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Specifically for Submissives
Art of slavery (Aos) - A national consortium (including Canada, Australia and the UK) for real time slaves and/or those submissives/bottoms that might be interested in pursuing the art and life of slavery within the lifestyle to come and share information. [livejournal]
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BlacksubmissivesLounge/" target="top">Black submissives Lounge - A place for African American female submissives for online discussions
Getting Started ~ For male subs
Celebrate Male Submission This site is dedicated to Male submissives. Resources, MaleFAQ's, Pictures, Stories, and chat.
BDSMSub support Mailing list that is enjoyable for the slaves and submissives to learn and interact with each other
The Feminist Submissive online forum
How to Spot a Non-Dominant by COUNtess VelVEEta
Leather boy A new email list to provide a pansexual forum for Leatherfolk who play as boys, and those who love them. Being a boy can be more than being a butch bottom or submissive male; it's about energy. (It is not a list about sex with minors.) Subjects might include: ageplay, BDSM, D/s, internalization of the boy role, service issues, negotiation issues, packin', good scenes, bad scenes, etc.
Leather Girl Network - Leather girls are men and women who find joy in being in service to others. We are slaves, submissives, and bottoms with a feminine heart. We invite you to come, join us, learn and celebrate as we all continue on our journeys as Leather girls. [Email List]
SIEVE Mentor group by and for female submissives
femsubmissives mailing list for female submissives only.
Forum for Male Submissives email discussion list on Topica
Sir-Robin's Submissive Help Page - primarily geared towards online relationships * music control at bottom of contents menu
So you want to be a slave: The Realities by miria hunter
Sub for Sub - We are a support group for submissives and switches with a focus on those who were once victims of abuse.
Sarabande (formerly submissives United for Consensual Kink) aol site- their home page and monthly newsletter.
Latches Support Group for female submissives - Invaluable resource for femsubs with real life experience!
Service Oriented Submissives on tribe.net
The subSHOP Products for sale and information for submissives
submale mentoring - Email list for the submissive/slave male only. Gay or straight however the Boi is welcome to join too
subMission submissives only mailing list
Submit Newsletter dedicated to submissives of both genders - Last issue Apr 2001

SubSpace At the Castle Realm - great information
Submissive Women Speak A place where submissive women and those who care about them find information and advice based on reality and experience
Submissive Women Kvetch Jay Wiseman's a place especially intended for the novice, heterosexual woman to come to gain information and perspective
Multiplesubs mailing list for female submissives only who are involved in multiple sub/slave situations Email
Bottoms, Boys, Slaves & Submissives information and education for those seeking more information on the submissive side of a gay/lesbian SM relationship and mailing list for those who define themselves as bottoms, boys (either male or female), slaves or submissives to gather in a safe environment to discuss concerns, feelings, and issues that are important to them

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