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Awards Received


My deep gratitude goes out to the wonderful people and websites who present Awards of Excellence. These awards give incentive to those webmasters who work hard at offering something of quality to the BDSM Community without any kind of monetary rewards.
I am deeply honored by those who've given this site the awards below! Thankyou


Not only is your site an inspiration for what we would like to see ours become, it exemplifies what we look for in outstanding BDSM sites and is a wonderful example of a beautiful BDSM journey.
www.dungeonnet.com     BDSM Best - July 1999
Sir Gypsy and rose 
BDSMWebsite Award Winner

Key Resource
Links2Go Key Resource
BDSM Topic

The Forbidden Kingdom's Award of Excellence for a D/s
Site Winner
Purple Rose Award for excellence The Distinguished Penguin Award
The Masters Of Submission Award Of Excellence

Drop in and Visit Lady Miss Carrie's Sanctuary

#giftofsubmission Citation for

The Ring of Trust Award, Come Nominate a Site

THE WORLD OF HEDONISM - Site of the Month - Dec. 98

[The Elysium Award of Excellence for a D/s, BDSM Site]

Castle Creations Award of Excellance for a BDSM site
Personal Pick
The Rose Garden chained rose

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