to catch up with her friend riding in the clear left side rut caused by the passage of the four wheel drive, and she pulled him into stride beside her friend, letting him settle to the rhythm that two ponies side by side naturally fall into, working in a symphony of beat alone, each footfall indistinguishable from it neighbours.

As they followed the clear tracks, each riding in the smooth area created by the passage of vehicles through the grass she turned to LadyR

"It an interesting way of mounting, wherever did you think of the idea?"
"It came from Chiron actually, he once told me that he had known an old fellow on a remote station, who spent the best part of his life riding or breaking brumbies. Over the years he had nearly every bone in each leg broken from falls or horses rolling on him and as he got older, his arthritis prevented him from getting to the saddle. So he trained all the horses to kneel so he could mount or dismount. Having grown up around and on horses every day, he understood just how intelligent they can be. It seems a graceful and Ladylike way to mount". LadyS nodded as her hair was lifted by the gentlest of breezes, tickling the nape of her neck as it brushed back and forth. It seemed to her a thing to be included in her own ponies repertoires.

Once LadyR had judged that the ponies had warmed up, she kicked her spurs to Lucienne, feeling him answer with speed, holding the rowels gently against his skin with enough pressure to stop the jingle but keep him at this pace. LadyS heeled L'Abate with a quick jab and he broke pace to catch up with the lead pony, matching his pace side by side.

LadyR held the pace, letting L'Abate grow comfortable with his new rider until they were a good way from the house. She then suddenly wheeled Lucienne and heeled him twice, hard and fast to make him kick up a bit, and she leant into him as he hit the incline, "Last one to the river is a rotten egg" was all the warning LadyS got as her friend leapt way from her on her fast pony, she would need both spur and whip if she had stood any chance to catch LadyR and spared neither as she kicked and lashed him to gain ground. She enjoyed the thought of him labouring beneath her goading almost as much as the physical sensation of riding him. Determined to catch her friend, began to alternate between whip and spur.

As they gained she left off her whip all together and used her spurs only, having noticed his responses to their cruel control, finding he responded even better when they were used a little harsher than most ponies required, much to her delight. She could see that she would never catch her friend with such a head start but that didn't mean she gave up kicking her spurs to the ponies sides, loving the thought of her rowels biting his flesh and drawing his obedience, if not his blood when necessary.

The first time she had ever ridden with spurs, she had sworn to wear them on every possible occasion. She still remembered well the frenzied leap forward as she rammed her heels to the geldings side, only a young girl and not aware of how much power her legs concentrated in the spurs, feeling instant reaction from less effort though she nearly tumbled clean off his back. The panicked horse had never felt spurs before and broke from standing to a headlong gallop without changing gait. His was an instinctive flight from the pain, his body reacting before his mind acknowledged the fire in his side. He sped away till he felt her hands draw his bit back and around to slow him to a walk. She had pulled him deliberately, wanting to repeat the experiment and much to her delight he leapt forward to the rake of her heels against his tender flanks. She had ridden the nag to a lather that afternoon and for the first time, felt truly in control of him. She had been having trouble raising his stubborn ass to even gallop and maintain it. Her diminutive size against his strength and bulk meant he often got bored and slowed down while she only grew tired kicking him.

LadyR had needed the headstart to check all was ready and had not spared her mount on the climb either, he was familiar with the path as she dictated speed rather than course, her urgency felt keenly through her spurs jabbing his sides quickly rather than harshly.

She drew rein at the top and looked back to where her friend urged her mount to catch up, from here she could see the pavilion, blue and white stripes on canvas, shining on the sand of the riverbank and smiled secure that everything was moving according to plan. Lucienne's panting beneath her was growing quieter as her friend reached her side and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other as LadyS drew level. "Lunch is being prepared, lets take have a drink while we wait" she pointed to their destination with a red nailed finger only see her friends head drop below her as L'Abate broke down the slope, LadyS applying her spurs with a will and yelling over her shoulder, "You said last one to the river didn't you?"

She kicked Lucienne forward and down, letting him pick his way with thudding steps that shook her entire body, his strong legs lifting high to clear the scrub, watching LadyS as she reached the bottom and kicked her mount to greater speed across the sand. LadyR felt the change in his rhythm as he hit the sand and she jabbed her rowels to him several times, quick and sharp, feeling him thrill to the task as she leant lower over his neck.

She let him draw near L'Abate before just pulling his pace a fraction so as to keep him hard on his stable mates heels, feeling his muscles and mind in their need to overtake the pony in front. LadyS could hear how close they were behind her and attempted to spur more speed from the pony, his feet sinking into the sand as his solid legs worked harder to compensate.
LadyR was well pleased with L'Abate, how proudly he bore his delicate burden and how he thrived under her friends spur and whip. She had been worried that in her way of educating rather than breaking him, he would not accept another Lady astride him and had known LadyS equal to the task of quickly knowing and controlling him, drawing his best from him and taking her delight in it.

She let her friend reach the pavilion ahead of her and pulled Lucienne to a skidding halt in the sand, holding her spurs to his side to keep him steady as he settled from the headlong rush. Chiron appeared and took the reins from each small hand, holding the ponies heads and gently pulling down under their chins, each pony kneeling on their left leg to allow their rider to dismount. As they drew harsh breaths, he tethered them to the post nearby and went to see to the Ladies needs, he gestured inside the pavilion and they preceded him into its cool shade.

Inside a table had been set up with large comfortable chairs. The table was resplendent with brightly polished silver and clear glass plates, local flowers in bright orange and yellow had been arranged on the table, just the gentlest fragrance just on the edge of her sense of smell. Each Lady sank into a chair and Chiron handed them a tall flute of bubbling champagne which LadyS's delicate palate immediately picked as Don, and placed within their reach a tray with assorted cheeses and celery sticks cut into gentle flowery shapes. Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and melon slices of various types all arrayed on a bed of crushed ice to delight their eyes as well as their taste buds.

Chiron, assured the Ladies were looked after, withdrew to water his friends and walk them to cool off while the Ladies cooled off in the shade.

LadyS tried a small unknown cluster of fruit, an amazing taste bursting into her mouth, "What on earth are those" she tried to say around a big smile as she reached for another

"Their called Blackberry's, they grow wild here and apparently take over huge area's if you let them. They have the most viscous thorns like a briar but worse, it protects them from kangaroos and us but they are really worth the effort. They make the most delicious pie when cooked slow in an old wood oven and it's one of Chiron's specialties, I promise you will get to try later"
"It's not possible that they could taste even better, is it?"
"I thought so till I tried the pie with fresh cream"

LadyS smiled "Have you ever noticed, like roses, the most beautiful things have the sharpest thorns" She stamped her foot a little, the rowels on her spurs giving meaning to her words, LadyR laughed lightly as she realised just who her friend meant.

Though both Ladies sipped delicately at the champagne, they were thirsty and hot, the bubbles soon tickled their way to their heads, their conversation growing more animated and punctuated with tinkling laughter. LadyR had timed how long it would take Chiron to refresh the steeds and now it was time for things to move along.

"Well, I'm going for a quick swim before Lunch, coming in?"
"But I didn't bring a costume"
"Since when has that worried us, besides who is going to see" She naturally didn't count the ponies and Chirons presence was no more obvious than that of a piece of furniture. Over the years they had learnt a practiced ignorance of each other and it had become second nature.

LadyS watched as her friend stood up and began to remove her clothes, each garment lost revealing more of her toned frame. The day was hot and the water clear and inviting, she made her mind up long before LadyR was naked but tarried over her champagne, watching her friend undress. LadyR finished and called out "come on slow poke" as she ran lightly from the pavilion.

LadyS tarried no longer and was soon clad only in the glory of the sky and nature, both pale beside her aura of radiant beauty and poise. She moved from the pavilion into the bright sun, giving her eyes time to adjust. She was just in time to see LadyR slide her well-shaped rear over Luceinne's shoulders and take her seat. Chiron had removed the ponies harnesses, leaving only bit and headstall, left them kneeling and had then disappeared, not wanting LadyS to feel uncomfortable with his presence.

LadyR drew Lucienne to his full height, her small naked feet gripping his bare flank tightly. She felt his muscles tense and strain as he rose, holding his breath as he lifted her to his full height and standing still while she settled herself. Skin to skin as she now rode she could feel far more intimately his movement and feel against her mound, now nestled hard against his neck, the ride her had built her desire, and the champagne her mood. She kicked Lucienne hard with her bare heels and then again to bring him to a trot across the softer sand till they hit the harder pack closer to the rivers edge. She kicked him several times quickly now, more to urge his pace than make him feel her heels and his increase in speed began to tell in her pussy, without the stirrups to stabilise her, she naturally gripped his neck hard with her thighs, her heels only leaving his side to kick then grab again but she still bounced gently against his neck, feeling a delicious tickle build.

LadyS meanwhile had wasted no time throwing her beautiful leg over her steeds bare shoulders, this turn of events a delightful surprise indeed. She pulled L'Abate harshly to his feet and kicked him to a run, gaining her seat as he broke forward. She reined him to towards the hardpack and began to kick her heels to him in a staccato of jabs, drawing greater speed as she rode hard against his neck, moving with his natural up and down motion till he reached the full gallop, feeling it make her wetter as he reached the rhythmic thud. Her delight was obvious as she rode low over his neck in pursuit of her friend.

Lucienne felt his Mistresses heels grip tighter as she drew her breath and held it, and he gave his all without further signal, drawing speed from where he could not begin to imagine but willing to burst his heart before he would give up.

LadyR felt the contractions of her orgasm build slowly at first then gain a momentum not to be denied, her thighs crushed his neck as she let her full weight settle pendulum like against it and wrapped her feet behind his back. She arched her back to bring her pussy forward on his spine and laughed in sheer delight as waves of convulsion gripped her, feeling it take away her breath.

Lucienne felt the shower of warm fluid from between her lovely thighs, flowing gently in a tickle down his back. He broke the gallop without signal and slowed to a gait that moved his lovely burden up and down more as her pleasure subsided, sheer desire unwilling to concede that he could not make it last longer for her. LadyR slowly pulled her faithful mate to a slow walk and let him regain his breath as she turned him to watch LadyS's approach.

Her friend had ridden hard and hot on her heels, the whole day had helped bring her past a state of anticipation, time for some serious participation! She kicked L'Abate again for no other reason than it rocked her forward against him and pulled his head to the left running him diagonally into the shallow water at the edge then reining him parallel to the shore.

Ankle deep in the water, L'Abate was forced to lift his petite rider in an exaggerated motion that didn't really slow his speed too much but really made him pick up his feet and bounce. The spray he kicked up licked her skin in delicate cool drops settling at random on her legs and belly, smaller drops hitting her face and lips, her pink tongue licking them off and drawing them away. Her smile broke wide as she kicked him again to rock forward on his neck and let her orgasm take her, kicking her heels incessantly to her heaving steed, helping prolong the delight as it rocked her forward against his up and down motion.. She pulled his head and veered up on to the harder sand as she drew near to her friend, sitting heavy and breathing heavier, on a heaving and well lathered mount. "I think you've done this before somehow" said LadyR as her friend pulled L'Abate to a stop in front of her One look at LadyR's flushed cheeks and she broke into laughter for her answer, its infectious ring turning LadyR's smile into full blown mirth.

"How about that swim?" she giggled to her friend and heeled Lucienne towards the water. He entered without hesitation, LadyR listening for him to draw a harsh breath and tense before getting too deep, a good way to see if the water is cold before immersing ones delicate feet or body don't you think?

She felt the cool water wash over her feet and let it reach her ankles before pulling him to a stop to wait for her friend, wriggling her toes in the water and gently waving her feet backwards and forwards.

LadyS felt L'Abate pause at the edge of the water, but kicked him quickly and firmly with her small heels. His training kicked in before he could consolidate his rebellion and he entered the water, feeling it climb his body till he stood belly deep alongside his stable mate. Once close to Lucienne and his Mistresses presence he actually began to enjoy the experience. He was even pleased as the Ladies urged their mounts slightly deeper into the crystal clear water. The pony's movements hard, pushing against the resistance of the water as it deepened.

L'Abate was concentrating on his footing when he felt his rider lurch towards LadyR, wrapping her feet around his midsection and gripping for dear life. LadyS pushed her friend clear off Lucienne into the water with a burst of mischievous delight and watched as LadyR came up, reins in one hand and the other wiping the water from her eyes.

"Aha" was all she said as she swung back to Lucienne's shoulders it being easy with him chest deep in the water. She turned him to face off her opponent who had a real determined grin. The two steeds bore the combatants at each other under foot command alone, their arms locked as each gripped her mounts flanks for leverage or kicked him to force the other pair off balance. LadyS teetered precariously before giving a look of what the hell as she slid into the water, feeling it cushion her fall and encase her with no feel of weight or gravity. She opened her eyes and floated up gently, holding her breath till she broke the surface, only to clamber indignantly back to her steeds shoulders.

As she swam to L'Abate and gripped her hands to his shoulders, he felt her smooth breasts slide up his back and the soft skin of her stomach as she slid higher, the water causing no friction at all. He could see her toes, tiny nails painted bright red and admire her feet, small heels grabbing and kicking his shoulder tops as he lowered himself in the water to help her mount. Feeling her pull herself hard against his neck and lifting her clear of the water brought a sensation he had never known and he realised that his pony persona had nearly slipped with these types of thoughts sorry ;) he AND I were getting both pretty carried away.

Their battle escalated into a war of attrition and somewhere after they had given up count or care rumbling bellies announced the cessation of hostilities and a truce was declared, they slipped from the ponies shoulders into the cool water, hands on the withers of their steeds, let themselves be pulled back through the water to the pavilion. The ponies made slow going as they worked their way through the water up to their chests but the Ladies both knew the benefit of swimming and its forms of resistance training for building strong ponies and kept them deep, making their legs work, feet digging deep into the sandy bottom as they moved against the current. True, it was nice to be pulled along gently in the water on a hot afternoon but one day they would find a way to convince themselves and others that it was purely for the ponies benefit.

LadyR felt the sandy bottom rise to greet her and she drew herself, from the water, reluctant to leave it on such a warm day. The water beaded and tickled a little as it ran down her skin, following the curves of her firm body and flowing down her legs as each drop joined others.

LadyS stood up and they made their way up the beach, leading their ponies clear of the water and hitching them to the slip rail, before making their way across the sand, hotter now on delicate wet feet, to the pavilion's shade.

Across each chair was a thick white toweling robe, Chiron gave them time to enough to bedeck their beauty from his senses and entered. He loved it when he timed it right and seemed to appear as if by magic at the right moment, serving and withdrawing.

Each lady was served with chilled Don Perignon as they settled to their chairs, LadyR lifting her legs to disappear completely beneath her robe as she relaxed into the chair. LadyS crossed her legs at the knees, kicking her foot gently as she relaxed, she knew the sight of her delicate feet was a turn on to any man and she couldn't help but tease Chiron a bit, flaunting it before him with her bright red nails and soft insteps, he merely grateful for the chance to witness them, let alone, dare he dream, massage them with scented oils and rub her small toes, applying his fingers to hidden Chi points, increasingly the flow of energy to her tired muscles and - damn Ed's note he's doing it again! And what the hell is Chi?

Chiron placed trays before each Lady and began to serve lunch. LadyS delighted as a shrimp cocktail was placed before her, shining in clear glass, with lettuce to contrast the colours and sauce to kick you in the mouth. Fresh damper, a large type of Australian scone favoured by swaggies for its "better than lizard in a pinch" simplicity, had been heated and cut into thick slabs, dripping with butter it lay on a separate plate. "These are freshwater crayfish my Lady, similar to shrimp, yet we call them yabbies, I'm sure you will find them a little less harsh due to the lack of salt water in their life."

LadyS and LadyR ate with gusto hardly ladylike, but that not ours to discuss or divulge, and as they finished, Chiron topped up their glasses before serving fresh rainbow trout. Its soft flesh already boned by a careful hand and cut into segments. Chiron had wrapped it in foil and cooked it with lemongrass and lime slices lay across it, wanting to add to rather than dominate the taste. He had cooked it in the coals of an open fire real slow and his own mouth watered at the thought. Presented in a delicate bed of pasta and rice, bland so as not to bruise the taste buds against the fish, and more for visual effect than anything.

Again he slipped from view and went to attend to the needs of his friends, a little jealous of their role until he saw them, broad smiles unable to be hidden around their bits, one sporting a fine erection as ponies are want to do and made sure they were both dry and fed a small amount. They still had tasks to do this afternoon, carrying the Ladies home before they could relax, just as he had others tasks this evening, ensuring the groom gave his friends a long massage followed by time in the spa and some gentle stretching, and he told them proudly "well done boys, well done" as he patted his friends on the shoulder. It was not often that LadyR bought her ponies with her with visiting her Australian holdings and he delighted in the chance to see his old friends and let them enjoy the beauty of the Ladies and the day. But for now he had to put their harnesses back on for the ride home and he quickened to his task.

Once finished he made his way back to the pavilion, and as he neared he heard the Ladies voices grow clearer and slowed a little, to listen as he approached,

"I nearly screamed when he hit the water, my god! What a great ride, he's strong and fast yet not really intimidating, just spirited, I can't thank you enough for today" he heard LadyS say.

"Dear, wait till its over, we still have a ride home to come yet and I intend to race you for the tub" came his Mistresses reply

"I've heard about this tub, and didn't you say something about Blackberry pie and fresh cream earlier?"

That was his cue and he slipped inside the pavilion, just at the right time yet again.

He drew the Ladies flutes of fresh champagne and handed them to each with a delicate bow. He drew a small amount for himself, knowing that that what he was about to do would might or not be approved of.

"A toast, my LadyR, my LadyS" he nodded gently to each "To good friends and great times" he inclined his head to allow the Ladies to drink first before taking a small sip. LadyR looked lovingly at her close friend, who hadn't stopped smiling all day and saw Chiron cock his head to listen for his friends outside, not sure who he really meant with the benediction but knowing him, it meant everyone. She raised her glass and tapped it delicately to LadyS's before they both drew a good mouthful.

The tiniest of breezes picked up a broad leaf and dropped it the water where it swirled a little before a magnificently coloured dragonfly landed on it midstream to rest. The current taking this tiny boat of nature and its bright occupant downstream and away from view of the pavilion, leaving only our imagination and their fading laughter to fill the gaps.

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