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Alamo DoG - Alamo City - This Group is OPEN to ALL Alamo Area Dominants, in the Alamo DoG Organization or not. It is open for all Dominants, Tops, Masters, Mistresses, and Switches (hopefully thinking in Top Mode)in our community. We hope that by providing access to all dominants, you will feel the need and desire to join and participate in helping to facilitate the building of a strong and successful lifestyle friendly community.

Kinky Texans Looking for kinky people and events happening in your area? This is a discussion and information group for people in the B*D*S*M lifestyle in Texas [checked 11/23/10]

ETBDSM Email list Based in the North east Texas area, a list for likeminded people who have made the lifestyle choice of D/s and BDSM

Friendly Rio Grande Valley Kinky Folks - This group was specifically formed to serve members living in South Texas, who are interested in D/s and this alternative lifestyle. [checked 11/23/10]

Texas Connects - Email list for open-minded swing, bi, poly and fetish people in San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas to post ads, talk to each other, and connect.

Texas Leather: Resources for the Lone Star State - Extensive and well updated site for Texas resources!

Valley Kinksters - We are a group for those interested in B.D.S.M. in the Rio Grande Valley. We are a slightly moderated group open to RGV locals interested in the "leather" lifestyle. B.D.S.M.! We are a pansexual group. [checked 8/8/05]



Amarillo Power Exchange - We are a real-life/time group based in Amarillo,Texas. We offer support and social activities for non-vanilla people including a discussion board, luncheons, munches, play parties, social functions, workshops, special events, and basic/moderate and intermediate information, and training in the use of tools and toys connected to the lifestyle.



Forbidden Fruit

Snake Pit Leather Works

Austin subCulture A support and education group for subs, slaves, bottoms, and switches in bottom mode. We meet once a month to have discussion, offer support, and provide education. AsC holds their meetings on the first Thursday of each month. [checked 10/7/07]

Austin Voyagers - A group that is welcoming to all, regardless of age or orientation, and is especially welcoming to those who are new to the kink lifestyle and who would like to explore the issues and questions that we ask when we are first trying to understand these strange urges and stranger folks. We are called Voyagers because we are all exploring, searching, and wondering. [checked 10/7/07]

Black Beat TX - We are an affiliate group to the Black BEAT Inc. organization. It is our goal to support local persons and organizations for people of color. [checked 2/3/07]

BbD (Bound by Desire) - Austin - The oldest women's BD/SM club in Texas. We have monthly socials on the third Saturday of each month. Our meetings and parties are held every other month. You do need a member sponsor in order to join. The best way to do this is to attend a social if you do not know any of the current members. Contact us for more information at contact@boundbydesire.org or infobbd@yahoo.com [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

CTK - Central Texas Kink - Austin - CTK is a group of folks in the Alternative Sexual Lifestyle (mostly in Central Texas, but some from all over), that occasionally and informally work together to create entertaining and educational local lifestyle events. We have done and/or plan to do Munches, Parties, Seminars, Demonstrations, Discussions, National Speakers Series, Weekend Retreats, etc. We’re not well organized and like it that way. [Email List] [checked 11/23/10 *website broken. defunct?]

CTboL - Central Texas Boys Of Leather - Austin - Central Texas's first club for leather boys. Provides a safe space for all types of self-identified leather submissives to gather, have fun and work for the community, other leather and gay organizations, and the charities they support. The club is committed to providing support and education to all leather submissives and to preserving and sharing the history and culture of the leather community. CTboL meets the first Sunday of each month at alternating locations. For more information write ctbol2002@yahoo.com [checked 11/23/10]

Central Texas Couples - San Antonio/Austin area - a group in the Central Texas area made up of D/s - bdsm oriented couples living together in a committed D/s - bdsm  relationship. We are a non-commercial, not-for-profit, unincorporated, social, support, and education group for adults over  the age of 19 who are interested  in the D/s lifestyle, BDSM and related topics. [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

ClubFEM-Austin - Austin - a social organization composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female Dominant/male submissive relationships. Fem Dommes are in charge of the activities at all times; and, ClubFEM Dommes are considerate and caring women who want the D/s experience to be enjoyable for all participants. All participants in ClubFEM must be at least 21 years of age and must be biologically or post-op/and identify as Female Dominant and/or male submissive. Email: LadyRobin77@austin.rr.com [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

GWNNGWNN - Group With No Name - Austin - non-commercial, unincorporated social, support, and education group for adults interested in BDSM, body art, and related topics. It is pansexual and currently comprises male and female, couples and singles. Email: info@gwnn.net [Email List] [checked 8/24/08]

TNG - The Next Generation - Austin - A safe place for newcomers and the experienced from the age of 18 to 35 to learn and share about the BDSM community with others within the same age group. However, newcomers to the Scene of any age are allowed to join. [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

The Rackit Club - Austin - Risk Aware Consensual Kink in Texas - Holding a Kinky Happy Hour every-other Wednesday in Austin. It's a casual thing, designed to give us a place to chat in person about whatever comes up. [on tribe.net] [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

San Marcos Area Consensual Kink (SMACK) - Austin - An organization that is "SMACK" in the middle of the Austin and San Antonio corridor. It was founded in January 2009 to give those in the area a place to go that did not require an hour drive each way. [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

SAADE - The School for Austin Area Dominants' Education - A group of Austin area Dominants who are primarily interested in becoming more educated about BDSM matters and in socializing with each other. SAADE also has charitable events and play parties on occasion. The general meetings are monthly and take place at a public business or in a private home. [Email List] [On Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Austin Local Email Discussion Lists: Top


BDSM Southeast Texas - Beaumont - a pansexual social and support group open to anyone age 21 and over interested in BDSM. [checked 11/23/10]


Bryan / College Station

KinkyAggies a partially moderated list for adults in the Brazos Valley (Texas), more spacifically Bryan College Station, who have fetish interests. Email Mstr_Full@hotmail.com or KinkyAG@hotmail.com. [checked 6/11/04]


Corpus Christi

RN Texas Leather

CCTEXDs - Corpus Christi - 30+ live, in person, participating BDS&M, Master, slave, Dominant, submissive, lifestyle group in the Corpus Christi area. [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

NLATop to Bottom - TbCC is a social, educational and support group for all those that enjoy the D/s, BDSM lifestyle in the Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend areas of Texas. Hosting monthly munches, Private Parties and more! For more information write TbCC@mail.com or Ladyzita@hotmail.com. [checked 11/23/10 *Still active?]


Dallas/Fort Worth

Leather / Kink Bars
Dallas Eagle

Dark Kisses Dallas
The Hidden Door
Sanctuary Dallas


Dark Rose Creations


Dungeon Bazaar

Unrestrained Designs


Dungeon Enterprises
Leather by Boots
Prophett's Toy Bag

ALE The Advancement of Leather Education - Providing a new venue focused on advancement and advanced leather education and knowledge sharing in the Sanctuary lifestyle community. Thereby filling a perceived need for more knowledge and training in the emotional, psychological, protocol.. I.e. Leather being more than just play.

BoundRoseThe Bound Rose Society Dallas group meeting monthly for open potluck dinners, discussions and playparties - Email MstsBoots@aol.com for information. [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Cowtown Leathermen - Ft. Worth - We are a Leather organization formed as a charitable organization devoted to providing service and assistance to the gay and lesbian community of Tarrant County. Email: Email [checked 11/23/10]

DFW Bound 2 - This Special Interest Group (SIG) is open to adults with a demonstrated interest in various forms of b o n d a g e. Our meetings run in a free flow fashion. While trying to keep it light and fun, we offer several different learning experiences throughout the meeting by offering short demonstrations. Everyone, from beginners to advanced, will have opportunities for hands on experience and walking away having learned something new. Meeting Monthly [checked 11/23/10]

DFW Leatherboys - Social group for genetic males over 21 years of age and who identify as a submissive [checked 2/15/09]

Dallas / Fort Worth Texas BDSM extensive groups and resources list

FireDancers Dallas - Dallas - gay leather - a non-political, pan-sexual, Leather-Levi Social Club with a Native American influence. The tribe formed to bring all members of the local and state community together in camaraderie and service to promote unity and to aid charitable organizations. [checked 11/23/10]

Fourth Fridays a monthly Happy Hour for those interested in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) and related fetishes usually held on the 4th friday of each month. - Email fourthfridayinfo@yahoo.comfor information. [Email List] [checked 10/6/07]

Leather Knights - Dallas - A pansexual leather service club dedicated to Chivalry (service), Compassion (fundraising), Cameraderie (social) in the effort to support HIV/AIDs & Breast Cancer charities and services in Texas and Dallas E-Mail [checked 2/15/09]

NLANational Leather Association - Dallas

NEAAL - Dallas - A size and fetish friendly social group. We welcome everyone 21+ regardless of size, kink, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or experience level. We are a very active group. Have been in Dallas since Sept 2003. Our monthly munch is held at The Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts on the fourth sat of every month. Email: msdawn_bbw_domme@yahoo.com [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Pup Out! - Dallas - Pup Out Email List DFW pups and handlers DFW puppy play [checked 2/15/09]

NLASouthWest Alternative Network aka SWAN - Dallas - Group for kinky folks of all kinds. We have a monthly munch in Dallas the Saturday after the Fourth Friday. Our members include novices and those with 20+ years experience. Rangeing in age from 20 to over 50. [checked 10/7/07]

WICK'D - Women in Control of Kink Dallas consists of Female Dominants and those that serve them in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Sanctuary-Dallas. It is open to Female Dominants and male/female submissives. E-Mail wick_d@attbi.com

DFW Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards:

    DFWBDSM Email discussion list for Discussions relating to D/s and BDSM lifestyles for those in the DFW metroplex area.


El Paso

El Paso and Southern NM Coffee Meets - This group is for the folks in and around the El Paso, TX and Southern New Mexico area who are interested in meeting others in the B.D.S.M. D/s lifestyle. We are having munches on a fairly regular basis. So, if you are in the area and wish to attend just hollar on the list.





Leather Bars
The Ripcord
Eros 1207
Leather Forever
Midnight Blue's
Paddles by Pain

Club Fem FemDom/malesub organization in Friendswood, TX

Erotic Rose Society - Houston - group meeting every week on Saturdays at noon at Rudyards for classes, and have play parties twice a month (except during the summer when they go to once a month). Their attitude is open , fun and friendly. Their website is a great source of information for texas

FireDancers Houston - Houston - gay leather - A community of brothers sharing the same ideals, working together and helping others. We are dedicated to social and societal awareness within the Levi/Leather Community, as well as fundraising for various causes. [checked 11/23/10]

Gulf Coast Touch of Leather - League City area - a support group of individuals and couples who are interested in, involved in, or live a lifestyle incorporating elements of Bondage & Discipline (B/D), Dominance & submission (D/s), and Sadism & Masochism (S/M). GCTOL hosts a monthly munch. Email gulf_coast_tol@comcast.net [Fetlife] website coming soon [checked 11/23/10]

Houston Leather Boys - To provide education, encouragement and fellowship to self-identified L/leather boys, bois, slaves, and subs, without regard to gender, race, creed, or national origin. [checked 2/15/09]

HPEP - Houston People Exchanging Power a social club and support group open to anyone interested in S/M related activities - personals, sub tea parties, resources. Many Special Interest Groups. [Email List] [checked 10/7/07]

Masters And slaves Together - Houston (MAsT - H) - Houston - a pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in the Master-Mistress/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship. Persons of any gender or sexual orientation are welcome. Email: BartonofLC@aol.com [Email List] [checked 11/23/10]

Misfits - Houston

NLA - Houston

Third Friday - Houston - We are a group of individuals who want to bring together people with an interest in the BDSM community. If you are an affiliated member of a group, this event is for you. If you are new to the scene and want more information, this event is for you, too. ThirdFriday will be a safe, non threatening environment for people to meet, exchange ideas, and enjoy some great company - Meeting the 3rd Friday of each month. Email cattails4me@aol.com

WIPSociety - Women In Power Society - a pansexual leather levi bdsm fetish legal adult entertainment & social club since 1998 [Email List] [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Houston Local Email Discussion Lists and Online Communities:
    Houston-BDSM discussion list for Masters and slaves living in or around the Houston area. Created primarily for Male Doms and fem subs
    HoustonBondage - A discussion group and image posting group on the finer aspects of Bondage, BDSM and lifestyle issues.


Touch of Leather - Killeen/Cove area - a support group of individuals and couples who are interested in, involved in, or live a lifestyle incorporating elements of Bondage & Discipline (B/D), Dominance & submission (D/s), and Sadism & Masochism (S/M). Touch of Leather is a "not-for-profit" organization. Email touch_of_leather@yahoo.com [Fetlife] website coming soon [checked 11/23/10]



Lubbock_StocksandBonds - Email List - Searching for like minded adults in the Lubbock, Texas area who enjoy any or all aspects of BDSM. This is the place to meet safely and anonymously



NEAAL - A size and fetish friendly social group. Open to everyone 21+ regardless of size, kink, age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or experience level. We are a diverse munch group and have interests in D/s, POLY, fetishes, socializing, back to nature living, homesteading, communes, BBWs, camping, etc. Come on in... the water is fine! We hold activities in Tyler, Palestine, Jacksonville, Crocket and Latexo. Our group owns a members only Kinky Kampground and runs a Dog Rescue. JOIN US! Email msdawn_bbw_domme@yahoo.com [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]

Camp NEAAL (link is on Fetlife) - Members Only Kinky Kampground Midway between Dallas and Houston near Elkhart/Palestine TX. If you are looking for a quiet natural Kink friendly retreat with your fav partner(s), come check us out. Private Mini Campground on 6 wooded acres, 4 rv sites and bathhouse available. Plenty of space for tents and play... come for a weekend or stay! Email msdawn_bbw_domme@yahoo.com 903 764 1205 [checked 11/23/10]


San Antonio

Dark Fire Gallery
Leather by Laura Lee
Today's Leather & Chain

Beyond Strawberry - San Antonio - Beyond Strawberry is a discussion only group. We consider that this group is pansexual in nature and will expect appropriate tolerance from all members. The meetings are once a month and will start with the presentation of some basic scene topic, and move on to open, polite discussion of a sexually graphic nature. Meetings will be held in San Antonio, so with very few exceptions, members must reside in or around San Antonio or travel here often enough to attend meetings.

Chain of Command - San Antonio - a leather club whose purpose is to promote the leather tradition and philosophy in a social, non-political environment. [checked 11/23/10]

Darkest Desires Central Texas - San Antonio & Central Texas - a Pan-Fetish / Pan-Sexual, independent, volunteer run social and support group open to anyone interested in BDSM, D/s and Fetish. We welcome both single members and couples. Darkest Desires 210-380-DDCT (3328) - EMail DarkestDesiresCT@aol.com

Dyke Uniform Corps - DUC - San Antonio - a private association of women of honor, integrity, and discipline whose mission is to share a common interest in the wearing of military and law enforcement uniforms within the s/m, leather and fetish communities. DUCNY@aol.com

Our Kommon Bond - San Antonio - a rope bondage group for SA area, we will meet once a month and have a potluck dinner and then practice and learn some rope bondage techniques and have hands on demontrations. Also Our Rope Group [checked 11/23/10]

San Antonio Dominants (formerly: The San Antonio Dom's Dinner (SADD) - San Antonio - a discussion held once a month in San Antonio. It is a come as you are, discuss the topic at hand group, where all are welcome to participate. [checked 11/23/10]

SAS/M (San Antonio S/Munch) San Antonio - a monthly event in San Antonio for S&M, Dominance & submission, Bondage & Discipline, Goth, Fetish, Spanking, and Leather enthusiasts to meet and socialize.news@sasmtx.com [Email List] [checked 11/23/10]

sub_spaceSA - San Antonio - For those who have chosen submission as a way of life. [checked 11/23/10]


Tyler / Longview

ETexBDSM - Longview/Kilgore area - ETexBDSM Discussion Group and Community [checked 11/23/10]

Tyler BDSM - Group with monthly munches in Tyler [Fetlife] [checked 11/23/10]



WACOTX - Whips and Chains of Texas - a pansexual bdsm organization primarily located in Waco, Texas with monthly munches where we can all get together and share ideas and experiences, these are held the Third Wednesday of each month and usually at a local restaurant. [checked 8/8/05]


Wichita Falls

wichitafallsbdsm - wichita falls - This is a pansexual, adult-oriented social and educational group for anyone interested in BDSM ( bo ndage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.). All sexual orientations are welcome, including gay, bi, het, lesbian, trans, top, bottom, dom, sub, master, slave, switch, inflatable vinyl pool frogs and "other."

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