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Contracts and Negotiations

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BDSM Checklist from Cambrian Alliance
Checklist for kink compatibility
BDSM Play Partner Checklist - petdave version - seperate submissive and dominant checklists - downloadable
LTR Checklist - Checklist for non-play aspects of relationship
Submissive BDSM Play Partner Checklist
BDSM Checklist from Soul's Haven. Form can be emailed once completed
Play Partners Checklist
Collar of Consideration, Training Collar and Formal Collar or Slave Collar - Great Texts by Mistress Steel

While no erotic/consensual slavery contract is legally binding, many find them beneficial. - Following are examples of different types
Consensual "Slavery" Contract
Sample Contract 1
Sample Contracts II Temporary Consensual "Slave Contract" and Contract for Discipline for switchable couples
Corset Training Contract
Master/Slave Contract (Total Slavery)
Slave Contract from Iron-Rose
RebelGent's good advice regarding rules and a sample "starter" contract
Sample Contract from BDS
Master/Slave Contract For a weekend event

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