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BDSM Webmasters Resources:

BDSM Graphics

chroi's D/s, BDSM and Gorean Graphics List - backgrounds
Ironwynch's Graphics Help Page

Places to set up free Email Lists:

Yahoo Groups - recommended if no porn content
Topica - recommended
Listbot - slow delivery

Other Webmaster Resources

Web Pages & Graphics - Some info on how to build a site
dating-central.com - free personals section for your site and other included resources. There IS a charge to reply to ads

Bud Uglly - A role model for Webmasters

Need some wavs or MIDIs? Visit my Sounds ! Page

Other BDSM Sound Sites:
* Dungeon Theme Wavs from Wizdomme and Obedient AOL

#desireradio on irc.bondage.com - All the Dj's are into the D/s lifestyle. You can connect and listen to Desire Radio at #desireradio
DominateRadio - #DominateRadio on irc.bondage.com - join our email list at dominateradio . Come to #DsxMusic to share files and find songs

Join Alt.com - largest BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle Personals!

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