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Pony and Pets Pages

Camp Crucible Pony Play list - Here is an excellant place to post upcoming events, workshops, demos and overnight opportunities along with any info relating to pony play-especially in the mid-atlantic region!
The Dog House - This club is for pan-sexual humans (dogs and bitches) with a canine soul, and for the people who like them that way (Owners, Trainers, Masters and Mistresses ), it may also be of interest to SM enthusiasts
Fetish Pony Forum, equipment, links, etc for ponyplay
The Human Equine Trigger's personal site with much information, personal thoughts and events
The New PonyGirl Pages LisaStar's Page
Pony Play as seen by a Pony Groom Great site and Pony Play List (direct link below)
The Other Pony Club - UK based club
Gay Pony Slaves
DogRose Leathers: The InHumane Society a BDSM shop for ponygirls and doggie boys and the owners who love them
German Pet Play Page There's a mailing list, a small library about toys and such, and great links including the pages about the Pet Week in Denmark.
The Other Kennel Club, a Special Interests Group for consenting adults into animal role play that may or may not have an SM content
Ponyplay FAQ by LordSaber - also mirrored on CTSM Pony Page
ponygirl, ponyboy, play event list - Email events list for live events only
Pony Boy Training male/male pony page
Pony Pride UK - UK Group. Email: ponydelcious@ntlworld.com - Online Community: PonyPrideUK

The Stampede! Bay area CA Animal Roleplay Society
The Theater Gallery A wealth of information, erotica and images or The Human Pony

Email Discussion Lists & Online Clubs

Alternative Pets mailing list - Subscribe by Emailing pets-request@pigsty.demon.co.uk
gay_esclavos_caballo - nuevo grupo en Espaņa de ponyplay homosexual
Gay Ponyplay email list
German Language Pet Play List
Stampede!'s Yahoo and MSN Groups and Clubs List - Lists and clubs for pony and/or pet play

Web Rings

dog slave web ring sites that are directly related to Dog Slaves and their list of sites


Equus Eroticus - Quarterly magazine devoted exclusively to pony girls and boys and their masters and mistresses.

Online Chat

#pony-play IRC Dalnet channel

Events and Offline Contacts

Be sure to check out the Organizations, Groups and Contacts section for any groups in your area.. I add them as soon as I find them..

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