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The Mall

Support Your Local Vendors - Most of the great BDSM / Fetish vendors are listed in the organizations section for their specific locations and most ship their products anywhere -- Usually found on the right side of the page


Think You're Extreme? Click here for eXtreme Toys!
Chaotic Creations Jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gold including many featuring the BDSM emblem
Emblem Project and emblem jewelry from Quagmyr, Creator of the BDSM emblem
Extreme Restraints
Foxy Furniture - Hidden in Plain site - plans available for free
Ape Leather collars.
Pierre Silber - Shoes.. Shoes.. Shoes!! ...and Lingerie!
Remote Control Sex Toys toys controlled over the computer ...hmmmm
Sir Kane's BDSM Toys - Vacuum Bed, Cupping, Needles, Floggers, Weapons, Violet Wands, Mature Site Info
JT Stockroom
JT's Stockroom

Online Auction Sites

Fetish Auctioneer Online Auction Site

The Kinky Consumer
Sex Toy Reviews

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