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Please Note: These are the personal views of the individual Authors
Your Mileage May Vary

Seven Pillars of Dominance by J. Mikael Togneri
Babylon Bound: Wrong Reasons to Do S/M by Fetish Diva Midori
Who or What is a "True" Lifestyle Master? by kitte{AR} 5/21/99 (edited and approved by Master AraRenie)
Some Thoughts For the Dominant A wonderful text about Dominants by LordWolf00
A Master's love Excellent text about what a submissive needs and wants!
The Dominant by TorqueDom3 - an essay written in 1994 which may provide some amusement or some thought, depending on your proclivities
One Dom's Point of View by Michael P. - An excellent essay on dominance. Check out the rest of his site as well
Finding a Slave - good down-to-earth advice for finding who you seek
Laura Antoniou Lecture Transcript - about a third of the way through are her thoughts on SSC and safewords, "Unsafe At Any Speed, or Safe, Sane, and Consensual, My Fanny"
Qualities of a Successful Dominant by Polly Peachum - On how to handle live-in power-exchange relationships
Sadomasochism Isn't What It Used to Be -or- "Why Would Anyone Participate in S/M" by Keith L. Kendrick
RebelGent's Home Page great resource for novice dominants and submissives! featuring, among many other great features, Basic Math Hints for Adding Partners to a Relationship - by Peggy, aka O, and What a Slave Needs by David Stein - excellent essay
Difficulties With Relinquishing Power by COUNtess VelVEEta
Married to a Vanilla Spouse
Moments in Time On Humiliation
The SSC Mistake by Joseph W. Bean
What is BDSM and as an added bonus What is Polyamory


General Resources

Ambrosio's BDSM Site - Great resources for health, safety, the law, the internet, and more
The BDSM Backroom lots of Information for Dom/mes and subs on the lifestyle
BDSM-Online Crimson Lord's *immense* resource site, Headspace
BDSM Travelers - a directory of friendly, travel-loving people in the BDSM lifestyle who offer each other the gift of hospitality. Members from around the world offer their hospitality to other members at no charge. These hosts, in turn, are received when they travel.
The Beginners Guide to Dominance and Submission By James Bryant
Bigfolksbdsm Email discussion list for MaleDom/Femsub BDSM with special welcoming emphasis on Big folks
Blacks in BDSM Resources - resource webpage for people of color and specifically african-americans in the SM community with links to groups, links, books, and articles pertaining to the linkages between people of color and the SM community
Born Slaves
caryl's BDSM Page my site - Resources, Organizations and contacts worldwide, CA information and more
The Castle Realm Lord Colm and jade's site dedicated to information and resources on the realities of D/s relationships
^cat^'s House and Dungeon BDSM drawing and clipart collection, PONY Pics, stories, poetry, D/s Perspectives and MANY links!
Char's Chateau Site devoted primarily to the female dominant / male submissive lifestyle with a great list of resources * site down Jan 5, 2002
Dark Connections - Personal ads and bdsm resources created specifically for people of color.
A D/s Web Center formerly Whipping Post, MrBadSir's Page - D/s Web Center - information and ideas for both newcomers and veterans
an 'encyclopervia' of the Net
Different Loving Homepage Companion Page to the Book "A Different Loving" great article, Meeting Someone From On Line Safely by Jon Jacobs and Polly - subs.. this is an invaluable article!
Dominance_submission Listserve open forum for discussion of alternative sensual lifestyles
DsKiosk and the MDom Email list for Male Dominants and female sub/slaves. Also a huge Kinky Links section
Dslongdistance Mailing list for Anyone that has been in a LD relationship or in one at the moment, going from LD to real life or coming out of one
Eilean Beithe - Traditional Scottish Discipline for those who wish for a more structured and obedient lifestyle, but with respect & rewards
El Libro del Dolor - BDSM site in spanish
The Fetish Information Exchange a Wealth of great information for those both new and experienced.
FrugalDomme's D/s Dangers and Precautions -- essays on a wide variety of types of play and Great resources
Screamer's site has some really great down to earth essays about BDSM and specifically D/s. Well worth spending some time there! Also check out her Kink Inc Hotlist list of articles and essays
Leather and Roses - Articles, essays, java chat and much more
Leather Navigator - A rich source of links to leather/SM/fetish-related sites.
LordSaber's Adult Page great information, stories and links
The Isle links to many different Forums on the web, advise for subs and Doms, Resource list and more
Male Mentoring Male - Email list for males mentoring males on male issues (including, but not limited to the Dom/sub Lifestyle) males that maybe just need a friend to talk to about everyday life. Straight Gay Bi and curious are welcomed to join
PALs Parents with Alternative Lifestyles - for parents who wish to discuss issues relating to attachment parenting for anyone who finds themselves to be defined as belonging to an "alternative" group. To subscribe, email with SUBSCRIBE in the BODY of mail
Rainbow Icon Archive - Information on all the symbols for gender, lifestyle and sexuality
Sadistic Hell's list of Yahoo Clubs and Groups
slave david stein Excellent site for Masters and slaves - primarily on M/M Master slave relationships but excellent information for everyone
The Triskeli Guild's Killer Links - Ways to find people, toys, how-to guides and extensive links
Vox's Info Center
vixen's Playhouse dedicated to BDSM activities both in real life (r/l) and on IRC and specifically in Western Canada and the Pacfic Northwest. Great information about abuse and safety * some sections unavailable during relocation
Welcome Home - Project to create a "home" (resort and assisted living community) for the Alternative Living Pansexual community in a warm accepting environment that will nurture an aging population with an alternative lifestyle. [Email List]
whim's page Newbie information, newsletters, stories & great links
White Light/Black Leather - Writings on the spiritual practice of SM by Chris M.
Wizdomme pages D/s & BDSM info, "The Famous Newbie Help & Info Pack&, wavs, Humor and more

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