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Adelaide | Brisbane | Canberra | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney | Tasmania | Gen Aust IRC

Alternative Oz - a FREE site run by members of the Australian BDSM community FOR the Australian BDSM community created as a showcase for allowing amateur adult toy makers to promote and (eventually) sell their products

auscads mailing list for the discussion of Christianity and any aspect of kink. Open to any orientation of sexuality, relationship, D&S. To subscribe email majordomo@queer.org.au with subscribe auscads in the body of the message.

BDSM Australia - Resource site for Australia

BDSM-Australia - Email list provided as a place where members of the Australian BDSM community can feel free to talk to others with similar interests

BDSM Australia Personals - BAP - For people interested in some aspect of B D S M who would like to submit a personals post to find others in Australia. Dominants, submissives, slaves, switches, anything in between. Alternative lifestyles. Play partners. Relationships. Friendships.

Gor Australia - Website for the offline Australian Gorean Community. [Email List]

Gorean Woman - Forum for all Gorean women interested in sharing discussion and day-to-day experiences

Kinky Oz - Forum on mydungeonspace (must log-in first)

Leather,Australia directory on gayscape

Northern Rivers spanking lovers 18+ group is for spanking and caning lovers in north eastern NSW and south east Queensland, Australia, but we welcome spanking lovers from anywhere.

Oz BDSM/Poly Mailing List

AusBDSM Australian-based mailing list dealing with consensual BDSM and AusBDSM-chat for AusBDSM subscribers to chat about whatever random things they feel like, especially anything that is not on the topic of BDSM



Clubs / Play Spaces

Extreme Darque
Purple Palace


Dragons Blood Creations
The Love Shack
Studio Strak

Adelaide submissive coffee mornings - a Forum on the third Friday of each month to discuss things that are of interest to other submissives Email princesssd@loveable.com

CLASA - Consensual Lifestyles Association of South Australia - Pansexual educational support organization primarily serving the local groups, organizations and individuals, involved or interested in BDSM, TPE, Fetish, Gorean, and Leather lifestyles. Open to all sexual orientations and all levels of lifestyle experience. Email List

Kinky Adelaide email discussion list

Panthers SA Women's only BDSM support group with monthly coffee shop meetings. For information, email pantherssa@yahoo.com

SA BDSM Events Calendar

SA Munch Mailing list for South Australia and group meeting up on the first Friday night of each month for a munch. Any queries email lady6uldv8@hotmail.com or carla@primus.com.au [Email List] [checked 6/11/07]



Clubs / Play Spaces

Hellfire Club
Lilith's Playroom


Aussie Stock Beds
Shining Designs

Boot Co. Brisbane - Leather - Denim - Uniform Club Inc. Email: bootco@ribbon.net.au [checked 1/25/07]

BDSMGoldCoast_Qld - for people associated with the Gold Coast in Australia, interested in safe, sane and consensual power exchanges.

Brisnews - Brisbane's BDSM munch & meeting announcement list

Brisbane Submissives - Brisbane - A group for those who identify as submissive, slave, bottom, property, owned - or any other title for those who give authority to others in relationships and/or play - for support, chat and meetings in the Brisbane and SE Queensland area

Kinky Brisbane email discussion list

QLD Calendar of events or Alternate Site

Queensland Sleaze Ball This annual event is usually held in November.

Brisbane Online Chat: Top


ACT BDSM Events Calendar

CbdsmC-BDSM - a group who are involved, wish to be involved, or would like to learn about the BDSM, and Fetish, lifestyle/community. The group is primarily geared toward Canberra Australia, and it's surroundings. C-BDSM hosts social munches on a monthly basis, workshops and "play parties", which provides an opportunity to mix and mingle with others who have similar interests. [Email List]

CanberraSSC BDSM and Fetish Community Forums

Kinky Canberra email discussion list



Clubs / Play Spaces

Hush Now


Asylum 7
Eagle Leather
Gown of Thorns
Lucrezia & De Sade
MJ's ToyBox
Mars Leathers
Victorian Gothic
Leather Gang - Melbourne - Men into leather and SM. We get right into the action. Private leather action parties and training sessions, by invitation only. Leather dress code applies.

melb-bdsm Discussion mailing list with munch meetings on the last Saturday of the month. E-Mail robert01_mj@yahoo.com.au

Melbourne Leather Festival

Melbourne Leather Men - Melbourne - Guys with an interest in the Leather Lifestyle. Popular social activities include beer busts, runs and special events. For information, write PO Box 252, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria 3067, Australia.

Under 30 Melbourne BDSM - Melbourne - Specifically caters to individuals under thirty years of age, with an interest in B.D.S.M and fetishes. .

Victoria BDSM Calendar



Clubs / Play Spaces

Bondz Dungeon

Murphy Whips

BDSMWA-Fetish email discussion list

Kinky Perth - Homepage for Email list For Perth region people of all kinks, gay, straight, bi, trans, swingers, bdsm... whatever! - to chat about what we do and maybe even get together with other likeminded people. Email list

WABDSM - A web site and mailing list for those in Western Australia, and those interested in events in WA

WA BDSM Events Calendar

Perth Online Chat:
    On IRC austnet: #perth_bdsm and #wa_bdsm
    On IRC dalnet: #bdsm_perth

Sydney & NSW

Clubs / Play Spaces

Hellfire Club
Salon Kitty's


Dark Desyres
Fine Fetish
Gallery Serpentine
Karnal Leather
Leather Salvage Depot
Lucrezia and De Sade
OK Studio
Radical Leather
SAx Leather
Whips AU
Cheekys Friends - Announcement only mailing list for notification of parties and events in Australia, mainly in Sydney.

Getting 2 Know U munch - Sydney - The main aim of the "Getting 2 know U" munches is simply that... getting to know one another it has been a great success in a non confronting or judgmental atmosphere... everyone is always welcome no matter if your a newbie to the scene or one of the more experienced kinksters of the community. It is based on a party theme where we mingle and have a nice meal together with great conversation. Please RSVP and for copy of the menu cherrycherry_g2ku@yahoo.com

NSW Events Calendar

Sydney Leathermen - SLM's primary aim is to provide both social and specialised educational opportunities to the niche market of gay males into "leather". At this point, our definition of "leather" includes, but is not limited to; leather, rubber, fetish, and uniforms [checked 6/11/07]

Sydney Leather Pride Association - Sydney Leather Pride Association (SLPA) works to create a vibrant and strong gay and lesbian leather community and is open to all gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who support the aims and objectives of the Association and its activities. Organisers of the annual Forbes Street Fair and Leather Pride Week, held in Late April / early May each year. Email: slpasec@sydneyleatherpride.org [checked 6/11/07]

SUD/s Society - Sydney University Dominant/submissive Society held the first Thursday of each month. Email notexcessive@4wdbdsmgetaway.net for information [checked 6/18/07]

Under 30's Munch - Sydney - 1st Wed every month get together for those under 30. RSVP: justin@hiddenimage.com.au

Wollongong BDSM Munch - Group to notify people of events (ours and others) in the BDSM and swinging communities in the Illawarra. Also with a Private Space for parties and rentals. For information, Email lord_T_C@hotmail.com

NSW Local Email Discussion Lists and Online Communities:
    SydBDSM Adults Only mailing list for the Sydney, NSW, Australia BDSM community. A forum for talk and posting of Sydney events



EM Brand Whips

Tasmania AL is a small, Hobart based, group devoted to the Alternative Lifestyle (BDSM). We follow the Safe, Sane, Consensual ethos and meet regularly for munches, chat and play. We are currently welcoming couples and single ladies for membership. Please email mike@tasman.net.au for further information

Tasmanian BDSM Events Calendar

Tasmanian BDSM - Tasmanian Discussion Board and Resource

TasmanianSSC - Launceston & Hobart - Vibrant community with monthly munches on the 3rd Saturday of each month in Launceston and social get togethers with demo's and play parties, and a munch on the first Saturday of each month in Hobart. For more information, E-Mail tas_mania@hotmail.com or Master__Geoff@hotmail.com

IRC Chat Channels

On IRC austnet: #bdsm and #ausbdsm
#ausbdsm on austnet - austnet server - au.ausnet.org
On IRC.bondage.com : #BDSMAustralia and #AusBDSM
On collarme.com : #BDSM_Downunder

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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