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IRC Chat & Web Forums

This is only a partial list of channels of course.. there are many hundreds of channels on IRC

For area-specific IRC channels, please see my Organizations page, as I've tried to keep most local resources together. If you know of a good BDSM channel on any of the nets, please let me know and i'll add it to the list


BDSM-Net / Bondage.com:

- Home of irc.handcuff.com (port 6667), irc.bondage.com (port 6666) and irc.submission.net (port 6667)

#giftofsubmission irc.handcuff.com with D/s Discussion Nights..
#slavegarden on irc.bondage.com ..a new and growing channel
If you don't have an IRC chat program but have a java enabled browser, you can access BDSM-Net on the web (This IRC applet only supports Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above) or bondage.com


#bbw_submission_sanctuary On DALnet
#Domination on Dalnet - a no-nonsense, no roleplaying, no scening discussion channel where anyone can have a capital letter in their nicknames. There are no "subbie couches", bars, doors, windows or chairs...just real people - For additional information, contact kriston@qis.net
#Submission - My Home on IRC
#1-femsubmission&slaveSex Dalnet channel
#bbw-domination on Dalnet - BBW and friends exploring the BDSM lifestyle. We also have a channel mailing list called BigBeautifulWomenDomination at yahoogroups.com
#Femdom IRC Dalnet channel and an excellent resource
#0!!!!!!!!Humiliate_A_sub on IRC Dalnet
#1-malesubsmeet on Dalnet - a place to be for the women looking for you.
#malesubmissionsex on Dalnet IRC and their sister channel, new on bondage.com


#Submission On EfNet - Channel and event information as well as Great Links. We meet on #submission_discuss Efnet most Sunday evenings at 9PM EST. We discuss a wide range of topics dealing with the D/s and BDSM Lifestyles. Channel can also be accessed with Java Chat from your web browser


New server - access with /server irc.thorngarden.net 6667 [Homepage


The BFD Homepage #bifemdomme on Undernet is a place for women to come and feel safe while exploring their interest in BDSM
#Femdompain on Undernet
Our Dominion on Undernet devoted to discussions about D/s & BDSM and Dominion mailing list for the discussion of Issues surrounding Domination and submission

Search for 37751 IRC channels on 27 IRC networks at Liszt's IRC Chat Directory or connect directly to any channel on the offered networks directly through your browser. Search listings not updated often though so recently formed channels may not show

Visit The Ultimate Chatlist Chat by categories, BBS list, programs, acronyms and emoticons


Web Chat

Chatropolis (adult entry) - difficult format to get used to. Turn off images in "config"
iFriends Network Free Live Video Chat

SOI - State of Insanity The true alternative online community

Need some adult wavs or MIDIs? Visit my Sounds! Page

Web BDSM Forums & Networking Sites

fetlife.com - Profiles, Groups, Networking - My personal favorite for 2008
free-association.net - blogs and groups
friendster.com - search for kink - blogs and groups
myspace.com - search for kink - networking site with forums, blogs and groups
mydungeonspace.com - kink specific - groups, chat, blogs, mostly limited to d/s
thefetishforums.com - chat rooms, forums, blogs
tribe.net - search for kink - networking site with forums and groups
worldgroups.com - search for kink - groups
bianca's basement discussion board
Lord Dusk's Dungeon a forum for D/s - discussion and mostly personal ads
Our Dominion Forum XChange BDSM Forum with more discussions than ads - refreshing! email discussion list and Undernet channel #dominion
PictureChat is a new website with chat and pic trading. Has one or two BDSM rooms

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