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Before Placing or Responding to an Ad

Before Placing an ad:

First you should be able to describe yourself honestly.. what you're looking for and what type of person you are.

  • How much experience do you have and how much experience should your ideal person have ?
  • What type of person are you and what type are you looking for?
  • What type of relationship are you looking for? permanent, part-time, full-time, 24/7, casual, serious, etc...
  • Do you have kids or other responsibilities or baggage to be considered and how might they affect a relationship?
  • What physical build are you and what are your minimum requirements in a partner? Many people lie about what they look like or have unreasonable expectations on what they can expect in a partner. If you're overweight, be honest about it.. for many people, that's a quality they're looking for. If you expect this to be a real life match, Honesty upfront is a MUST!
  • What age are you and what are the minimum and maximum ages you're looking for? Many people from outside the age-range will respond anyway, but some won't, and you need to be realistic about what your needs are before wasting their time and yours.
  • What's Your Location? Do You want someone local? How close is "local"? Are you willing and able to relocate for the right person? and if so, are you able to travel enough to be able to find out if the person is what you're looking for?
  • Write it all down... a little about you, including age, location, and a few of the other things that are important about YOU... then write down a little about who you're looking for.. age, experience, location, and anything else important upfront. Try to be somewhat clear about you and who you're looking for. the last part.. let them know what you need in a reply. This is where most ads sound pretty lame. "Please Respond with a little information about yourself, your experience and what you're looking for to me@mymail.com" works pretty well.
  • read it.. reread it.. and best of all.. have a couple others read and critique it... especially if at least one of them is of the gender and type you're looking for.
Don't limit yourself.. place the ad in several locations.. and keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for that special person to see the ad.. Don't expect to find the right person the first week and don't settle!

If you don't find the right person the first try, change the ad and repost it.

Here is a list of some Free Personals sites where alternative lifestyle ads can be placed

Females and submissives are generally less likely to place personals ads,
so will get BOMBARDED with responses!
For this reason, females and subs need to be more specific in what they're looking for, and Males and Dominants need to make sure their response to a sub's ad is interesting, attractive and shows them in the best light. If you are a Male or a Dominant placing an ad, make sure it's very descriptive of what type of person you are and gives enough information to get a sub's attention... again.. make sure a female or sub reads it and thinks it would be worth responding to. and DO NOT request a picture in your ad - plenty of time for that later.

Typical Number of Responses Received to a Male or Dominant's Ad (first 2 weeks) 1 - 2
Typical Number of Responses Received to a Female or Submissives Ad (first 2 weeks) 200 - 300

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