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ASCG - Alternative Sexualities Chat Group - Tallahassee - an open, pansexual, confidential group for people to talk about subjects such as BDSM, fetish, polyamory, tantric sex, fisting, and other similar Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) sex activities. GrrlExplorer@usa.net

BDSM Florida - Tampa Bay Area BDSM info - bdsmflorida@bdsmflorida.com [Email List]

BDSM-Village - West Palm Beach - The mission of BDSM-Village is to provide the best available in BDSM and D/s Lifestyle Education, Information, Reference, Recommendation, and Entertainment Resources, Services, and Products to the Global BDSM / Leather Community through our website offerings and various BDSM-Village-LIVE events with workshops in West Palm Beach

Bound South - Ft. Lauderdale - an independent, non-political organization that serves as a resource for information and support for those within the leather community and those interested in learning about the community. Producers of The Leather Masked Ball, a Charity event, annually in November. [checked 8/25/08]

Brevard Munch - Palm Bay - Second Saturday munches. For more information email info@brevardmunch.com [Email List] [checked 1/31/05]

Clearwater Munch - Clearwater - The Clearwater munch meets on the 1st Sat of the month between 2pm and 5pm. If you haven't been to our munch in some time, please visit our website for our new location. Email clearwatermunch@clearwatermunch.com [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

Club FEM-South Florida - We're south florida's exclusive Female dominant/male submissive only munch. We meet in Naples and Ft. Lauderdale. Email: domina_lisa@hotmail.com

DAMM - Dominants and Masters and Mistress - Tampa Bay Area - The DAMM Meeting is open to Dominant Males and Females and switches only. The meeting is hosted by Sir Richard. Each month a new topic is presented, it may deal with play or how to handle problems in your relationship, or other topics. Email rdtbwe@hotmail.com [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

Daytona Florida Munch - Daytona Beach - We are a BDSM-oriented social group and welcome all adults who are of a "kinky" persuasion. We practice a Safe, Sane, and Consensual way of life. Open minds are welcome here! Email daytonaflmunch@yahoo.com or DaytonaFloridaMunch@yahoo.com - [Email list]

D/s Women's Luncheon - Altamonte Springs - A monthly luncheon for ladies in the Orlando area. For more info contact: Chamomiiet@aol.com

Dykes 'n Dolls - Fort Lauderdale - a new women's group in South Florida open to *all* biological and transgendered women over the age of 21 who are interested in exploring consensual BDSM with other women. For information, visit the website, email dykesndolls@aol.com or call 954-764-6825 * 2/17/02 last update July 01

FAPE - Florida Area Power Exchange - Jacksonville - Casual munches to Mix and mingle and meet... and eat. Dress is Florida Casual - no fetishwear. RSVP or information: FAPEMunchGroup@yahoo.com or FAPEMunchGroup@aol.com [Email list]

Florida Fetish Weekend - Tampa Bay in October!

FLOG - Florida Lifestylers of Ocala and Gainesville - An adult social and educational group which supports all lifestyle activities, including but not limited to: Leather, B.D.S.M., Dominance and submission, Power Exchange, Master and slave, fetishes, kink, rope arts and spanking. We focus on people living in Gainesville, Ocala and the surrounding areas, but all are welcome to become a part of our group, again including but not limited to: Straight, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, singles, couples, Poly groups, new, experienced, or just curious. [Email List] [checked 1/3/05]

Florida Moonshine - Sarasota, Tampa Bay - We are a group of adults who practice safe, sane, consensual spanking both in and out of a group setting. Spanking and its' variations are the only kink we practice at our parties

FLICK - Floridianskink - Lakeland - Munches are on the second Saturday of each month. [checked 2/3/08]

Fort Lauderdale Bondage Club - FTLBC - Male only Bondage club for males residing in South Florida. [Email List]

Ft. Lauderdale Whip Enthusiasts - Davie - An educational group for the furtherance of sports whip cracking and the development of whip handling skills for all people of all ages. (Not an adult only / BDSM specific group). Practices on the fourth Sunday of each month. Email slocumken@hotmail.com

GAPE - Gainesville Munch - 1st Saturday munches in Gainesville To promote social activities and friendship among people in the BDSM life. Email GAPEMunch@aol.com [Email List] [checked 1/3/05] * 8/05 Closing Down?

goLEATHER - Ft. Lauderdale - This group is for us, the leather-curious between 18 and 34, looking for a community to safely explore with. We know there are young adults in South Florida who want to know more about leather. Email info@goLEATHER.org [Email List] [checked 1/28/06]

Inn Leather - Ft. Lauderdale - A guest house for Leather Men and Boys

Jax Leather Circle - This group is designed to be a group for ALL members interested in the fundamental aspects of the Leather Lifestyle in the Jacksonville Area. Meeting the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Email JPuddlesmom69@comcast.net [checked 11/7/05]

Jacksonville Black Doms Submissives - A support and social group for all People of Color and those that Love them. This is not an exclusionary group and we welcome people of all colors who are interested in D/s relationships. The purpose of the group is to discuss issues and to dispel misconceptions about dominance and submission in regard to People of Color. You must be at least 18yrs old.

Jupiter / N. Palm Beach Munch - Open munch the 3rd Saturday of each month to gather together for fun, chat, and meeting old and new friends! Reservations are required and on a first come, first served basis. Attire is casual street clothing, No Fetish Attire! Email theladykuanyin@aol.com

Keys Munch - Key West Florida munch on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Our goal is to meet and mingle, educate on safe sane consensual activities, share thoughts, experiences, and have a good time. [Email List]

Lifestyle Explorers - Tampa - adults exploring alternative lifestyles by meeting with other adults and sharing fantasies and desires. This group is open to all regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. No requirements are made of participants. Mostly a swingers group but hold On the 1st Sat a slave auction and on the 4th Sat an open fetish theme with heavy players. They also host some Weekday daytime socials with a fetish theme. Email Guide@LifestyleExplorers.org

MAsT: Daytona Beach Chapter - MAsT: Daytona Beach Chapter is dedicated to furthering the protocols, ideals, and values as set forth by MAsT International. MAsT: Daytona Beach serves the areas in and about, but not limited to, St. Johns County, Flagler County, and Volusia County. This group adheres to the standard that ANY & ALL who are interested in consensual power exchange relationships are welcome to join together for discussion, education, social interaction, and expression of your lifestyle: M/s or D/s. Email solas333@gmail.com [On Fetlife] [checked 4/8/10]

MAsT: Gulf Coast - Tampa and St. Petersburg - MAsT exists as a support group for individuals involved in or interested in Master/slave and Dominant/submissive lifestyles. It is an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together to discuss issues, share ideas and gain knowledge. Email o-obedient@att.net

MAsT: Jacksonville - Jacksonville - MAsT exists as a support group for individuals involved in or interested in Master/slave and Dominant/submissive lifestyles. It is an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together to discuss issues, share ideas and gain knowledge. This is a discussion group, and as such we do not offer demos or play parties. Email MAsTJacksonville@artofbdsm.com

Miami Munch - Munches on the first Friday of each month. An effort (and a joy) to establish a venue where like minded individuals who have a sincere fetish or BDSM interest can gather in a non-threatening environment. Email rareamber1@aol.com

Multi Group Social - This is an opportunity for the members of different local lifestyle groups to meet, socialize and build friendships. Co-sponsored by the BDSM groups Brevard, FLOG, GAPE, JAPE and VIPER, this is an occasional get together in Northeast Florida.

NLA Florida - P.O. Box 4911, Ft.Lauderdale, Florida 33338-4911 or email nla_fl@bellsouth.net * link broken 2/17/02

National Leather Association International - Central Florida Chapter - Tampa - NLA-CFL is an association of leather peoples with a common philosophy embodied in our statement of purpose. You will find we are a diverse group of people from all spectrums of society. In our diversity is our strength. We are a pansexual organization with chapters all over the United States and Canada. We seek to continue to expand our membership base and are constantly working to continue our leadership role in the leather community.

Northeast Florida Spankers, a real-time group of spankers and spankees living in or near the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville and Daytona area. [Email List]

North Florida Leather Association [Email List]

Orlando Dom sub Real Time - Orlando [checked 1/19/05]

Orlando Munch - Orlando - Pansexual social gathering of like minded people that meet the 4th Saturday of the month as well as a Singles Munch on the last Saturday of the month and other events [Email List] - [On Myspace] [on Mydungeonspace] - [Newbies] [checked 2/3/08]

Orlando TNG - Orlando - TNG is a BDSM group created specifically for those between 18 and 35 and their partners. [checked 2/26/07]

Palm Beach Munch a social gathering of like minded people at a public restaurant in West Palm Beach the first Saturday of every month. For information, E-Mail PalmBeachMunch@yahoo.com

Panama City PEP - Panama City - Support and Education group. Back after two years! 21+ EMail: PEPModerator@yahoo.com or Harlequinabsinth@aol.com [checked 2/3/08]

PALS - Panhandle Alternative Lifestyles Society Pensacola & Ft. Walton - A pansexual, social, and educational support group located primarily in the northwest area of Florida, holding a wide variety of events. [Forum] - Hosting Fetish Festival, every autumn [Email List] [checked 2/19/07]

Tampa Bay Phoenix Club - a concept where BDSM lifestyle people can interact with each other in an environment that promotes education, provides a place for guest speakers, conducts workshops and provides a safe and comfortable place to play. It is a place where those entering the lifestyle can come and expand their experiences in a safe and sane environment. We are a group that offers acceptance to all that walk the BDSM path. Meeting twice a month for play parties and demos. Email Perry266@Yahoo.com or boyshy06@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

Polk County Unmunch & Fetish Party - Lakeland - This is not a munch, but a social gathering where we meet,socialize and play in a BDSM friendly atmosphere the first Sunday of each month. Email Angelcbich@aol.com

Rainmakers of South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale - Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month * 2/17/02 link broken

Real Spankos - Cape Coral - Group holding annual parties

River City Dungeon Society - Jacksonville - A BDSM Lifestyle group for 21+ open-minded adults only. [Email List]

The Round Square Hole - Jacksonville - This group is designed to be a group for ALL members interested in the fundamental aspects of the leather Lifestyle in The Jacksonville Area. Meetings are held on the First and Third Thursday of each month. Email JPuddlesmom69@Comcast.net [checked 11/14/05]

Sarasota Society - Our munch or dinner to be exact, is held on the second Sunday of each month. For more information, E-Mail sarasotasociety@yahoo.com

Sir Kane's Florida BDSM News - Excellent list of links for Florida groups and events and more!

SLLAP - Southern Leather Lesbians At Play Ft. Lauderdale area - Meetings are open to 'ALL' women, regardless of sexual preference. Membership in SLLAP is open to lesbians over 21 only. For more information on SLLAP, write to: P.O. Box 24753, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33307 or For more information, E-Mail info@sllap.org * 2/17/02 link broken

South Florida Munch - Ft Lauderdale - group meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month at various locations. For information, Please contact sfmunchwoman2@aol.com or allywaterfall6@gmail.com [checked 11/16/08]

SMACK - Sumter, Marion, and Citrus Kink - This is just a munch, where like minded individuals get together and meet others with like or similar interest as their own. It is held in a safe enviorment, usually in a public venue. We are holding ours at I-Hop right off of 75 at SR 44 exit. They have a private dinner area that they say we can use every month. This group will meet on the 4th Saturday of every month. The meeting will be from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. SirKane2@aol.com [Email List] [checked 1/28/06]

SPICE - South-Florida People Involved in Consensual Endeavors - Deerfield Beach - a pansexual organization whose goal is to promote the BDSM (B&D D&S S&M) & Fetish scene in a positive manner in South Florida "Off The Cuff" is Spice's discussion/ education group and is usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Vanilla Street clothing required. Email   spice561@aol.com   for  directions

St Cloud Munch - Monthly munches in St. Cloud - Aug 2001 temporarily on hold * 2/17/02 link broken

Saint Lucie Munch - We have a monthly munch the 3rd Saturday of each month. Please email bdsm_mas@yahoo.com or Darkwolf39@aol.com for further info.

South Florida Bondage Club - Ft. Lauderdale - Membership is open to all GAY MEN at least 21 years of age

St. Augustine Munch - VIPER - Vilano Intimate Power Exchange - Saint Augustine - a BDSM support group sponsoring the St. Augustine Munch, a dinner held at a local restaurant on the first Saturday of each month. From time to time, we sponsor other social events in and around St. Augustine. We hold educational meetings and demonstrations as well. All VIPER activities are announced on the VIPER Email List. Membership in VIPER will always be free. There will never be any dues. We sponsor another Yahoo list: VIPER Personals - you can read and/or post personal ads. If you have any questions, please email masterj_y@yahoo.com

SW Florida Munch / Fort Myers Munch Fort Myers - Monthly munch/play parties on the 3rd Saturday of each month. For more information email WhypDancer@aol.com

SUN, the submissive unity network - Tampa Area - Group for real life submissives. We hold monthly meetings in the Tampa area with a focus on service and education. Email jenid@hotmail.com [Email list] [checked 2/3/08]

Suncoast Leather Club - St. Petersburg - a self-sustaining coalition of leather wearing brothers and sisters, bonded together for the purpose of supporting the membership and promoting social events that benefit the community at large. email SLCSTPETE@aol.com for information - PO Box 2772 St Petersburg, FL 33731 - 727/669-LTHR

Tallahassee Power Exchange - Tallahassee - Our main focus is the B.D.S.M. D/s TPE dynamic. The structure of the group reflects protocol and education. [checked 11/26/06]

Tallahassee SSC - Safe Sane Consensual Tallahassee & Big Bend Area - pansexual BDSM discussion group with 1st Saturday luncheons. For information, Email TallySSC05@aol.com [Email List] [checked 1/3/05] * Jan 06: on Hiatus

Tallahassee MDS Meet & Greet - Tallahassee - Group of folks from mydungeonspace.com meeting monthly. [checked 2/3/08]

Tampa Bay Spankings - Tampa - Group for adult (18+) spanking enthusiasts from Tampa and surrounding areas of central Florida. We now host the Tampa Bay Spanko Munch on the fifth Saturday of the month. Since not all months have five Saturdays, this equates to a munch every 2-3 months. baka_otaku30@yahoo.com

Tampa Bay Whip Enthusiasts - a nonpolitical, Vanilla, non club affiliated group for the furtherance of sports whip cracking and the development of whip handling skills. From the the whip performer to the interested beginner, everyone is welcome no matter your skill level or experience. Email tantric72@hotmail.com, jenid@hotmail.com or onegun@bqik.net [checked 8/28/06]

Tampa BDSM and Fetish Connection - Your source for alternative lifestyle information in Southwest Florida

Tampa Fetish Party - AOL chatroom and local parties. Email tampafetishparty@aol.com

The Tampa Leather Club - The purpose of this organization is to form a fraternal, social, non-profit organization to foster an interest in Levi-Leather in the Tampa Bay area.

Tampa Munch Social gathering of like minded people that meet the 2nd Saturday of the month.

The Southern Rose - This is a lifestyle education group in the Jacksonville Florida area

Treasure Coast BDSM Lifestyle Discussion - Port st Lucie - BDSM Lifestyle Discussion Forum. To exchange idaes and a meeting place to find other's in the lifestyle

Treasure Coast Munch - Vero Beach - Sponsored by Florida Treasure Coast Alternatives, Inc. Vero Beach area usually the 3rd Saturday of the month. For Information, write: DIAMOND, 2120 - 58th Avenue, #206 Vero Beach, FL 32966, call (561) 460-6450 or e-mail Diamond@cadv.com or MDiamondSM@aol.com * 2/17/02 link broken

Trident International Central Florida - Orlando - pansexual Leather/Levi/Uniform club [Email List]

West Pasco Munch - Port Richey - This group is dedicated to bringing together folks with an interest in B&D, D/s, S&M, the Leather Culture, and other alternative lifestyles, here in our area. Meeting the 3rd Saturday of each month. Email boyshy06@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

Women Embracing Leather Lifestyles (WELL) - Orlando, FL - E-Mail Gazelle123@aol.com

Florida Events:
    Bash at the Beach - Orlando - This is the largest BDSM Lifestyle Event in Florida each year. Annual Event
    Beyond Leather 2008 - Ft. Lauderdale - We have old guard, new leather and TNG (the next generation), all coming together to share, learn and grow within the lifestyle. April 10-13, 2008
    Florida LeatherSIR/boy - Ft Lauderdale - and Community Bootblack Contest - in March
    Leather University Ft. Lauderdale - an adult, pansexual, educational sado-masochism event held the first weekend of October every year
Florida Local Email Lists and Networking Sites: Florida Local IRC Channels:
    On Dalnet: #bdsm_tampa, #bdsm_florida, #BDSMFlorida and #D/s_Florida
    On irc.bondage.com port 6667 : #BDSM_FloridaKeys , #Real_Florida_BDSM , #BDSMMiami , #bdsmFt.Lauderdale , #bdsm_real_florida
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