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caryl's Quick Start

Looking for Local Contacts?

First step is to have an idea of who you are and who you're looking for, both in general and in specific terms. See below for where to find ideas and thoughts of others to help you understand what you might want and who you may find. Next, and probably the Most important, is to understand about steps you should take to be safe and sane in your search. Check my Safety section for important things you should know.

The Organizations section has organizations, munch and discussion groups, contacts, IRC channels, and mailing lists which are all devoted to specific areas. If you reside in California, there's also a California Events Calendar for just about any event open to the public.

Other good resources are Web personals, and there's information on how to write and respond to ads, the best sites for totally Free personal ads and even mailing lists and IRC channels devoted to personals ads in my Web Personals section. There are also Usenet Newsgroups which are devoted to personals ads, but they are normally full of spam. For the determined person, though, it's another resource to try.

For non-location specific chat, check out IRC & Forums which covers a small-ish number of channels on several different nets, information on web-based chat, web forums, and general techi information for IRC programs and add-ons.

My site is Searchable

Looking for Information?

If you're looking for information and Resources Specifically for Submissives, Specifically for Dominants, Specifically for FemDoms or Specifically for Switches, Check the Resources Section. Also there is information on how-to's and FAQ on specific kinds of play and for specific needs or interests. If you're looking for books or videos to purchase, I have links for those as well. There are vendors for books, videos and ezines listed in the Media section and in the Mall section, are non-location specific vendors of other kinds of merchandise. This site also has The Book Store where, in association with Amazon.com, you can securely order a VERY wide selection of books and also the The Music Store for music great for scening. Delivery is fast, and they can giftwrap and deliver your purchase with a personalized message from you to anywhere in the world. I do get a small commission on purchases through amazon.com to help offset an extremely small portion of the costs of this site.

If you seek information, other good resources are Usenet Newsgroups, some great web sites and mailing lists listed in the Resource section and asking the same questions of a wide variety of people. Just keep in mind that there is no one expert on BDSM and an abundance of different opinions -- some right for you, some wrong. Take what you can use and leave the rest.

There are some other sections to my site which you may also find entertaining, informative and/or enjoyable, but these are the key parts and are being constantly rebuilt, re-organized, added to and hopefully improved on. Is there something you're looking for but can't find? Drop me an E-Mail and let me know. I appreciate any kind of constructive criticism.

Please enjoy your stay, bookmark the entrance, and check back often.


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