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mIRC ~ pIRCh ~ ICQ ~ Pow Wow

Programs, Information and Addons

  • mIRC

    mIRC Co.UK - Offers the program for download and a lot of additional info like the mIRC FAQ. United Kingdom mirror.
    --MAC users: mIRC is an IRC Client for Microsoft Windows only. MAC users need a different client :). For MAC's, Ircle is supposed to be the best and most like mIRC. Ircle is $15 shareware. Another IRC Client for MACs is Homer, which is not recommended by most--
    • NEXGEN mIRC scripts They also have many other plug-ins available here
    • mIRC-X The ultimate mIRC and MP3 resource
    • WaveOut for mIRC on IRC. It Will Play .wav .mid and .txt (COLORIZED) files in The Chat Channels.
    • Puppet's Place NukeNabber for IRC as well as great Windows resources


    Valinor IRC Client List - links to some IRC clients you can use to connect to your favourite IRC Network

  • Cyberangels .. information on everything about the internet and internet safety. Information on cyber stalking, internet security, and services and information for IRC and ICQ
  • Ensor's IRC Newbie Information Guide Thing GREAT source of answers for all the questions a new IRC user has !
  • IRC Help - information for newbies and those who've been around a while. Information for channel ops and WebTV users
  • ChaTcIRCuiT WebZiNe Great IRC help and popups for pIRCh and mIRC
  • IRC Help in languages other than English
  • Servers and IRC Networks - A link list of IRC servers and networks.

About IRC

I've been a regular on IRC's Dalnet since April of 1996. I've made many many good friends there. I've used both mIRC and pIRCh.. both are great programs depending on your tastes. Personally, for beginners at least, I recommend mIRC. Both programs use the same servers, so both will get you to all the same "nets" and to the same thousands of "channels" with the same people.

The 3 biggest "nets" are Dalnet, Undernet and EFnet. EFnet's the oldest, but in my experience, Dalnet is the friendliest. It also allows users to register their nicknames and prevent others from using the nicks... it also allows you to leave memos there for other registered nicknames.

Over the last couple years, there have been many new nets started and I've heard good things about AUsnet and a few others

There are thousands of channels on the larger nets, and you can find at least one for almost any interest or age group you're interested in. You can also find many channels dedicated to those new to IRC, and for any kind of help you may need. Irc is much easier to use than the most of the chat sites found on the web.. no having to scroll or reload to keep up.

Once you have your chat program set up, Get Sounds! You'll be glad you did.

Visit The Ultimate Chatlist Chat by categories, BBS list, programs, acronyms and emoticons

Mirabilis ICQ

ICQ is a program I have had since summer of 1997.. and i like it.. and it's easy to use.

This program notifies you when your friends come online.. not necessarily into a chat program. It affords you the ability to send messages and files to people who are offline. You can also chat with one or more others in real time.

Other Desktop Pagers

  • AOL Instant Messager ..Not just for AOL users anymore. This program is free, and allows access to aol users, though non-AOL users cannot access the user profiles. There is no file transfer capability and messages can not be sent to users unless they are online.
  • Yahoo! Pager Still new, I think this one will become very popular. It's free and Yahoo has set up a system where anyone can open chat rooms and message boards for any topic with an easy search to find them. unlike ICQ, which refuses to list BDSM topics, Yahoo! is open to most topics with searchable profiles available on users.
  • PeopleLink I haven't been able to find any adult section. Overall, I was very unimpressed with this one as finding other users with kink interests is nearly impossible and the program has no features no available in the other available programs

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