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Alt_Arizona_Plays - Tempe / Phoenix - We host a monthly play party where all types of adult play are welcomed, but never expected, Thursday night weekly coffee socials where members take part in lively, lifestyle specific conversations, and two Friday night peer workshops each month on member suggested adult play topics.

A.AmazonsArizona Amazons Phoenix - group of women who have a positive interest in BDSM holding monthly educational, informational and social events, usually the 3rd Saturday azamazon@netzero.net or amazons10@hotmail.com [Email List]

Arizona Fetish Ball - the premiere fetish/kink event in Arizona

Arizona girls of Leather - Phoenix - Leather girls are people who find joy in being in service to others. We are slaves, submissives and bottoms with a feminine heart. Leather girl is an identity that has nothing to do with biological gender, gender identification or role in the BD/SM community. If community service speaks to your heart, if your service comes from a feminine space, we welcome you to join us, learn and celebrate as we all continue on our journeys as Leather girls. [checked 8/30/05]

Arizona Goreans of Reality - We are a real time lifestyle group. A sister group to PNW Goreans, NM Goreans and other honorable real time groups, we strive to live within the parameters of the Gorean Philosophy in a Realistic fashion.

Arizona Leather Alliance - a coalition of leather clubs in Arizona who share the intention of creating a leather family in the State by providing a venue for fellowship and support, and building on the vision shared at LLC-9 of "Tying It All Together". [ Email List] [checked 10/3/05]

The Arizona Men of Leather (AML) - Phoenix - A male identified Leathermen's social group consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, providing opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education and support of our community. Email arizonamenofleather@yahoo.com [checked 2/16/09]

apexArizona Power Exchange (APEX)- non-profit organization which explores consensual dominance/submission, S/M and bondage & discipline relationships with acceptance, caring, respect and dignity. Members and prospective members can subscribe to BDSM-APEX-AZ Email Discussion List. [Announcements] [ On Fetife] article [checked 4/9/10]

A-PAH - Arizona Pups and Handlers - This is a pansexual social group open to all people who are into Human-Dog Role-Play. We do not encourage, endorse, condone, or support people who abuse biological animals. [checked 2/16/09]

Arizona Rope Lovers - Group for online discussion and future offline events for rope bondage. [checked 7/15/06]

apexArizona Spanking

apexArizona Women of Leather - Phoenix - A very new group to promote sisterhood in the BDSM community. Meeting the 4th Sunday of every month

The APEX Academy - The Butchmanns Experience- Phoenix - Butchmanns Tradition weekend intensives of leather heart and spirit. The Nationally recognized event, hosted by APEX four times a year brings together some of the premier leather leaders in the country to celebrate and develop collective heart and spirit we all share as Leatherfolk in the community. E-Mail: academy@arizonapowerexchange.org [checked 8/8/05]

Desert Dominion - Tucson - a 100% consensual, pan-fetish, pan-sexual, informational safe space for the B&D, S&M, D&S, TG and TV community. Desert Dungeon holds 1st Wednesday Munches. For information regarding Desert Dungeon call 520-792-6424 or email info@desertdominion.org [Email List] [Events only] [On Fetlife] [checked 4/9/10]

Divasplace - Sedona Area - a charming and Kinky Vacation Cottage B&B fully furnished and is available for kinksters or NON kinksters alike. Email Divasplace57@aol.com or Denissov43@aol.com for information and details, price and pics of the Coziest little dungeon in the southwest.

Arizona Leather Coalition - appears to be defunct. [checked 7/15/06]

Gathering USA - Message board for brainstorming on cool places to gather

H.O.T.S.-N-S.H.O.T.S. (Hands-On-Training/Service-Hands-On-Training Seminars) are designed to educate in BDSM topics, arranged in Level's of experience. Instruction in practical application, safety, how-toís, doís and doníts are all covered in each subject. 480-705-7276 Whipmasterbob@hots-n-shots.com & slavewicky@hots-n-shots.com

Leatherlords - Phoenix - a group of men formally organized as a "Brotherhood" for the common purpose of promoting, encouraging, teaching and continuing rich traditions of the Gay Leather community within the leather/S&M/B&D/fetish community, also known as a "Leather Lifestyle". E-Mail leatherlords@leatherlords.com [checked 8/2/05]

LILA - Living in Leather Arizona - Phoenix - a social and educational group for Arizona leatherfolk interested in the integration of radical sexuality and spirituality. [checked 12/13/06]

MAsT: Phoenix - Phoenix - An organization for adults who live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle MAsT: Phoenix is a pansexual support group for those interested in the Master/slave relationship . E-Mail bertc@attglobal.net [checked 2/07/05]

MAsT: Tucson - Tucson - A pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in the Master-Mistress/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship. Persons of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome. E-Mail TucsonDreamz@gmail.com [checked 7/15/06]

Northwest Munch Bunch - Phoenix - This is a group of adult lifestyle friends coming together for dinner and friendship. Dinners are held in the NW part of the Phoenix Valley. This group is open to people 18+ and lifestyle friendly. [checked 1/24/07]

PAALM - Phoenix Area Alternative Lifestyle Munch - Phoenix area - A discussion and educational group that meets once a month for dinner, circulating in the East Valley area. Our focus will be education and support for those who choose to practice an alternative lifestyle. [checked 7/15/06]

The Peoples Group (AZBDSM) - Tempe [checked 8/13/07]

Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society - Phoenix area - Designed to bring the Eastside and Westside together. To have a meeting place for both to join once a month on the 4th saturday of each month for friendship and recreation. A place where we can exchange Ideas, thoughts, and use as a learning tool while having fun. Open to persons with experience from new to 20 years. Meeting will be held one month on eastside and following month on west so more of us can make it to them. [checked 7/15/06]

Phoenix boys of Leather - Phoenix - In celebration of the essential "boy" spirit, the Phoenix Boys of Leather exists to serve, support, and enrich the Leather community. Membership is open to anyone who self-identifies as a leather boy over the age of 18, without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance. phxboysofleather@hotmail.com [Email List]

Arizona_BDSM - List open to those over 21 who live or frequent AZ and are part of the BDSM lifestyle or are interested in same. For more info, email Events@habitualritual.com. Also chatting on irc.bondage.com at #arizona_bdsm [checked 12/12/05]

Sun Valley Spankos - Phoenix - A group devoted to those who have a passion for spanking, role-play, and everything to do with SPANKING in or around Arizona who are interested in chat, meeting others with similar desires, play or gatherings. [on Fetlife] [checked 8/15/09]

TNG:Arizona - Phoenix - The Next Generation: Arizona is a social and educational group for the many diversities of the kink community despite lifestyle, sexual orientation or gender. We cater to the 18-39 age group and those new to the lifestyle. Our mixture of kink is not limited to BDSM but can include gothic, leather, boots, food, latex, rubber, hair, music, clothing, body modification, tattoos, piercing, and any other kink or fetish that you might have. We hold a play party, demonstration, discussion, munch, and coffees every month. We are based in Phoenix but welcome members and guests from anywhere. [Web board] [On Myspace] [checked 10/7/07]

Tucson Leather Levi Weekends - We are a group of gay leathermen from the Tucson and Southern Arizona area who are interested in providing an atmosphere for leathermen to socialize with and meet like- minded men. TucsonLeather@yahoo.com [checked 12/15/07]

Women of Leather in Arizona - Phoenix

Arizona Local Email Discussion Lists:
    Arizona Age Play - Phoenix area BBW oriented group for the open discussion of all aspects of power exchange - B/D, D/s, tops, bottoms, slaves, masters, etc. 18+

    Arizona_BBW_Power_Exchange - Phoenix area BBW oriented group for the open discussion of all aspects of power exchange - B/D, D/s, tops, bottoms, slaves, masters, etc. 18+

    AZAlternativeLifestyles - This group is a safehaven for those who live an alternative lifetyle in the Valley of the Sun, and are not comfortable, or just don't belong, to any other organizations.
    AZ BDSM Personals - Not a discussion group, just personals ads for Doms looking for subs, subs looking for Doms. Tribe.net
    Arizona Gay BDSM - For Arizona Gays into BDSM
    BDSM-Tucson Mailing list Primarily dedicated to BDSM and Alternative Lifestyles and the people who practice them in the Tucson, AZ area. For more information: BDSM-Tucson-owner@yahoogroups.com * low to no volume
    PHXEventList This is a combined effort of Phoenix Arizona's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community to share information about events, groups, clubs, organizations, and things to do in and around the Valley of the Sun.
Arizona Local Online Chat:
    Arizona D/s - irc.bondage.com #Arizona_D/s on IRC.
    Arizona_Locals_24/7 chat room on collarme.com
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