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Atlantic Canada - This forum is completely open, just have to be in NB, NS, PEI or NL.

BDSM-Canada - Email List

#BDSM-Canada-West channel on IRC bondage.com and information on Western Canadian groups and resources.

Distinctly Canadian Kink - Great list of Canadian Kink groups and resources * 11/05 Last updated 2003

Whiplash Canada's Fetish Magazine - Published from Peterborough, Ontario but have contributors from coast to coast.

Clubs / Dungeons
Kinky Night

Moonfyre Designs

Alternative Leather
B & D Emporium
Dark Side Creations

Alberta Kink - a local resource for Albertans interested in any aspect of the BDSM, Leather, or Fetish lifestyle.

Alberta Safecall - Resource for Edmonton [checked 11/7/05]

ASK - Alberta Society for Kink - Calgary - Meeting weekly for coffee in Calgary for the purpose of bringing people within the fetish community together, socially. [checked 12/13/06]

BondageCalgary.com - Resource site for Calgary and Alberta information. Events, Groups, Classifieds. [checked 2/27/08]

Calgary Lifeboat - Calgary - A group holding munches usually on the third Friday of each month on the south side of Calgary. [checked 4/24/04]

Calgary TNG - Calgary - place for young calgarians ( and other western canadians) ages 18-30 to converge, socialize learn, grow and get pointers for perfecting thier preferred kink. [checked 5/27/07]

Cookies Kinky Creations - Calgary - Workshops in Calgary. [checked 8/29/05]

Edmonton Gathering - Edmonton - A new gathering of kinky couples around the Edmonton area. The purpose of this group is to socialize in private or over dinner with other kinky couples in a relaxed setting with all couples staying in role to their respective kink relationships. Email edmontongatherings@gmail.com also check Profile [checked 11/27/06]

Edmonton Kink - On LiveJournal [checked 11/27/06]

Edmonton "O" Society pansexual group with approximately mid-month munches, end of the month meetings and List Server discussion group [checked 11/15/05]

Eros Events is a sexpositive production company which creates and promotes a variety of adult events in Calgary. Promoting "sex positive culture" in the Calgary Kink community [checked 12/13/06]

Lady Fawwn's Coffee - Calgary - Meeting every Wednesday for coffee at the Calgary Eagle. A place to Meet, Socialize, and learn about the Leather Lifestyle. [checked 12/13/06]

LCM - Lethbridge Community Munch - Munches on the 2nd Tuesday of each month - For information, Email loger1@hotmail.com [checked 12/13/06]

Living on the Edge - Edmonton - a group for people 18 to 40 in Edmonton area that are interested in the various Kink or Leather communities. An enviroment for the Next Generation to discuss various aspects of the community as well as Leather and various Kink lifestyles. [checked 11/27/06]

MAsT Calgary - Calgary - The mission of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations living, or seeking to live, the Master/slave or Dominant/submissive lifestyle. [checked 5/27/07]

Medicine Hat Munch - Moved to Dunmore AB - Munches on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. - For information, Email loger1@hotmail.com [checked 9/15/07]

Mythos Group - Calgary - formerly S.A.A.F.E., a pansexual / panfetish association which places the highest emphasis on Safety & Responsibility in fetish exploration. [checked 7/2/05]

National Leather Association - Edmonton - "We are composed of a very diverse group of people, all enjoying some area of a lifestyle involving Leather, SM, or Fetish interests. We are a pansexual (all inclusive: men, women, transgender, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual), fun loving, caring, well adjusted, educated, focused and political organization serving our community." - Email nlae@telusplanet.net [checked 11/27/06]

Northern Chaps - Edmonton - Group that is more than 10 years old and meets the first and third Saturday of every month. Its focus is on leather, Levi and fetish lifestyles and interests for people of all sexualities and orientations. email@northernchaps.com [checked 11/27/06]

P3 Gatherings - Calgary - A group who are interested in putting together small gatherings. p3gatherings@gmail.com [Email List] [checked 11/7/05]

Ravencrest Manor (formerly: Calgary Legacy House - Red Deer - Hosting munches and has an events calendar for AB and BC. [checked 2/3/08]

Ravenous Community Munch - Red Deer - Munches the 3rd Sunday of every month. [checked 11/27/06]

SASSIE , Strictly A Spanking Society In Edmonton - A new social group is in the forming stages To enable adults interested in spanking a supportive environment to socialize and the opportunity to share their spanking experiences and lifestyle. Subscribe to their email discussion list Spanking in Edmonton

S.P.A.N.K. Workshop Weekend - Calgary - May 14 to 16 2004 - a kinky event where everyone is welcome no matter what kink they are into or what sexual orientation they fall under

W.I.L.D. - Women in Leather Diversity - Edmonton - for Leatherwomen that recognize the value of belonging to a group of like-minded women whom they trust and mutually respect. [Email List] [checked 5/27/07]

Alberta Local Email Discussion Lists:
    Alberta BDSM - a list to promote the BDSM lifestyle in Alberta
    Alberta Motorcycles & Kink - kinky folk that ride bikes
    BondageCalgary - egroup dedicated to the search for your perfect BDSM partner in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Calgary Kinky Toys - Group to exchange the locations, sales, and possibilities available when shopping for “toys” or pervertables in the Calgary, Alberta area.
    Spank-Alberta - Yahoo group

British Columbia
Clubs & Dungeons

Ravens Retreat

Rascals Club

Cum As U R

Axeman Floggers

Judy Basha Designs
La Tienda
Lasting Leather
The Underground
Womyns Ware

BDSM BC North and their BDSM BC North list is to get to know other like minded kinky northerners and gatherings in Prince George and weekly chat every Monday 9:00 pm in the #bdsm_bc_north channel on IRC Undernet. - E-Mail bdsm_bc_north@excite.com

BDSMKelowna Email list to post upcoming munches and information pertaining to BDSM in Kelowna, BC Canada

BDSM Victoria A munch list for Victoria and Vancouver Island - Meeting Every Second and Fourth Saturday of each month. Email bdsm_victoria@hotmail.com or Lady-Chameleon@Canada.com [checked 7/2/05]

BDSM 2000 - Vancouver Island BDSM Resources - Resources, Personals, Events News

Body Perv Social Club A fetish organization which hold parties on the last Saturday of each month. call (604) 688-4947 or write to: Box 28-199 West Hastings, Vancouver BC, V6B 1H4

Cherrywood Vancouver - Vancouver - An adult Spanking Only social group for people in the Greater Vancouver area. We hold monthly dinners where you can meet like-minded people. Established August 2006. [checked 12/13/06]

Church-of-the-SM - Vancouver - (FemDom Ritual BDSM) This group is open to all those who believe in the 'Way' of the Church of the Surrendered Male. Welcome fellow "Women of Power" and "men of submission" who follow and understand this BDSM & D/s lifestyle. This list is to provide support & service to the local chapter of the Church of the SM, which is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Fraser Valley Munch Group / Surrey Munch, Munch group meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Knight & Day Restaurant (balcony), Surrey, BC - A social, non-play, non-fetishwear environment (though collars and the occasional cuffs are sometimes worn by attendees). A good way for newcomers to be able to meet other BDSMers without having to face a BDSM party environment for the first time. FraserValleyMunch@yahoo.com. [checked 7/2/05]

Epicureans - a group based in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia, Canada, with an interest in domination, submission and other BDSM activities. We hold monthly munches usually in Kelowna, but have been known to hold them in Pentiction, Vernon and Kamloops as well. [Email List] [checked 7/2/05]

Events List for B.C. [checked 7/3/05]

Kamloops BDSM Munch - Kamloops - Munches on the 3rd Saturday of each month - A meeting of like minded people into BDSM & related Kink. We're open-minded, pansexual & welcome all ' lifestyles'. For information, Email sir_talisman@hotmail.com [checked 7/3/05]

KIKASS - Kamloops Interior Kink and Social Society - Kamloops - A Group supporting and learning from each other through Discussions, Munches, and various other Events. For more info, Email Blacat10@yahoo.com [checked 9/13/04]

Lilypads-of-Exile - Vancouver - Pansexual, Non-Political, Adult BDSM club/group

Kink In Nanaimo - Nanaimo - a discrete group open to all Adults interested in bondage, discipline, sm, dominant/submissive relationships or any other variation of alternative expression. The list aims to be a resource for individuals and couples in the Nanaimo area with munches the 2nd Saturday of every month, play parties, workshops and drop-ins. E-Mail quiverslave@hotmail.com [Email List]

Sagacity - Victoria - Sagacity is a place where folks that enjoy the alternative lifestyle of BDSM gather to talk, laugh, socialize, share, and learn. Sagacity was originally called the Submissive Sagacity Support Society. Over time, our membership has evolved to include Dom/mes, subs, slaves, tops, and bottoms. Support group for submissives meeting weekly on Tuesday nights. On IRC.bondage.com #Sagacity_Victoria For information, Email: ladyfish@sagacitygroup.net [checked 6/11/07]

Vancouver, BC BDSM Groups & Events list excellent list of different clubs and events

Vancouver Canada Munch - A casual group, meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. these dinner socials might be a comfortable place for you to start if you're new to the community - nikkidancer@hotmail.com [checked 7/3/05]

Vancouver Leather Alliance "A pansexual, leather oriented social group promoting participation, trust, compassion, pride and fun in the British Columbia Leather Community."

Vancouver Men in Leather - a non-profit community focused organization. Its goal is to build a stronger, larger and more visible leather community for gay men in Vancouver. VML is dedicated to providing Gay men in leather with social venues and avenues for having fun as well as providing education for gay men wishing to better understand the leather/ fetish lifestyle. Email vml@vancouvermeninleather.com

Vancouver Sub Support Group - For information, Email: angie

VASM - Vancouver - a non-profit organization open to gay and bisexual males - Email: vasm@home.com or bdsm_player@yahoo.com

Vancouver Women in Leather - a non-profit organization Dedicated to claiming space for all women Who are into leather, fetish, and/or a BDSM lifestyle. VWL is designed to provide a forum where women of a like mind can share play space, serve the community, teach, integrate and socialize.

VegaVerse Vancouver BC events and resources - also hosting the DDC - Downtown Dom(me) Club lunch meeting A bi-monthly lunch time gathering (Second and Fourth Fridays) for Dom(me)s who live, work in or are in the area around the downtown Vancouver core. A friendly and relaxed social break to end the week. Dress Code: Casual or Business Contact Domina Vega at fsvega@mybc.com * defunct?

VernonBC_Leather,WhipsnChains - group for A/all in the Vernon/Okanagan area who are interested in meeting others either casually, or by design..through Munches, Workshops, BBQ's, etc. It's open to both novices and seasoned adventurers.

Western Canada Leather Pride - a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of its members

Womyn In Leather - Providing an educational network for questions regarding BDSM/Leather/Fetish following the mandate of safe, sane, consensual play, while supporting our brothers of same like mind. For info, email rottenrotti@home.com

British Columbia Local Email Discussion Lists:
    250 BDSM Provides a forum for those outside the Lower BC Mainland to discuss BDSM and allied issues.
    604 BDSM Provides a forum for those in the Lower BC Mainland to discuss BDSM and allied issues.
    BDSM-BritishColumbia Discussion of BDSM in Super Natural British Columbia
    BDSM-BritishColumbia - On MSN
    BC_SurreyBDSM - Adults may share, learn, grow about their BDSM interests or lifestle in a secure, strictly confidential environment. All welcome. A caring, thoughtful community.
    British Columbia Munches - An "announce only" list to inform subscribers of public non-commercial BDSM gatherings in British Columbia, CANADA and surrounding communities
    northernlights_pansexual - Prince George - a group for people of all orientations into kink. The goal of this group is to keep people informed of local events and create interesting discussions about the varied and diverse kink lifestyles
    PNW-PonyClub Vancouver, British Cloumbia, Canada based 'adult' BDSM list/club is dedicated to the transformation of a human into either a ponyboy or ponygirl.
    ponygirl_PNW - Pony play from Portland OR to Vanouver BC and Victoria BC
    SM BC Quesnel - A B&D, D&s, and S&M group for people in and around Quesnel, BC, Canada to connect and discuse all topics relating to S&M. Also found on IRC server irc.bondage.com in #SM_BC_Quesnel
    Vancouver Men in Rubbergear - Contact and play group for gay and bi men who love rubber/latex in the Vancouver, B.C. area. Moderated list, must have age and profile to be considered.
    Vancouver Slaves This list is for Subs looking for a Master for Cyber or R/T in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Single, Married or Couples are welcome to join.
    VanSpank - For males and female in the Vancouver, Canada area who are interested in Spanking and being spanked.... Lets Chat and maybe get together
    00VAN_spankings is a Vancouver based group. The list is open to all *adults* that like spanking and spanking role play, age play with spankings and crossdressing as part of role play or crossdressing as part of age play.
British Columbia Local Online Chat :
    #BDSM_Vancouver IRC channel on Undernet and BDSMnet (irc.bondage.com) aimed primarily at real-life BDSM players in the Vancouver region and the Northwestern US. Also found on Livejournal



Dominant/submissive Society of Manitoba - Winnipeg - A BDSM support and discussion group. DsSM is dedicated to promoting the exchange of information and ideas related to our alternative lifestyle, and other areas of advanced sexuality. For more information, Email info@dssm.org. [Email list] [checked 1/16/01]

Prairie Caller Email list for fetish folks throughout the Canadian prairies and hosting the Black and Blue Ball, Manitoba's most glorious, if only, pansexual fetish event, held approximately every 6 weeks. Here, prairie dwellers can find updates on all the important local fetish news. - Winnipeg Bondage Socials - evening events with a fetish dress code at the Junkyard - email prairiecaller@hotmail.com [checked 1/16/02]

Spanking in Winnipeg - Email list

Tortured Youth - Young Perverts of Winnipeg - Winnipeg - a Winnipeg based BDSM & alternate sexuality community that focuses on the interests and concerns of people aged 18 - 30. Email thetorturedyouth@yahoo.ca [Email List] [checked 10/10/07]

Manitoba Local Email Discussion Lists:

New Brunswick


Fredericton-BDSM - This group is for singles and couples in the Fredericton, NB, Canada area who are into the B/D, D/s and S/M lifestyles. 19+ [checked 10/10/07]

Tightrope - Halifax Leather Club - An organization of gay men who enjoy wearing leather, denim, and/or uniforms. A fraternity of gay men who wish to recognize with pride, the value and privilege of belonging to an organization of like minded gay men whom they know and trust. - Email tightropehfx@hotmail.com

Newfoundland & Labrador

NL BDSM - A Local Newfoundland and Labrador group for those in the lifestyle. [checked 7/1/07]

Nova Scotia

PALS - People in Alternative Lifestyles - Halifax - Dedicated to the Education and Understanding of BDSM and Alternative Lifestyles, in a Safe, Non-Judgmental, Tolerant and Friendly Environment. Email bdsm_pals_ns@yahoo.ca


Clubs / Play Spaces



The WERX Dungeon

Bashful and Bold
Club Slut

Venus Envy Ottawa

Fetish Maquerade

Tie Me Up /


The Chainmail Guy


Strictly BDSM

Rhino Gear

Aslan Leather
Come As You Are
Doc's Leather

Master R's Dungeon Equip
Naughty Nancy Latex
Northbound Leather
BDSM Kingston - Group To provide a social atmosphere where people interested in the BDSM lifestyle can meet others with similar interests with munches the first Saturday of each month. E-Mail bdsmkingston@angelfire.com [Email List] [checked 12/15/03]

BDSM Sudbury - munches with other serious Doms and subs in Sudbury and Northern Ontario... a place to get to know others in the (D/s) lifestyle in the area. Munches are every third saturday of the month. E-Mail bdsmsudbury@yahoo.com [checked 1/25/07]

Belleville Munch for information, email belleville_bdsm@hotmail.com

Brampton FemDom malesub - This is a munch group for the Brampton/Mississauga area, for Female Dominants and male or female submissives. [Email List] [checked 12/15/03]

Chateau Sauble Bed, Breakfast & Dungeon - Sauble Beach [checked 12/15/03]

Corporal Caucus - Toronto - A meeting place for Ontarian's with a need for corporal punishment. We welcome all Adult spanking enthusiasts, top or bottom. We also hold a monthly Munch The third Wednesday of every month

DSSGBDSMPersonals_Canada the intention of this list is to enable kinky CANADIANS to meet. Personal ads, upcoming social events and discussion threads can be found here. If you are a looking for a partner or a friend, come join us! DSSG/BDSM Personals_Canada Munch is held in Toronto on the third Tuesday of each month. For more information, Email DSSG@slavegrl.com

DarkDark Angel's Lair (DAL) - London Ontario - a PRIVATE, Community Members ONLY event. Run for the pan-sexual, pan-kink, community, and located in a Private Kink Friendly Venue. Email dark_angel@xplornet.com [checked 2/3/08]

DeviantDEVIANToronto - Toronto - an informal group of people involved in the Toronto kink scene who are interested in organizing and promoting educational and social events in our community. Monthly munches and workshop series. [checked 6/4/08]

Durham DsG Munch - Ajax - All 19+ individuals involved or interested in the BDSM alternative lifestyle are welcome to attend the Durham DsG Munch on the first Monday of each month. This is a pan-sexual, pan-interest social gathering in a non-kink setting. Email DurhamDsG@yahoo.ca [checked 6/4/08]

Durham Munch - Oshawa - a pansexual social group dedicated to fostering an open and friendly space for those currently in the BDSM community or anyone interested in exploring the BDSM lifestyle. Meeting the 3rd Monday of each month. Email info@durhammunch.org [checked 6/4/08]

EhBCThe EhBC Group Southwestern Ontario - an informal group of people who share an interest in the art and practice of bondage, discipline, domination and submission with 3rd Sunday Brunches and 1st Wednesday Munches in Waterloo and munches in London and Windsor - also can be found on IRC at #bdsm-kw on Dalnet, Undernet & EFNet

FemDomme Sanctuary - Ottawa - a locally organized social tea where FemDommes in the Ottawa Ontario region meet the second Thursday of each month.

Folsom Fair North - An annual Leather/Fetish Event [checked 10/10/07]

Freestyle Kinksters - Barrie - (formerly Northern Lights) wednesday night chats in the chat room available on bondage.com (#ontario_Freestyle_kinksters) [checked 11/6/04]

The Golden Horseshoe Leather Association - GHLA Leather/Levi club in Hamilton, Ontario rashwood@cogeco.ca [checked 7/3/05]

Hamilton BDSM Mixer - Hamilton - Although the Mixer is in a dungeon, there is not any play at all. There is no kitchen, but food can be ordered in, and a bartender is present. Email franklin@fetjeweller.com [checked 6/4/08]

Kawartha Alternative Lifestyles - Peterborough - a pansexual group interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide a place for people interested in the "real life" lifestyle, reguardless of experience, to learn and discuss issues pertaining to BDSM. 21+ Kawartha Munch

KW Whip Practice - Waterloo - Lots of us in the KW and surrounding areas have whips and the desire to want to learn how to wield them effectively and safely. So once a week during the spring and summer months we will meet in Waterloo Park to remedy this situation. As we will be practicing on trees, leaves, paper and other non human targets, this event is family friendly. [checked 6/4/08]

Kinky Guelph Bunch - 2nd Tuesday munches. [checked 6/4/08]

Ladies and male subs munches - Toronto - monthly munch, held on the first Tuesday of each month. The emphasis of the munch evening will be on providing a fun, social environment for Female Dominants and male submissives to meet and talk - Switches and those undecided also welcome. And their Email List [checked 6/4/08]

The Leather/SM/Fetish Coming Out Group is a support group in Toronto, Canada, for gay men who are new to the leather BDSM fetish scene Lsmfcog@hotmail.com [checked 7/3/05]

London Munch - London Ontario - munches each 3rd Tuesday - Email dark_angel@xplornet.com for details. [Email List] [checked 6/4/08]

LondonSpadesLondon Spades - London - A social group for Leathermen, Bears and their admirers

Lucylastic's Toronto (Scarborough) Munch - We are a "pansexual friendly" social group that meet once a month to further enhance the BDSM experience in a safe, sane and consensual manner. Munches are held the 2nd Friday of each Month. munch@lucylasticslair.com [checked 12/15/03]

Madame de Sade's Bondage Hotel - Toronto - bed and breakfast for fetishists madamedesade@home.com

MIM - Meet in the Middle Munch - Woodstock - Munches on the Last Monday of each month. For more info, Email dark@darkangellair.com [checked 2/3/08]

Mississauga Meet & Greet Munch - Meeting the first Monday of every month for an informal get together of kinky or kink friendly people in a local pub. Email: bdsm@abidel.ca [checked 6/4/08]

Mr. Leatherman Toronto

NLANLA International For Information about NLA Toronto

NLANassagaweya Munch - Milton - munch meeting the 1st Sunday of the month. For more information E-Mail tboltt@yahoo.com Or de-gem@excite.com

Northern Lights BDSM Group - Barrie - AKA: Barrie Kinksters - Meeting the 4th Saturday of every month. Email Northern_Lights@rogers.com [Email List]

Ontario SafeCall Network - A new service being launched in Ontario to increase the safety factor in personal meetings for the purpose of bdsm and/or D/s. This service will provide "safecalls" for those community members who do not have anyone to act in this important capacity. Experienced Dominants and submissives within Ontario have volunteered their time to act as the safecall for anyone needing the service. Email ontario_scn@yahoo.ca

Oshawa munch - We are a group who get together once a month with other like minded individuals to talk and socialize. The Oshawa munch is open to any who wish to attend and meet people with similar interests and ideas. Munches on hiatus. bearbraun@rogers.com [checked 7/2/05]

Ottawa BDSM lists local BDSM resources

The Ottawa Knights - Ottawa - Leather/fetish club primarily for gay men, although their events are open to everyone. They hold bar nights on the second Saturday of every month at Cellblock, 340 Somerset Street West in Ottawa. Email: ottawa-knights@gayottawa.com - P.O. Box 9174, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3T9

Peterborough Power Exchange (PPE) - a group of like minded individuals who are involved in a BDSM Lifestyle who wish to belong to a positive, open minded group where together we can learn from each other and grow. Mistress_Northern_Beauty@yahoo.com [checked 12/15/03]

Phoenix Niagara - St. Catharines - (formerly Niagara Paddle Company) Pansexual 19+ group with monthly munches and bi-monthly play parties. Email: Phoenix_Niagara@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 6/4/08]

The Point Tent and Trailer Resort - Turkey Point, Ontario - Gay campground welcoming Bear, Leather and Rubber Lifestylers

QuinteWest BDSM Munch - for those in the Quinte West area of Ontario (formerly Trenton/Belleville). Is open to anyone over the age of 21 from the surrounding areas interested in the BDSM lifestyle. We have a small munch group going with some great people.. Come join us! [checked 6/4/08]

SAAFE - Submissives Aware, Actively Furthering Exploration - Ottawa - SAAFE Meeting of Like Minds Discussion group for submissives, slaves, bottoms, sensation-sluts, pets, etc. in the greater Ottawa area [Email list] [checked 2/2/04]

Sarnia Dom & submissives - New group for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle in Sarnia Lambton

Sarnia Munch - Sarnia - For Those in the area, or looking for a new casual and discreet venue to meet others of similiar alternative interests.. Sarnia has a munch! [checked 6/4/08]

Spearhead Leather/Denim Social Club - Toronto - A gay men's social club and is Canada's longest continuously running gay organisation. Founded in 1970, SPEARHEAD has raised thousands of dollars for charity over the years as well as "Spearheading" some of Toronto's favourite events. - Email Spearhead@spearheadtoronto.com [checked 7/3/05]

The Steeltown Society - Hamilton, Ontario - group devoted to the discussion and practice of BDSM and related fetish practices with 3rd Monday munches. Email shoshin@submissiveimp.com [Email list] [checked 6/4/08]

T.O. Alternative munch - Toronto - Monthly 19+ casual (non-fetish) munch. [Elist] [checked 6/4/08]

TEASE - an ANNUAL outdoor Canadian Alternative Lifestyle BDSM Camping Convention; open to any and all from around the world - located close to the shores of Lake Erie, in South Western Ontario Canada. TEASE 2008 is taking place July 3-7, 2008 (with extra camping available before AND after for a separate fee direct to the Camp). Email info@get-teased.ca [checked 2/3/08]

TieMeUp Windsor Munch - Windsor - Holding monthly munches. [Elist] [checked 6/4/08]

Tony's Moveable Munch - Whether you are new to the scene or have enjoyed the lifestyle for many years, we would love for you to come out and enjoy the company of others who have a common interest. Dress is casual. No fet wear required. For information, email chellh2001@yahoo.com

TOP n bottom Whitby is a BDSM organization that meets the second Monday of every month. Top n bottom members come from all walks of life and all sexual preferences. We strictly adhere to a traditional 'Old Guard' protocol. For more information, Email topnbottom@sympatico.ca

Toronto AgePlay Group - Toronto - There are so many Ageplayers, AB's and DL's in Toronto and surrounding areas that it only makes sense to meet up and connect with others! Munches the 3rd Saturday of each month. [Elist] [checked 6/4/08]

Toronto_Ds_Singles - New group for singles involved and/or interested in the Ds lifestyle. Munches planned in the west end of Toronto.

Toronto Leather Pride - Toronto [checked 8/17/11]

TorontoPets / Canadian Equus - Toronto - is a social/munch group open to anyone that has an interest in human-animal role-play. The group is open to members of any orientation, or "style" of pet play.

TorontoSaferSexToronto Safer SM Seminars 2nd Sunday seminars in Toronto on a wide variety of topics

Toronto Whip Enthusiasts - Toronto - An educational group for the furtherance of sports whip cracking and the development of whip handling skills for all people of all ages. (Not an adult only / BDSM specific group). Practice scheduled for every 3rd Sunday of the month, 12:00 at G. Ross Lord Park. So let's get cracking and join in on the fun. Safety precautions must be exercised, please remember to wear protective glasses, hat and proper clothing. Hope to see you out there! Email Rufrider@uReach.com

Triple S Munch - Kitchener - If you are a submissive, slave or switch and would like to meet other like minded individuals, talk about the issues we face or just hang out and chat we invite you to join us! Meeting The fourth Monday of every month. [checked 6/4/08]

WhackingTO - Toronto adult spanking & CP - We're a group of local folks with a primary interest in consensual adult OTK spanking , school punishment and domestic discipline scenarios. Toronto adults of any gender, orientation and level of experience are cordially invited to join us. Every first Thursday of the month is WTO munchtime! A friendly get together for spanking/CP enthusiasts in a low-key pub setting.

Warmbuns Bed and Dungeon - Kingston - BDSM Friendly Bed & Breakfast - 613-386-7870 - Email: warmbuns@warmbuns.ca [checked 7/29/05]

WECWD A new discussion list and hopefully a place to meet of like minded folks who live and work in Southern Wellington County, Ontario.Canada,who are interested in or want to be in a BDSM Club,where the Male is dominant and the female is submissive, not suitable for anyone younger the 19 years

XCORRIDAXCORRIGA Toronto - an education and support group committed to the exploration of safe, sane, consensual D&S/S&M sexuality. * defunct?

Ontario Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards:
    BDSM Greater Toronto Area - MSN Community - real life opportunities to meet and explore.
    BDSM Hamilton Ontario - Dom / sub personal ads
    BDSM Newbies Ontario
    BDSM Ottawa - MSN Community where the kinky fold of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada can meet discuss and share in there interest free of judgement. This is a pan sexual site
    BDSM-ThunderBay Ontario MSN community - A place where bdsm Minded people can meet discuss and enjoy Each other.
    BDSM_Toronto Moderated mailing list - a meeting point for all people from Toronto and surrounding area who are interested in BDSM
    BDSMToronto Email list for (mostly) couples in the GTA who are interested or are involved in a female dominated BDSM relationship.
    ChosenLifestyles - email list to provide a discussion forum, to announce upcomimg events and to serve as a personal ad site for members of the BDSM scene from Barrie to Toronto, Guelph to Peterborough, and all points in between.
    TheLocksDsClub - for lifestylers in Sault Ste Marie, ON and MI, and general area
    OPE - Ottawa Power Exchange - An informative, educational, enlightening discussion group for the Ottawa-Carlton Region, focusing on people exchanging power
    SMBD Toronto - This group is for gay or bisexual men over the age of 18 (Adults Only). It is a free and easy-to-use group for Masters and Slaves to make for the kind of relationship they seek.
    Southern Ontario BDSM Lesbians - MSN community for Lesbians in Southern Ontario into BDSM.. for womyn ONLY no males
    Spanking_in_ottawa This mailing list is intended for mature adults who are having problems finding spanking partners in the Ottawa area.
    Strength in submission - Yahoo group for women and transwomen in Ontario who identify as submissives, slaves, switches and bottoms for mutual support, sharing, connecting and learning from one another.
    Toronto Jewish Kinksters - for Jewish people in Toronto interested in spanking and other kinky delights
    Toronto Male Spanking - 18+ email list for guys in the Toronto area that are interested in spanking or being spanked
    Toronto_Tickling A mailing list for anyone in the Toronto or Southern Ontario region who is into erotic tickling. Personals welcome!
    TorontoTorture This mailing list is for exchanging views and gossip, announcing events, and finding partners or playmates in and around Toronto. It is also for discussing ideas about pain, torture, humiliation and even degradation - how to do it better, more safely, and how to have fun with it.
Ontario Local Online Chat:
    IRC channels on irc.bondage.com : #D/s_Ottawa A meeting place for people from Eastern Ont. Western Que. and Upper New york State, #Toronto-BDSM, #bdsm-barrie , #bdsm_barrie


Clubs / Dungeons

Bad Boys Club
Fetish Cafe


Il Bolero
Boutique BDSM
MG Leatherworks
QuebecAlternative Montreal - Resource guide for Montreal

QuebecBDSM-in-and-around-Montreal - This List is for people living in or around the Montreal area, or planning a visit to our city, who are involved in or interested in learning about the lifestyle. We organize a dinner munch on the third Sunday of every month, and also run an IRC chat channel called #BDSM_Montreal on Dalnet.

BDSM-Montreal - Discussion forum & contact point for Montreal area Scene residents, visitors, & other interested folk. [checked 6/11/07]

BDSM-Quebec - A munch is organised almost every month. The location of the munch alternate between Montréal and Québec city. For more informations, just email Maître Pierre at: kputaa@hotmail.com.

QuebecClub BDSM du Quebec List of Resources and personals in the Quebec area - not recently updated

Club Fetish - A Montreal-based circle of friends, interested in various aspects of the BDSM & Fetish lifestyles. Online communication and large Events Calendar [checked 11/27/06]

Club Les Cuirassés de Québec - French Language Site for Quebec City Leather Club, Quebec cuir_qc@yahoo.com.

QuebecDôm-ms Académy - Montreal - To all those who are interested in leather, latex, fetishism, bondage, BDSM and all similar pleasures a very warm welcome. The DÔM-MS ACADEMY is an academy devoted to providing a safe environment for those interested in exploring and developing their knowledge as well as their expertise in this lifestyle

QuebecMontreal FemDomme Society - Montreal

QuebecMC Faucon - Montreal - Leather Club - Email info@mcfaucon.com

Mr. Leather Ottawa [checked 11/27/06]

Montreal Sunday Munch - Montreal - Meeting on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Email sundaymonthlymunch@gmail.com [checked 6/4/08]

QuebecUnholy Army of the Night - Montreal - a way for Montreal queer grrlz who are into or interested in kink to find each other and find out who's doing what, when and where.

Quebec Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards:

Quebec Local Online Chat:
    IRC channels on irc.bondage.com : #bdsm_liberte and #BDSM_Quebec

Saskatchewan Alternative Lifestyles - Currently, the focus is on developing a positive social interaction between list members, and meeting on a regular (monthly) basis. 18+

SSK - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Kink - A group designed to promote the kink community in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with munches the first Thursday of every month. [checked 7/4/07]

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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