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Alaska BDSM Personals - Place for unattached Doms/Dommes/subs to meet with monthly coffee meetings in Anchorage [checked 12/13/06]

Alaska Bound - Anchorage / Eagle River - a pansexual group based in Anchorage for folks interested in BDSM. We host discussion groups, social events, and parties. We also encourage kinky folks in the rest of Alaska to be part of our community. Also found on IRC server irc.bondage.com in #AlaskaBound [checked 12/13/06]

AlaskanDarkRealms - Anchorage - This is a pansexual B.D.S.M. group based in Alaska. We promote education and encourage diversity. Please feel free to discuss d/s topics and opinions

Fairbanks Munch - Fairbanks - New munch group starting up. For more information, Email kahi@HisKuraku.com [Email List] [checked 8/29/05]

FPEX - Friends into Power EXchange Group with monthly meetings and special programs. For information, email shotgunsub@hotmail.com or subscribe to their mailing list, FPEX

Alaska Kinksters Local 69 - Anchorage - A Not-For Profit, pan-sexual group dedicated to the personal growth of individuals in the B D S M lifestyle and to the positive education of the public on the safe, sane and consensual practices of this often misunderstood subject which is far more prevelant in the human phyche than many people realize. [checked 07/19/09 *defunct?]

The Last Frontier Men's Club - Anchorage - Alaska's first organization serving the Bear and Leather communities in Anchorage and across Alaska. Established in 1993 as a leather club, the club has changed it's focus primarily to bears and their admirers, but welcoming leathermen, other fetishists, the population across Alaska, and friends visiting from across the globe. [Email List]

Valley Munch - Wasilla - Bi-Monthly munch.

Alaska Local Email Discussion Lists:
    akpowertrip - mainly Fairbanks and the valley
    Alaskas_BDSM_Forum Discussion list for Alaskans, primarily in Fairbanks, who have a vested interest in bringing together the BDSM community in our great state. Aside from using this forum as a way of education and communication it will also be used to inform you of up and coming BDSM and non-BDSM events, seminars, and fundraisers
    dsak An email list for lifestylers and people learning about the lifestyle in South central Alaska.
    ds-fairbanks - for open and free exchange of ideas and discussion about issues of interest within our community

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