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AeVA - Alternative Events Association - Puget Sound based organization focused on promoting and hosting alternative lifestyle activities and events in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Hosting parties in Kent and also munches in Kent and the Northend [checked 12/16/03]

ARGO - Alternative Relationships Going Off Shore - Seattle - 60' Yacht for rent on the Puget Sound. Pansexual in orientation and very bdsm friendly - Cruises@dungeons.net [checked 12/16/03]

Ascension: Young Adult Discussion Group - A discussion/social group for all sex-positive 18-35 year olds. Meets the third Tuesday of each month at The Wet Spot. For further information, or any questions, please direct all inquiries to E-Mail ascension@wetspot.org [checked 12/16/03]

Aubrey's Playroom Internet Radio Show - Seattle - A weekly Internet radio show discussing the leather, fetish and kink community. Seattle writer/activist Aubrey Sparks is joined by Co-Host Ollie the wonder boy who adds his own unique insights. New shows update every Saturday with prior shows available in the Archive file. [checked 12/16/03 link down]

Auburn Munch - Auburn - munch group meeting the fourth Saturday of every month. [Email list] - For more information, EMail goddesstt@verizonmail.com or auburn.munch2@verizon.net [checked 5/22/04]

Bellingham Leather Men - A non profit community based organization dedicated to empower gay leathermen through social and educational events. Open to all men who wish to better understand the gay male leather/fetish experience from the novice to seasoned leatherman. Bellingham Leather Men support safe, sane, and consensual play. [checked 8/30/05]

Body Electric School classes on positive sexuality, including BDSM topics. [checked 12/16/03]

Bottom Discusssion Group - A meeting for those who identify as bottoms, submissives, or slaves. Switches are welcome if they leave their top side at home. Meets the first Monday of each month at The Wet Spot. For further information, or any questions, please direct all inquiries to Pat at E-Mail bdg@wetspot.org [checked 12/16/03]

The Center for Sex Positive Culture formerly "The Wet Spot" - Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center hosting groups, meetings, classes and pansexual play parties, Women only play parties,   and also many other events

Chastenwood - Seattle - A group for spanking enthusiasts with dinners the first Sat. of every month and regular parties, as well as a writer's group, and ladies brunches. E-Mail seattlespankers@yahoo.com

Dom/Me Discussion Group - Seattle - meets the first Monday of every month at the Wet Spot, 1630 15th Ave. W. A meeting for Dom/mes, Tops, switches and those interested in learning more about the Dominant's perspective. For information, write ddg@wetspot.org [checked 12/16/03]

F.R.E.E. - Five River Energy Exchange - S.E. WA / N. OR - Pansexual organization for BDSM and other alternative lifestyles. We have monthly munches in Kennewick, WA and other private group events. [Email List] [checked 6/18/04]

Generic Leather Productions of Washington (GLPW) is Seattle's premiere producer of events by and for the Seattle leather community. We are an independent, community-based, all-volunteer organization that not only produces our own calendar of unique community events, but also serves as an umbrella production-support team for the community. Email info@glpw.org

Gor Discussion Group - The Goreans Of Reality discussion group meets to discuss how to live the gorean master-slave relationship here on Earth. Meets the first Tuesday of each month at The Wet Spot. For further information, or any questions, please direct all inquiries to E-Mail gor@wetspot.org [checked 12/16/03]

Kink Friendly Butches and Femmes - Seattle - We are creating change through building community, increasing visibility of butches and femmes, and by welcoming ALL self-identified butches and femmes! Open to Kink-Friendly Butches and Femmes of any "age, race, religion or sexual orientation." 18 and over. Monthly meetings and special events. Email alwayseclectic@hotmail.com [checked 5/22/04]

Kinky Crones A social group for kinky women over 40 with potluck meetings the Second Monday of each month at various locations. For more information e-mail ladysun333@comcast.net. [checked 7/3/07]

Kitsap Area Munch - Bremerton - Munches on the first Saturday of each month. 18+ E-mail kcat_inco@hotmail.com. [checked 7/3/07]

Knights of Malta - Jet Chapter - Seattle - Mailbox@JetChapterKofM.com

Lacey/Olympia Submissive Support Group Anyone male or female, that identifies them self as being submissive/slave is invited to attend this meeting. Also anyone who identifies as being switch is welcome too.. (please leave your dominate side in the car.. *grin*) For more information e-mail Softsighn@aol.com.

Leather Reign - Seattle - Leather Conference May 11-13, 2007 - Produced by Evergreen Leather Events

Lynnwood munch - Second Sunday Monthly munches hosted by the regulars of #Seattle_Talking on irc.bondage.com. ladyflame34@yahoo.com

Men's Welcoming Committee (MWC) Seattle - open meeting to assist men interested in or new to Seattle's BDSM community - 2nd Tuesdays at the Wet Spot. For more information, email mwc@wetspot.org or mwc@bent.org [checked 12/16/03]

NIBS - Northern Idaho B.D.S.M. Society - Adult group serving the Northern Idaho and SE Washington areas including the Lewis-Clark Valley and the Palousse (i.e., Lewiston, Clarkston, Moscow and Pullman). A Pansexual group with shared interests in the BDSM lifestyle and kink providing for discussion, learning, meetings, and activities. Monthly munch is held on the second Saturday in Lewiston. [checked 2/3/08]

No Safeword Writers Group - Seattle - Support is in the form of critique and commentary on each others work, information about publishing opportunities, and discussion of issues facing writers (of adult or XXX material, erotica, kink, or pornography). Personal (in-person participation) is required. We are not an on-line forum. Meeting on 4th Mondays at the Wet Spot . For more information, E-Mail nswg@wetspot.org [checked 10/7/07]

Northend Munch - Mountlake Terrace - PNWMunchBunch's Third Saturday munches. For information, please email cathyhil1@hotmail.com [checked 12/14/06]

NorthWest submissives - Seattle - NWs is gender neutral and all submissives are welcome. It is a safe group for submissives to get together socially, to network, to help one another out, and to have fun. For information, E-Mail boybron@aol.com

Olympia Area Munch Group - Monthly munches the 3rd Sunday of each month (unless there is a holiday and those attending elect to hold the munch the week prior or the week after). Since we are in a public restaurant, you are asked not to bring Toys or dress in Fetish wear. For information and to verify munch location, email softsighn@aol.com [checked 9/13/04]

PNW Phoenix Society Munche - Olympia - Munch in Olympia held on the first Saturday of each month at Izzy's Pizza [checked 8/8/04]

The Olympia Owners and slaves discussion group The group is open to all who are involved in and/or interested in living as Owner and slave. Holding monthly meetings. Please Email OlyOsDG@hotmail.com if you are interested in attending [checked 12/16/03]

Owners and slaves discussion group - Seattle - This is a discussion and support group for all folks who are, want to be, or are interested in exploring and learning about/talking about Ownership/property relationships. Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at FSPC/CSPC. For further information, or any questions, please direct all inquiries to OwnerslaveGroup@gmail.com or G_LM@yahoo.com [checked 11/15/10]

Portcouver_AgePlay - Vancouver - Age Play Munch for the Portland Vancouver Area meeting once a month in Vancouver. [checked 2/15/09]

Screams N Whispers PNW - Tacoma and Olympia area - a social group for Pacific North West B/D/S/M practitioners

Seattle Boys of Leather - a forum through which self-identified leatherboys may educate and learn (about the brotherhood of boys and the leather community at large), provide fellowship and encouragement, socialize, have fun, and support each other and their community. We define the term 'leatherboy' as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive. The term 'leatherboy' is not limited to a particular gender, age, appearance, or sexual orientation; rather, it represents a common dedication to service and devotion to the leather community. We gather in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and our community with integrity, fidelity and service. Email seattleleatherboy@hotmail.com [Email List] [checked 2/15/09]

Seattle Men in Leather A gay men's social group promoting with power and pride the Seattle Men's Leather Community since 1989. SML hosts monthly brunches at The Cuff Complex as well as other fun events (outdoor parties during the summer months) and also has a special interest group: Rubber Men of Puget Sound. PMB 1199 1122 E. Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122-3934 Email address: Info@seattlemeninleather.org

Seattle Women of Leather - a Women’s Social Group; Dedicated to claiming space for all members. SWL is designed to provide a forum where women can share play space, serve the community, teach, learn, integrate and socialize. We gather to encourage and empower each other in the greater BDSM/Leather Community. Email seattlewomenofleather@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 12/13/06]

Skagit Social Alternatives - Skagit Social Alternatives is dedicated to serving the BD&SM/Ds social needs of the Skagit, Island and San Juan counties of Washington State. We welcome all with an interest in BD&SM/Ds lifestyles and encourage participation by all genders, races and sexual preferences.

Society for Human Sexuality U of W, Seattle, WA - THE online resource for sexuality information and their Society for Human Sexuality: Announcements Mailing list for community announcements

Spiralwalk - Seattle - Join Dungeon Deydia and Spiralwalk as they present a series of Ritual BDSM workshops.  Lessons include transition, growth, and healing through teaching BDSM techniques in a sacred ritualistic format.  Based on the sacred in each individuals life. Email raven@walkthespiral.com

SPeX Spokane Power eXchange Spokane - formerly Spokane Munch Group - pansexual BDSM group for Eastern Washington/North Idaho area and their email list Email: SPeX_Hotline@yahoo.com

Spokane Inland Kink Enthusiasts of Washington (SPIKE) - We are a pansexual group, open to those of any sexual orientation. SPIKE offers support, social contact, friendship, education, and a sense of self worth to all who join this group. Munches on the 4th Saturday of each month and coffee meets every Friday. [Email List] [checked 2/3/08]

Spokane BDSM On Myspace [checked 1/25/07]

Seattle Switch Discussion Group - This is a social and support group for discussion amongst those who identify as switches (i.e. who have an interest in BDSM from both Top and Bottom perspectives). Meets the 3rd Monday of each month at The Wet Spot. 1630 15th Ave. W. For further information, or any questions, please direct all inquiries to sdm@wetspot.org [checked 12/16/03]

Tacoma Munch We meet as a munch at 6:30pm, on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month. We welcome all new-comers, and are growing rapidly! Please email us for more details!!! tacomabdsm@aol.com or petpeekin@yahoo.com [checked 12/13/06]

TriCities_BDSM their TriCities_BDSM Mailing List and also #Eastern_WA on IRC bondage.net , affiliated with F.R.E.E. - see above

The Triskeli Guild - Bellingham - We are an inclusive BDSM group promoting an alternative lifestyle community. We encourage participation by all genders, races, and sexual preferences. We advocate safe, sane, consensual play AND safe sex. We have all levels of experience from the curious to the very knowledged. An incredible amount of links to other SM groups, informational & resource sites. Hosting In The Woods, each summer. [Email List] and [Tribe] [checked 11/7/05]

Valkyrie - Seattle - A discussion group for women by women dedicated to promoting a safe space for women to discuss topics from life issues to bdsm and beyond. Held every 3rd Thursday of the month at Studio 120

Vancouver Munch - Vancouver, WA - We host two Munches and one Online Chat Night every month. Our Munch happens from 5pm to 9pm on the second Tuesday and the fourth Thursday of every month. Our Chat Night begins at 9pm every first Tuesday of the month. Email: vancouvermunch@hotmail.com [checked 1/4/09]

Vancouver Munches 2nd Wednesday munches in Vancouver, Wa - email mb@e-z.net or awaken@teleport.com for details

WalkingMountian - A conversation of kinky gay/bi men in the Tacoma area. Being a novice is okay here. Our goal will help connect with a diversity of positive people in this area to share information, friendships, and relationships. [checked 7/25/07]

Walla Walla Discussion Club - Walla Walla - WWDC is a pansexual BDSM group and gladly embraces both the leather and domestic discipline players. Group with munches and parties. Email MistressKilJa@netscape.net or slutpuppyjed@hotmail.com [checked 8/13/07]

Wicked Womyn - Seattle - Annual event Open for all leather womyn of all persuasions and all nationalities who enjoy womyn to womyn S/M. Dykes, straight, bi-sexual, and transsexual womyn are welcome. FTM and transgender bois/men who feel they respect and have a place in the S/M womyn's community are also welcome.

Women's Welcoming Committee (WWC) Seattle - organized to assist women of any sexual orientation who are looking for information about subjects which fall loosely under the heading of BDSM and Leather. Meetings on 1st Tuesdays at The Wet Spot . . For more information, email wwc@wetspot.org

seattle.sidewalk Not a BDSM site, but lists events fun for locals and visitors alike.. some of them are BDSM related

Washington Local Email Discussion Lists and online clubs:
Washington Local IRC Channels:
    #BDSM_Seattle Dalnet IRC channel [Email list
    Other IRC channels on irc.bondage.com server - #BDSM-WashingtonSt and #Seattle_Talking

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