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Specifically for Dominants

Advice to New Dominants a number of Dominants give their views on domination
BEST Slave Training - "A guide and reference to basic and advanced slave training and the BDSM lifestyle based on a method of setting goals for your slave and instilling the motivations to achieve the goals "
DiCK - Dominants in Controlled Kink incredible amount of information on all aspects of Dominance
The KingDom Castle Realm's resource center for Dominants
The Dominant's View
DomDykes Email list for Dykes on the Dominant side of D/s
Enjoying Female Dominance: A Guide good information for those curious or just beginning
GL-Doms Email list for Discussion for gay/lesbian Masters/Mistresses and other Dominants
Toppers! The mailing list for all dominant folk! * 12/03 dormant


Specifically for FemDoms

Christine & David's Fem-Dom Relationships & Role Play for Loving Couples DOMestic Digest listserv predominantly for Female Dominants - send subscribe message
Females in Control
Laura Goodwin's Page essays from a Female Dominant and more including mailing lists for those who prefer women on top to discuss both female supremacy and erotic femdom issues
WHAP! Magazine Women Who Administer Punishment
Dominant Ideas an omnibus of articles, stories, personal essays, transcripts, and a wide range of other reading from a female dominant perspective - from Gloria Brame
Enjoying Female Dominance - a guide
BBW Dommes Mailing list is to discuss interests, problems and general interest in domination and submission as it pertains to the BBW Domme and her admirers. We'll take a look at what makes the BBW Domme so special and what attracts her sub to Her and not one of those Barbie Doll Dommes. We will allow advertisements by both Dommes and subs ISO....


Specifically for Switches

Dominant Dogs and Tyrant Tots - Challenging the archetypal assumptions in the D/s community - by Shawn Michael, owner of the Yahoo group Dualities for discussion on switching (Homepage).
. . . . . don't box me in - thoughts & observations on switching by Debra Hyde
bdsmswitchdykes - Mailing list for women identified people who practice BDSM on both sides, aka, switches. It is open to lesbians and bisexual women who play with other women. The purpose of this list is to offer a discussion forum about issues specifically related to being a switch in any types of BDSM relationships.
How Switching Could Make You a Better Master, Mistress, Dominant, Dominatrix, Top, Sadist, Slave, Submissive, Bottom, or Masochist by Switchable Yento
My Thoughts On Being A Switch by LadyMist/mist`
Real Time Switches - Email discussion list where real time Switches can discuss their complex relationships.
Switch International - Email discussion list aimed at Switches but Dominants and submissives are welcome to join as well.
So What's With Switching? by by Franklin Veaux
Switches by LordSaber

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