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Sexuality and Safety

Bisexual Resource Center Great site with extensive resources regarding bisexuality
Seattle Polyfidelity Potluck Support Group Great list of links for support resources for poly relationships
How to Have Good Sex
S&M Practices: Safety and Risk Management
S&M Safety - Emotional Safety Issues from Fetish Information Exchange
Information from the Safer SM Education Project at the AIDS Committee - Safer play, Safer sex
my safety page Safety information for submissives, real life stories, etc
Lingam Massage - genital massage for males
Male Multiple Orgasms by The Sex Coach - seperating orgasm from ejaculation .. great article!
    Everyone can access multiple orgasms By Mitchell S. Tepper, PhD, MPH, and Melissa Bee
    Male Multiple Orgasm - Another article
    Multiple Orgasms for Men by Matthew A. Butcher
Understanding Your Sexuality Information for teenagers who are afraid their sexual interests are "different"
The Sex Project
Young Deviants Newsletter for teenagers interested in BDSM. email mmingle15@aol.com.
Understanding Your Sexuality guide for teens
The Crystal Club Support group and extensive links for Crossdressers, Transvestites and Transexuals


Abuse Information

BDSM Safe Haven, a support place for kinksters who are survivors of abuse, their loved ones, and other interested folks to learn and understand issues surrounding BDSM and abuse.
ABUSE Excellent site!!
Sexual Assault Information Page - Good information on abuse issues.
Abuse Resources
male-rape a sound board for survivors of male rape and their families
Flashbacks and Scenes one sub's personal experience on how to handle flashbacks of abuse during a scene
Domestic Violence Lots of information
Safe Haven - information and support for all including members of the D/s community
Survive UK - Excellent site by and for rape victims
NLA-I Domestic Violence Project


General Mental and Physical Health

Cyber-Psych - An Internet psychological resources site. Mostly non-kinky, but packed with lots of great psychotherapeutic resources.
Ask Isadora - A licensed psychotherapist answers many of your questions on this free site.
Alternative Sexuality Resources - A site with lots of resources for those in the alternative sexuality communities.
Kink-Aware Professionals -a database of psychologists, psychiatrsts, and medical professionals who are cognizant of, sometimes downright supportive of, the leather lifestyle and consensual SM activities.
The Eulenspiegel Society Guide to Safe SM


The Dark Castle Free BDSM artwork, personals ads, resources..
Deafleather Resource listings for the hearing impaired and their mailing list, A news and discussion list for the Deaf Leather community & supporter
Diabetes and BDSM - Mailing list to address some problems/questions those in the scene with diabetes have. website
Diabetes: Sex In The Dungeon - Download this free 2 page booklet on DIABETES, do you have it? Do you know someone who is? What percautions should you be taking when your play partner is diabetic. This booklet has the possibility of saving lives. Being Aware is half the battle.
DisabledLifestylers - a place where LifeStyle Dominants and submissives, with any type of disability, can share their experiences and knowledge, as well as seek a partner
disAbledpervs This list intended for discussion of issues related to BDSM and disabilities. It is for leather/BDSM people with disabilities, as well as our play partners (Dom/mes, subs, Tops, bottoms, spouses, etc.), and anyone in the leather/BDSM community who has an interest in making the leather/BDSM community more accessible to people with disabilities. * dormant
Doms and Subs with Genital Herpes - Email support list for those who have genital Herpes
Non-Vanilla AA - A closed A.A. group for those in the lifestyle of BD/sm. An A.A., topic based group that shares it's experience, strength and hope... and their Alternative Alanon/Survivors List
Recovery D/s - Email list about recovery from addiction and the D/s lifestyle it is open to all addicts in recovery. It is a 12 step group established on the 12 steps of AA

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