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BCI Pearls of Wisdom - Central Illinois area group with monthly munches in Decatur , [checked 11/30/06]

Black and Tan Society Inc - Chicago - founded in October 31 of 2001 by members of the TNGC Dom/Cigar Social in an effort to find, support and educate novices; thereby, helping them eliminate fear and understand that they are not alone but part of a larger community that is the Leather/BDSM tribe. Completely Pansexual. Email natas@blackandtansociety.com [Email List] [checked 11/30/06]

Bloomington Leather Munch - We are a pansexual leather group working to provide education and edification for all interested in learning and improving their S/m and/or D/s experience in the Bloomington/Normal and surrounding regions. Meeting the third Saturday of each month. [checked 11/30/06]

Central Illinois subs n sodas - Peoria - A forum for submissives, bottoms, slaves and switches (in a bottom frame of mind) from the Central Illinois area. Meeting the first Saturday of each month. [checked 11/30/06]

CISS - Central Illinois Sub Space - Bloomington - A lifestyle oriented group for subs, slaves, switches, and bottoms coming together to discuss topics relevant to our role in the lifestyle in a safe and comfortable environment. [checked 11/30/06 - no activity since 06/06]

CIL-KY - Central IL Kinky Youngsters - A pansexual organization for people between the ages of 18 and 35 living in Central Illinois. Our aim is to reach local Kinky Youngsters to help them make informed decisions on their lifestyle choices through educational classes and recreational gatherings. If you have any questions, please email mordre27@yahoo.com or ninjajuicer@yahoo.com. [checked 11/30/06]

CTSM - Chi-Town and Suburban Munchgroup - Meetings held twice a month in urban and suburban Chicago locations. We meet publicly around a meal to eat, share news, meet new people and welcome you to the Chicago leather community, as we create it! It's a safe place to meet new people without resorting to the 'bar experience' or an intimidating first visit alone to a Leather club. We are not a singles' group or pickup club! [Email List] - On irc.bondage.com visit #BDSM-Illinois [checked 3/3/04]

Chicago Leather Kennel Club - The goal of the CLKC is to provide the leather/BDSM community with various methods of assistance and support for the aspiring leather men and women entering a first contest event as well as mentoring current reigning titleholders during their pursuit of a regional, national or international contest title.

Chicagoland Christians Into D/s - This group is for Christians who are in the Chicago area and who are also into such things as domination, submission, bond-age, spanking, role play, sado-masochism (sm, s&m), power exchange, fetish, orgasm control, leather, etc, to meet and become acquainted with each other. We do not frown upon female dominantion as some Christian groups do. If you are into just spanking without the D/s, that's fine- come join us! Think about attending one of our munches. [checked 11/30/06]

Chicago Gor Homepage for the ChicagoGor mailing list for meeting and discussion of people interested in the Gorean philosophy both online and in real life. It is intended primarily for use by singles, couples or groups with at least one member in the Chicago area to share experiences and possibly arrange real life "munches" or other gatherings on an ongoing basis

The Chicago Hellfire Club is a brotherhood of men who share interests in gay S&M sex. The purpose of the Club shall be to provide education and opportunities for participation in S&M sex among consenting adult men and to foster communication among such individuals. [checked 11/30/06]

Chicago Kinky Calendar - Extensive pansexual calendar [checked 11/24/10]

CTSM's Chicago KAP List Kink Aware Professionals resource list [checked 11/30/06]

Chicago Leather - A pansexual organization that provides a supportive, social, and educational environment for the Levi/leather, BDSM, and fetish communities—a forum where people can meet, talk, exchange ideas and feelings, and socialize without sexual or social pressures. [checked 11/30/06]

Chicago Leather Leadership Council - To promote brotherhood, sisterhood, and camaraderie among member organizations of The Council; and other like-minded organizations whose Statement of Purpose is in agreement with those of the Chicago Leather Leadership Council [checked 3/3/04]

CLAW - The Chicago Leather Alliance for Women - Chicago - A monthly discussion group for women involved in the BDSM lifestyle. Claw meets the third Wed of every month for its discussions and the first friday of the month for a bar night.CLAW is open to women of all sexual orientations and host women only and pansexual parties. [checked 11/30/06 - Need new link]

CRAM - Chicago Rope And Mummification - for people who love Rope and Mummification. Meetings disbanded. For more information, email cram@bdsm-chicago.com.

The Chicago Slosh A weekly gathering of pervy people. For info, email Daggrsmoll@aol.com [weekly mailing]

CSS - Chicago Spanking Society - Deerfield - Dedicated to the enjoyable pursuit of safe, sane, consensual spanking between hetero-oriented adults - Email for information

crimsonmoonCrimson Moon Ltd Chicago's Spanking Headquarters - This private social club is open to men and women who agree with our basic philosophy of safe, sane, consensual spanking play - NO M/M spanking cmoon5@aol.com or MrHeadmstr@aol.com. Crimson Moon Ltd., Box #95484, Palatine, IL 60095-0484 - voice mail hotline at 847-358-4823 [Email List]

The Defenders - Chicago - A club for individuals who value and wish to celebrate both their leather "lifestyle" and their Christian spirituality. Contrary to common belief, the two are not mutually exclusive. The Defenders believe that the leather experience can, when integrated and spiritually informed, actually produce a richer spirituality for us, and for the Church. DefendersChicago@aol.com [checked 11/27/06]

Far North Shore Munch Group Meeting every other Saturday in Park City, IL. For more information, Email ladykaters@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 11/30/06]

GROUPS - Guys & gals Readily Outreaching Urban People for Socialization - We are a friendly group seeking to further the BD/SM lifestyle. We sponsor monthly Munches for the purpose of meeting like minded people who are ready to accept their innermost desires [checked 11/30/06]

Heart of Pleasure - Bloomington/Normal area and Pekin/Peoria - A group dedicated to sharing, learning and growing in the B.D.S.M lifestyle. We welcome all submissives, slaves, bottoms, masochists and switches(in a bottom frame of mind). We hope that all who come to our group will find friends and a safe place to share. Meeting the 4th Friday of every Month. Email heart_of_plasure@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 8/25/08]

Illinois_Goreans - A place for Goreans that live in or near Illinois to meet and plan get togethers offline. Hosted by The Dagger and their other list

KBA - Kinky By Association Chicago - a pansexual outlet for discussion and social contact for enthusiasts of the BDSM community in Chicago, Illinois to share their ideas, support and friendship together on a regular basis. kba-chicago@comcast.net [checked 11/30/06]

L&MLthrArchivesLA&M Leather Archives & Museum Chicago - 6418 N. Greenview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626 - Located in Chicago .. Serving the World

Leatherpalooza - We are a diverse group of individuals who practice the leather lifestyle in our homes and fellowship with others regularly. From Peoria to Springfield and from Bloomington to Mattoon we are strong in numbers, wise in years, full of knowledge, and ripe with talent. [checked 11/27/06]

Leather SINS - a kink friendly Social Dinner Club made up of like minded individuals. We hold 6 local events a year that are open to the entire BDSM / Leather Community. Events include our Holiday Fetish Fair & Market, 2 Dom/me sub "Meet & Greet" Socials, Leather SINS Kinky Kollege Educational Conference and our Summer Old Tyme Picnic. Dinners are held bi-weekly (every other Monday night) at different area restaurants of the North Shore of Chicago. InviteRequest@LeatherSINS.com * Hosting SINsations in Leather and KinkyKollege [checked 11/30/06]

leatherUNLeather United-Chicago Pansexual leather educational outreach organization with 3rd Fri meetings at the Chicago Eagle - 5015 N Clark St. Email for info

MAsT - Masters And slaves Together - Chicago - a group of gay men interested in Master/slave relationships. Our purpose is to support those living in, or interested in, the Master/slave lifestyle. Masters And slaves Together, PO Box 13023, Chicago, IL 60613 [checked 11/30/06]

M.A.F.I.A - Mid America Fists In Action, Inc. - Chicago - an organization dedicated to promotion of and instruction in the art of Handball or Fisting. We are an organization with members worldwide, based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. M.A.F.I.A. is a private membership club. Membership in M.A.F.I.A. is open to Gay men 21 years of age or older who have demonstrated an interest and proficiency at Handballing, either as a top, bottom, or both. [checked 11/30/06]

The Midway - Chicago Switch Munch ( formally known as the south side slosh and south suburban slosh), merged with Chicago Switch. The MIDWAY MUNCH is a Pansexual group designed to serve kinky (leather, BDSM etc.) people from the southwest side and Metro Midway Airport area and suburbs, but all are welcome to come! Email admin@TheMidwayMunch.us [Email List] [Fetlife] [checked 12/6/10]

Midwest Area Ponyplay - Chicago - discussions and demonstrations are held with topics ranging from grooming techniques to training methods, to tack and available equestrian resources. Subscribe to their Email List [checked 11/30/06]

Onyx - Men of Color an organization formed and operated by People of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. Onyx sets as its' goal, to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to gay/bi people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives. For more information Email onyxmen@yahoo.com

PALSPALS Chicago (PAnsexual Leather Southside) - Meeting one Saturday per month at an excellent restaurant in the near SW suburbs. Individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and consensual kinks are welcome. Rudeness and disrespect for others will not be tolerated here, so leave your -ism's at home. [checked 8/8/07]

peoriaD/sForumPeoria D/s Forum - Peoria, IL - a local pansexual group of people interested in the bd/sm/ds lifestyle, which allows the consensual exchange of power in a "safe, sane, and  consensual" fashion area6285@mchsi.com [Email List] [checked 11/30/06]

Riverbound is a pansexual BDSM group located in the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois. (Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline in Illinois.) Our group is open to any 21 years of age or over interested in BDSM and D/s including lifestylers, casual players, or simply those with interest. Riverbound-owner@yahoogroups.com [checked 11/30/06]

S3C3 - Sober Safe Sane Consensual Club - Chicago pansexual group Email for info

The Suttle Leather Cares Foundation is dedicated to fostering education, assistance, acceptance and solidarity within the alternative adult sexual interest community through the development of the Teri Rose Memorial Library in Chicago

TBC - TeeBeeCee - Champaign / Urbana - A support and information group for persons in East-Cental Illinois who are interested in alternative lifestyles and culture with munches. [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

The Next Generation of Chicago - A Chicago based pansexual support/discussion/educational group for people age 18-35 who are interested in BDSM. *Great local resource list. [Email List] Also found on IRC channel #TNGC at irc.bondage.com [checked 11/30/06]

TridentTrident International Windy City Leather/Levi - Chicago - a Levi/Leather social club made up of men and women from the Chicagoland Area. [checked 3/3/04]

West Suburban Munch Group - created to provide education, support, and a safe social venue for people in the West Suburban area of Chicago who are currently living or interested in learning more about the D/s, or Total Power Exchange lifestyles [checked 11/30/06]

Windy City Bondage Club - Chicago - "Just a bunch of guys who like to play" - The members of WCBC are men from all walks of life who share a common interest in Bondage and other related leather/fetish activities. We meet monthly to socialize, play, share ideas and learn from one another [Email List] [checked 11/30/06]

Windy City Boys Troop - Chicago - to provide "leather/rubber/fetish boys" with a forum to refine and expand their boyhood by gathering with other boys to socialize/support each other and the community at large. To give them a safe space to learn/educate. The term "boy" is being broadly defined as a self-identified leather/rubber/fetish boy not being based on sex, age, race, or appearance. windycityboystroop@hotmail.com [Email List] [checked 11/6/07]

Shibaricon, Chicago - Annual international annual exhibition and convention that focuses on education and information exchange of rope bondage

Illinois Local Email Discussion Lists:
    Chi BDSM - group is for people looking for BDSM relationships/encounters in the Chicago area only *lots of spam
    Chicago Bondage - A place to meet Bondage lovers in Chicago area *lots of spam
    ChicagoBDSMSingles for singles in the Chicago area
    HeartofILbdsm Mailing list founded for the Bloomington/Normal area
    Illinois Dominant's Forum - This group is for masters/mistresses, dominants, tops, and switches (in dominance mode). It is for the discussion of dominance techniques, play techniques, issues in the community, and issues in relationships. It is for asking questions you may not have been comfortable to ask in a large group, or at a play party, or at a public dungeon. master.corax@gmail.com [checked 11/30/06]
Illinois Local Online Chat:
    #BDSM-Illinois on bondage net
    #All_of_Illinois_-_D/s_Relationships on irc.bondage.com
    ChicagoDomsub Room on AOL

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