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Religion & Spirituality

BDSM & Spirituality by Alexa
BDSM & Spirituality by CrimsonLord - Essay and many links to other related sites
BDSM Spirituality by Jrsygir1
Dom Sub Spirituality Email List
Iconography of Tantra and Rites of Male-Submission
Leather Pagans
Numena.org BDSM and Spirituality
Spiritual BDSM, Magical BDSM and Masochismo FAQ
Spirituality In Slavehood by J. Mikael Togneri
LeatherChurch Email discussion list for religious leatherfolk of all orientations to discuss sexuality and spirituality

Christian BDSM Resources (check the organizations section for location specific ones):
Christian-BDSM On spirituality, religion and BDSM - Email list, IRC chat room #christian_bdsm on irc.bondage.com
christianspanking Email discussion list
ChristnSinglesDomDis Email discussion list
SingleChristiansSeekingBDSMSpouse2 Email discussion list
submissivesinglechristianwoman Email discussion list

Jewish BDSM Resources (check the organizations section for location specific ones):
Jewish Power Exchange - Email list for Jews to meet on line and discuss aspects of sexual and self expression in power exchanging
KinkyJews - KinkyJews brings together hundreds of young Jewish kinksters from across the USA and around the world. We welcome from the curious to newbies to the experienced. Similarly we welcome all sexual orientations and all streams of Judaism. Forums, links to local groups and resources worldwide.
Morman BDSM Resources :
LDS Disciplianary Women Email discussion list for latter-day saints who feel that women and wives should discipline men and husbands.

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