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How-To's and FAQ


Where To Buy:
On Your Knees Now
Rainbow Rope
The BDSM FAQ The alt.sex.bondage FAQ List
Bedroom Bondage a wonderful bondage site, with forum, chat, great links and more.
Bondage University Bondage Techniques, Information & Education
Cuffs Japanese Bondage
Gag Reflexions Great article on Gag Safety by David Stein
Gromet's Self Bondage & Mummification Plaza
Hair Bondage Tips from the Fetish Information Exchange
Healthy Breast Bondage
An Intro Course in Bondage (Part 1) by Jack Rinella
Knot Works
Knots on the Web Peter Suber gives instructions showing many knot techniques, and offers many resources and FAQ
Lillan's Nexus Self bondage information and bondage diagrams
Match Stick toy making instructions, Many Links on Knots, bondage and other resources
mummy scene with pantyhose
Ropers Knots Page excellent instruction and links
Powerotics Japanese Bondage
Self Bondage Collection
shibari A japanese rope bondage site
The soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ excellent reference and info
Tammad Ramilla's site has an excellent Bondage How-To page


BDSM on a Budget and Misc. Toys

BDSM Toys adult discussion group for those who like to create, design and make their own BDSM play toys.
BDSM Workshop adult discussion group dedicated to the design and construction of BDSM toys and furniture.
SM on the Cheap by By Jay Wiseman and Lady Green from Cuir Underground
Clips & Clamps
How to on Clothespins
Domina's Shopping and Home Manufacturing Tips From the Frugal Domme, learn to make your own toys and fill your toy box with inexpensive but effective little items
The DragonSlayer how-to guide on making a St. Andrew's Cross, a mobile Spanking Bench, and a Flogger
Flogger Making Email Discussion List
Sartan's Working with Leather Wrist suspension cuffs, blindfolds, slings, floggers, restraints and more!
Sartan's BDSM Workshop - A practical guide to BDSM furniture design and construction and their Email Discussion List
Build Your Own BDSM Hardware Easy to understand plans for making many toys and tools with difficulty rating listed


Body Modifications

Piercing FAQ
Bodyart FAQ
Body Modification Ezine Tattoos, Piercing, Scarification, extreme body modifications.. and their BME/People section with interviews
SPC Online body modification photo archive
Tattoos.Com Ezine
Piercing FAQ at Sexuality.org



Guide to Sensuous Caning
Notes on Caning
Info about Making Canes



Where To Buy:
AMF Korsets
Dark Garden S.F.,CA
Vollers Corsets
List of local corset makers
Corsetry 101 - How to make a Victorian Corset
Corsetorium Webring list of sites
Long Island Staylace Assoc. - L.I.S.A. Corsetry site with extensive international links and resources
Wasp Creations



Juice: Electricity for Pleasure and Pain
by Uncle Abdul

Click title to order from Amazon.com

Chase Union Medical supplies including TENS Units
TENS Units
Introduction to Violet Wands
electricity in B&D and S&M
Electrosex on Yahoo BBS club on Yahoo (free membership) discussion mostly on electro stimulation for masturbation
BDSM Electrical Stimulation messageboard
Unc's E-Play & E-Stim Website - how to play SAFELY with electricity


Fire, Candles & Wax

BDsm_fireplay mailing list
Cupping by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D
Cupping and Fireplay by Leather Barbie
Fire Cupping Instructions


Misc. Play

Where To Buy:
Kinky Medical
Medical Supplies
Getting Started With G-Spot Play
Felatio deep throating text
Food Play Safety Tips
Anal Sex FAQ
alt.sex.enemas FAQ
Fisting Page (Anal Fisting)
Match Stick information on Anal Play and lots more
CBT Genitorture site
Age-roleplay Email List For People Over 21 - age and Role play for adults, spanking, little girls any type of Adult play
daddy-littlegirl Email list for adult MARRIED couples with a 'Daddy'/'little girl' relationship
Boot Blacking
Four Documents on Asphyxiophilia (Breath Control)
Endorphins from Slakker's Leather Page, brought to you by FrugalDomme
Frugal Domme's Techniques and Scene Ideas Lists and Lists of Humiliations, teases, punishments, and more!
World Wide Handballing Organizations
Urinary Catheterization FAQ
Blade Master's Knife Play FAQ
SF_Bay_Med_Fets - SF Medical Fetish group
Needle Play Here are some useful thoughts on technique and safety from Callista Evenstar.
Thomas' Water Resources Page Information on Water Play
Diaper Pail Friends World's Oldest and Largest Organization Devoted to Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers
The New Club Scat forum and links



Where To Buy:
Paddles & Videos
Shadow Lane CA
Santa Barbara Paddle Co CA
OtkFesse's Paddles DE
alt.sex.spanking FAQ
Spanking Resource Guide from Mistress Blanca and Peter
The Spanking Ring list of sites
The Gentlemanly Art of Spanking the Woman you Love
Maman Spanking site with email listserv
The Swat Team a FREE adult male to male contact club for spanking enthusiasts - Searchable member directory by location


Whips & Floggers

Where To Buy:
Some are Vanilla!
David Morgan
Heartwood Whips of Passion
Lonetree Tack - (Arizona)
Mark Allen
(whips, books & videos)
Specialty Whips - (Wyoming)

Robert Dante's "Bullwhip:
Art of the Single-Tail Whip"

Mark Allen Whip Cracking
Singletails in the Scene

Bullwhip FAQ
Bullwhip Safety A Responsible Top's Primer - by Robert Dante
Dante Whip Workshop - a Yahoo group to talk about using whips in SM, particularly singletails.
Mark of the Lash
RAWhips Maker of high quality singletails- signal whips, bullwhips, snakewhips, > quirts, floggers and cats. Whip information and resources.
MHW - Whips How to make a whip
Match Stick's Single-tail Whip Primer descriptions of types of whips
Grim's Guide to Flogging
Guide to Erotic Flogging
SGL 44 Leather disinfectant/cleaner no reconditioning of the leather necessary after cleaning
Where to hit and where not to hit



poenkitten - The Agony and the Ecstacy Home to Alt.Torture FAQ Asphyxiation/breath control FAQ, Catheterization FAQ, Domestic Violence FAQ,
The Chastity Belt FAQ
Access Denied Chastity Belt Site - Vendor and Information
ChastityBelt Discussion mailing list regarding chastity belts
Not so New Chastity Belt Stuff Lots of Links, lots of fiction
Male Multiple Orgasms by The Sex Coach
Enjoying and Hosting Erotic Events

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