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Absolute / Total Power Exchange

AbsoluteBDSM Email Discussion List for those interested in or involved in absolute Master/Mistress and slave relationships.
AbsoluteTPE Mailing list for discussion of Absolute Power Exchange relationships... with both Male and Female dominants.
Thedoghouse.org M/m oriented - excellent information and some great articles in the members section
absolute_Ds Mailing list for discussion of Absolute Power Exchange relationships ... Open only to those currently in MaleDom/Femsub TPE relationships [Homepage]
Total Power Exchange
Total Power Exchange & 24/7 Yahoo Club for fulltime subs, Doms, Dommes and slaves to engage in meaningful conversation regarding the unique issues of fulltime D/s.
Poenkitten: One woman's search for TPE and her article What is TPE?


Old Guard / Leather History

Colors of Leather - A Group dedicated to the preservation and historical research of Leather/Fetish clubs and their club colors
The History Of Old Guard Leather by Guy Baldwin
Leather History - discussion list focusing on the history of the Leather Community
Leather History Timeline by Tony DeBlase
Lord Saber's History Page - Leather history and essays regarding "Old Guard"
Old Guard? If You say so. by Joseph W. Bean
Old Guard, New Guard by Gayle Rubin
The Suttle Leather Cares Foundation is dedicated to fostering education, assistance, acceptance and solidarity within the alternative adult sexual interest community - Developing the Teri Rose Memorial Library


Orientalist Lifestyle

Orientalist M/s

Victorian Lifestyle

Victorian Lifestyle - Those who love the Victorian era will enjoy learning from source documents, discussions, and and the knowledge of others things such as etiquette and manners, bringing graciousness into the home, expectations of the Master and Mistress, roles of servants, serving at table, entertaining, disciplining, receipts (an early word for recipes), housekeeping methods, and conducting oneself in a variety of circumstances among other topics.
Victorian Training - Mailing list from the folks at The House of Shadowfind to using the Victorian mentality in your relationship/life, be it regular, or flavored with D/s or BDSM
The Victorian Web is a site with information and resources regarding the Victorian Era. Sections of note are Race and Class Overview and this essay, What Kind of Staff Would a Victorian Household Have?

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