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BEG - (Bottoms Exchange Group) - Colorado Springs - 1st and 2nd Friday munches. A group for bottoms, submissives, pets, slaves, masochists, etc, involved in the BDSM scene. It is based in the Denver area. 19+ - Email Plzursub@aol.com

CoP - Celebration of Power - Colorado Springs - We are a private club, gathering in Colorado Springs, to explore, socialize, and educate in the world of consensual power exchange. We meet regularly to play and promote further education in this forum. Holding First Friday munches and other events. Email Masterraindance@adelphia.net for Info [Email List] [checked 10/10/07]

ColoradoBDSM.org - Resource site for information on Colorado groups sponsored by the Colorado Leather Community Coalition (CLCC) [Event Notices] [checked 1/25/07]

Colorado Inner Sanctum - Denver - a social, play and educational group for the advancement and practice of protocol as it relates to Dominant/submissive and Master/slave relationships. [Email List] [checked 10/6/07]

COLLAR - COlorado Leather/Ladies Alternative Resource Denver group meeting 2nd Thursdays - email collardenver@yahoo.com for information

Colorado Leather Weekend - August Event in Denver

Colorado Uniform Men, inc - Denver - a confederation of individuals who enjoy collecting and wearing uniforms and uniform memorabilia. For more information, E-Mail cumdenver@hotmail.com or cumdenver@aol.com

Denver Bound - Denver - a pansexual BDSM club specializing in bondage and fetish restraints and their integration into the sensual aspects of the lifestyle. We combine our play parties, educational seminars and demos into a fun evening where we educate members and put our learning into practical application. E-Mail Info@DenverBound.com [Email List]

Denver Boys of Leather - Denver - a group of self-identified leatherboys. The term leatherboy is defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive, and boy not being based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or appearance. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity. E-Mail info_denverboysofleather@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 11/15/10]

Denver Munch - We meet the Second Friday of each month. This is a social event for D/s people in a vanilla environment, for the purpose of just getting to know one another and to have a good time. No fetish wear. Anyone interested in knowing more about the BDSM community is welcome to learn and socialize. For more info, send an email with "Munch" in the subject to denvermunch@gmail.com or NewDesiresNow@aol.com [checked 8/10/09]

Dom/me Discussion Group - Denver - This group meets every Thursday afternoon. Space is limited so rsvp early if you wish to attend. This will be an open discussion type group for Tops to exchange ideas and skills. Please email me at blackwidow@interfold.com for instructions to the house. Coffee and iced tea will be provided. If you would like any other non-alcoholic beverage, please feel free to bring it. A "donation" for coffee supplies would be very helpful since there is no charge for the meeting.

D/s Dojo - Denver at the Denver Sanctuary - Because we have such a strong belief in education and mentoring, we have developed this interactive educational program for Dominants and submissives, old and new. Each month we have a broad topic heading with discussion focusing on more specific sub-topics under that broad heading. [checked 8/25/08]

The FOLD - Denver - The Mission of The FOLD is to further the M/s & D/s Lifestyles through good works and educational classes. Our Members are chosen for their dedication and leadership in this realm. [checked 10/10/07]

The Gateway - Denver

The Gorean Edge - Denver - An offline Gorean group that practices Gorean protocol, and conducts group discussions on the Gorean Society in real time. We meet the third Saturday of each month at a location in the north central area of Denver.

Leather-Men Colorado - specifically for gay Colorado Leathermen. Holding the Leathermen's Social & Demo.

Longmont Munch - For information, Email ggaryg@hotmail.com

ManCODE - Denver - a group of biological men located in Colorado that enjoy the various facets of kink and/or fetish and gather for a monthly "play" party where everyone can indulge in their various kinks/fetishes without fear of judgment.

Ms Leather Colorado contest - Denver

Northern Colorado Leather Association - Longmont - A new group of interested and like minded people in Northern CO, Wyoming and western Nebraska. Group meets once a month at a location TBA, all are welcome, it is more or less a totally gay group though. Even though it is a Northern CO group all are welcome and meetings generally are held in Longmont, meeting are informational, and set as a group discussion on any topic concerning the leather community. Email to Aberfleur@aol.com or Call 303 776-6640

PEP Denver - People Exchanging Power (PEP) is a sincere support/educational/social network for all adults, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, who have an interest in S&M, D/s and other fetishes. For more information, email mailto:PEP2@PEP-Denver.org or call (303)575-1600

PUNK - Pansexual United Nubile Kinksters - Denver - PUNK is a pansexual, non-profit discussion group dedicated to providing a safe, friendly environment for younger members of the Denver BDSM community.

Pike's Peak Summit Masters - Colorado Springs - We are Colorado Springs Premier Leather/Levi/Uniform Club that meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Our main goal is to united individuals interested in the lifestyle and to form a stronger community as a whole. Our pledge season is every January-March. Any questions, feel free to contact TIMLANDT@aol.com - P.O. Box 60485, Colorado Springs, Co. 80960-0485

Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance Denver - Our mission is to promote a unifying force in the diversity of the Colorado Leather and gay communities and the promotion of leather through social and educational events. info@rmlalliance.com [checked 1/24/07]

Rocky Mountain Power Exchange Denver - a pansexual group formed to provide a place for people interested in BDSM to meet like-minded adults & have fun.   We promote safety & education and provide a supportive environment for growth.

Rocky Mountain Rope Art - Denver - “Our Goal” Is to share what is happening in the Rocky Mountain Rope community. This was created for the sharing of information about events and seminars on all alternative lifestyles. info@rmlalliance.com [checked 1/24/07]

Scarlet Moons of Denver a group to help educate, inform, and provide a safe enviroment for people who have an interest in corporal punishment and sexual discipline with social evenings & play parties admin@scarletmoons.com

SKALES - Safe Kink Adult Lifestyle Education & Support - Denver - For adults 18 and over. [checked 10/6/07]

Submission's Universal Breath - S.U.B. - Denver - a discussion and education forum designed to specifically address the need for individuals engaging or exploring submission as a life choice. The goal of the organization is to provide a safe confidential peer support network for the Metro Denver area with monthly meetings. [Email List]

Thunder in the Mountains, Denver, CO - Every July !

Uncommon Ground - Denver - We are a BD/SM support group. Our purpose is educational and social, promoting ethics and know-how in The Scene (the BD/SM community) and providing a forum where our members may associate with one another and form bonds of friendship with BD/SM as a common interest. - email William at DarkWindow@aol.com for information. Mailing address: 669 Peoria Street, No. 226, Aurora, Colorado 80011 - Phone: 303-371-6565

WICK'D - Women In Control of Kink~Denver - founded in May of 2002 to provide a forum and playtime for the Female Dominants in the Colorado area and those who choose to serve them. Meeting the 4th Friday of each month. Email wickdindenver1@aol.com or MystressDream@aol.com [checked 1/25/07]

Colorado Local Email Discussion Lists:
    BDSM Colorado
    Denver BDSM
    Denver_CO_BDSM Mailing list for those in the Denver, Colorado scene who are interested in BDSM, any aspect.
    Denver Society of Ds for people living (or visiting) the Denver Metro area who are interested in Power Exchange
    SpankmeCO - 19+ yahoo group for gay or bi-sexual or straight men who enjoy getting spanked or dishing out the spankings
Colorado Local IRC Channels and AOL Chat:
    #colorado on irc.bondage.com


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Iron Rose

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New Haven:
Scarlet Moderne

Leather Creations

A.A.L.F. munch of Southeastern CT - Norwich - Munches on the 3rd friday of each month. roperspet@adelphia.net or masterroper@masterroper.com [checked 12/9/05]

Connecticut-BDSM an ADULTS over 21 only mailing list to bring people in the BDSM Lifestyle in contact with one another in Connecticut and surrounding areas. Also check their website at http://www.geocities.com/thecoin_2000 For more information

DomSubFriends Society - a members only pansexual group, who share interests in the S&M, BDSM, D/s, and B/D scene. DomSubFriends is a BDSM support group for open minded people in the NY, LI, NJ, CT, PA, MASS, RI, MD, and East Coast area with demos, lectures, munches, parties, socializing and more. Subscribe to their Email Discussion/Announcment List on egroups, Email list on Topica

Fairfield Munch - South Norwalk - Monthly munches for Anyone involved or interested in all areas of bdsm. For information, email fairfieldmunch@aol.com [checked 11/15/10]

The Fem Dom Circle - West Hartford - Monthly munches on the 2nd Wednesday of each month open to all doms and their slaves if they have one. For information, email Mistresslisa@femdomcircle.com [checked 10/10/07]

Mr. Connecticut Leather [checked 3/3/08]

Southern CT Munch - Hamden - meeting the second Saturday of the month - For information and RSVP, email Wildfleurs@wildfleurs.com [Email List] [checked 5/27/07]

New London Munch - Third Tuesday of each month. For information, E-Mail RopersBrat@aol.com for details.

NEUrsaNortheast Ursamen - New Preston - Bear organization with many events both large and small - email BearWatch@aol.com for more info

thegroupThe Group - Rocky Hill - Non Political group meeting on the last saturday of each month and hosting a munch on the 1st Sunday of each month. We are a predominately Male Dom/Female Sub group. Email badbobbikerdom@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 3/8/04]

thegroupNortheast Fetish Group is an adult social and educational community group serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 18+

The Society a social group for people interested in any or all aspects of SM, B&D, leather and fetish. - Email thesociety@thesocietyct.org for information [checked 10/10/07]

TwilitgardTwilitGard - Westport - social club - open to all. Our goal is to promote the Leather - Bear - SM & Fetish lifestyles in the Fairfield / Westchester Counties area. Write the Twilight Guard at: P.O. Box 226, Ardsley on Hudson, NY 10503. Call: 914-591-6585 for more information or e-mail: TLGuard@aol.com [checked 12/12/05]

lalauraUnited Leatherfolk of Connecticut East Hartford, CT - a friendly, informal social/support group for men and women who practice erotic dominance in its many forms

Fairfield County Munch (Formerly the Stamford Munch) - South Norwalk - Held on the last Tuesday of the month for Anyone involved or interested in wiitwd/bdsm/lmnop To spend an evening in the company of other kinky folk…to laugh, talk, eat, and make new friends. RSVP’s are appreciated so that we can let the restaurant know how many people to set up for. [checked 3/3/08]

West Hartford Burger Munches for information, email barristerbdsm@yahoo.com

Westchesterbdsm A Westchester/Rockland. Southern CT based BDSM group, revolving around S&M, D/s, bondage, submission, and domination. You can post personals, letters, stories, pics, almost anything related to this. [checked 1/8/05]

Westchester Munch - a loosely organized group, with no formal structure or hierarchy. As well as a monthly munch, several people also plan trips into the city, to various events, clubs, etc. It’s a relatively painless way to ease into things, if you’re so inclined. Please direct any questions to the mailing list or davids8ist@optonline.net [checked 1/8/05]

Connecticut Local Email Discussion Lists:
    CT-Human-pets This egroup is setup for those that have an intrest in human pet play and live in the CT area


Castle Munch - Wilmington - We are a pansexual group who meet on a regular basis in Wilmington, DE for the purpose of sharing ideas on all aspects of alternative lifestyles. We welcome anyone who wishes to join our group regardless of race, sexual orientation or preference. For more information, Contact Steve at curiusnomore@aol.com

DEALS - Delaware Area Lifestyle Society - Newark / Wilmington - A free non-profit social, support, and educational group located in Northern Delaware, serving the DE, NJ, MD, and PA areas meeting usually on the fourth Sunday of every month - email Deals302@yahoo.com [checked 6/14/07]

SDD/s - Southern Delaware D/s - Dover - Group meeting the last Wednesday of the month. Email bigdarkdom@yahoo.com [checked 11/15/10]

MAsT: Wilmington DE - a pansexual group with monthly meetings that focus on sharing life experiences, engaging in educational discussions, and exchange of ideas, opinions and guidance. The format will combine discussions and/or presentations on a particular topic which will be announced in advance of each meeting date. [Email List] [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Northern Delaware Ds - New Castle - This is a group for like minded adults to meet and discuss the lifestyle. Buffet munches take place the 2nd Thursday of each month. For information, Email NorthernDelawareDs-owner@yahoogroups.com or PythonZeb@aol.com[Email List] [Message Board][checked 6/14/07]

Delaware Local Email Discussion Lists:
    delaware-bdsm Pansexual discussion list
    DelmarvaSpanking - Delmarva Penninsula - A place where spankers and spankees living on the Delmarva Peninsula (DE, MD, VA) can meet and possibly find soul mates for long term relationships. It is also a place to post ads to find friends for spanking meets on Delmarva or just to chat with new friends on the list

District of Columbia

The Leather Rack
The Pleasure Place

D.C. Clubs

The Crucible
Black Rose Washington, DC - a non-profit organization which provides a forum for the many different expressions of power in love and play. sponsoring many great events - also check out their Special Interest Groups section

The Centaurs MC Washington, DC - consists of a group of men with an enthusiastic interest in motorcycles, leather and other men. centaurmc@dcpride.org [checked 10/10/07]

DC Boys of Leather - a group of self-identified leatherboys; the term "leatherboy" being defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive - "boy" not being based on sex, age, or appearance. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity. leatherpupdc@aol.com [checked 10/10/07]

DC Ds Mailing list for females and males who travel to or live near Washington DC, USA and desire to arrange sensual Dominate/submissive meetings with others in the area. Group meetings and play session will be held at times when there is sufficent interest and availability.

DC FotMM ASB - First Of The Month Munch with 1st Thursday munches, 8pm at Greenbelt Benningan's - E-mail msmocha@radix.net for info

DCSMA - District of Columbia Sexual Minorities Advocates - a place where individuals (gay, het, bi, trans and pansexual) from all parts of the DC leather community work side by side on projects that benefit our community. dcsma@dcsma.org

DCspanking a pansexual group for people who are interested in spanking and being spanked to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The group meets for socials and has workshops. For information, Email top777@webtv.net. voice mail (703)440-1845 or write P.O.Box 1444, Lorton, VA 22199

D/s in DC Dinners - Monthly dinners rotating around the area

LLABIA - Leather Lesbians and Bisexual Information Association of Washington DC - This group provides information, support, and social opportunities to Women4Women who are interested in the Leather Scene

Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) - MAsT_Pan - a pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in the Master-Mistress/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship. It serves Washington DC and the surrounding Metropolitan area. Persons of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome. MAsT_DC_PAN@verizon.net [checked 10/1/07]

Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) - a support group for men, gay, straight or bisexual, involved in, or interested in, the Master/slave lifestyle. It is an opportunity and forum for like-minded men to come together for discussion of issues that concern Masters and slaves, to share ideas and gain/share knowledge of the Master/slave lifestyle. Info@mastwashington.org [checked 10/1/07]

Men of Discipline an alternative leather fraternity for gay men who are serious about SM and the leather lifestyle and practice discipline in their daily lives

Lolita's DC SM Resources Groups, Clubs and Shopping information

PanFun - a pansexual group in the DC/Baltimore Area group aimed at promoting safe, sane, consensual practices between consenting adults. Announcements about other local events. [checked 11/23/10]

TRP - The Resource Pool a pansexual educational group dedicated to providing the workshops for the BDSM community in the Washington, DC area. Sponsored by TPE, the workshops will usually be held on a first or third Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm. Location of the workshops varies. Email Cleo@ResourcePool.org

SigMa - metropolitan Baltimore-Washington area - an organization devoted to safely and responsibly exploring alternative sensual experiences from bondage to hard-core S&M for novice and experienced gay and bisexual men. sigmadc@aol.com - [Email List]

Testing the Waters - D.C. - A program of workshops for those who consider themselves curious about or new to the BDSM Community.

D.C. Local Email Discussion Lists and Online Forums:
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