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AKPC - - Albany area - An alternative pansexual Lifestyle group in Upstate New York providing social and educational events. For more information contact: akpcinfo@yahoo.com

Albany Kink TNG - Albany area - The Next Generation of Kinksters in Albany The Next Generation of Kink in the Capital Region and beyond. This group is intended for people under 35 and their friends, to socialize, learn, and explore the world of kink together. Before requesting membership, please fill out your Yahoo profile with at least your age, gender and location. Blank profiles will result in rejection of your request. NOTE: We are a group for people UNDER 35!

APeX - Albany Power Exchange - a not-for-profit social and support group for adults in the BDSM and D/s lifestyles. We promote sexual liberation for all adults, especially for those interested in consensual Dominance and submission. Albany Power eXchange and its members host public and private events in and around the Capital District.

AlbanyS&BAlbany Stocks and Bonds Several munches per month as well as other events

Apple Munch - Manhattan - An informal social get together for the BDSM and fetish community in the NYC region, held monthly on the 3rd Friday at the Moonstruck Diner. - email topm1973@yahoo.com for information. [checked 5/30/07]

Fetish Con NYC - The Annual Fetish Convention

Brooklyn Leather Munch - Brooklyn - Munch group - It doesn't matter if you identify with the leather, fetish, gothic, vampyre, gay, and lesbian or transgender communities. Every experience level and kinky level/alternative sexuality is welcome to attend. Contact info: brooklynleathermunch@thedarkstar.net or brooklynleathermunch2004@yahoo.com

Brooklyn LeatherFolk Munch - Brooklyn - Meeting the second Sunday of each month.

Buffalo Bulldogs MC - a fraternal club for gay men and their friends who enjoy the look, feel, smell, and mystique of leather and the leather/fetish lifestyle. [checked 5/30/07]

Buffalo_NY_LINKS (Like Minded Individuals Networking for Knowledge and Support) - (website in flash) - A pansexual group interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide a place for people interested in the "real life" lifestyle, regardless of experience, to learn and discuss issues pertaining to BDSM. Monthly Munches. Email mstrfive@adelphia.net

Buffalo PEP - People Exchanging Power Hosting meetings, parties and lectures with demos planned. Email Lacey359@aol.com for info [Email List] [checked 5/30/07]

Conversio Virium Columbia University student SM group. This site also contains definitions for BDSM terms & facts about BDSM. [checked 5/31/07]

Dark Connections - Manhattan - a Black BDSM organization created to cultivate the understanding and enjoyment of bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission and sado-masochism by People of Color.

DomSubFriends Society - a members only pansexual group, who share interests in the S&M, BDSM, D/s, and B/D scene. DomSubFriends is a BDSM support group for open minded people in the NY, LI, NJ, CT, PA, MASS, RI, MD, and East Coast area with demos, lectures, munches, parties, socializing and more. [Yahoo Group] [Topica Email list] [checked 11/9/05]

Dyke Uniform Corps - DUC A national private association of women of honor and integrity whose mission is to share a common interest in the wearing of military and law enforcement uniforms within the s/m, leather and fetish communities - Email DykeUniformCorps@aol.com for information [checked 6/4/08]

TESTES - The Eulenspiegal Society - New York City - The Eulenspiegel Society is a not-for-profit organization which promotes sexual liberation for all adults. Wide range of Special Interest Groups! Especially for people who enjoy consensual SM. [checked 11/9/05]

TESFoot Friends - Manhattan - Gay foot fetish parties for men in New York City. [checked 5/31/07]

GMSMA - Gay Male S/M Activists NYC - the world's largest organization of men seriously interested in safe, sane, consensual s/m. Hosts Folsom Street East annually in June. [checked 5/31/07]

Hudson Valley D/s - Poughkeepsie - This group has a munch in Wappingers Falls on the 3rd Sunday of each month, and they also hold frequent play parties. [Email List] [checked 5/30/07]

Hudson Valley Love of Leather - Newburgh - a group of Lifestylers holds a munch the first friday each month in Newburgh. for details contact evredy@aol.com

Iron Guard B.C. - NYC - Gay Male Not for Profit fellowship of members, primarily Leather/Levi oriented whose purpose is to develop character and leadership in the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and goodwill. irongrdbc@aol.com [checked 11/7/05]

Ithaca TNG - Ithaca TNG is for local people aged 18-35 (and their partners) who are interested in BDSM. [checked 10/4/07]

La Domaine Esemar - describes itself as an informal chateau for dominance and submission, situated in the foothills of the Berkshires near Albany, New York, USA. Enquiries on (518) 781 6209 [checked 11/9/05]

Le Cercle des Dommes - This is the on-line discussion and announcement list for Le Cercle des Dommes, a real-time group for dominant women of all orientations in the NYC area. Usually meets on the 4th Friday of each month [checked 1/29/07]

Leather Pride Night - Every year in June

Lesbian Sex Mafia NYC - support and information group for lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual and transexual women interested in fantasy & role playing, bondage, discipline, S/M, fetishes, costumes, alternate gender identities, etc. - LSM, PMB 404, 70A Greenwich Ave., New York, NY 10011 or call us at 212-726-3844 - E-Mail lsmnyc@hotmail.com [checked 5/31/07]

Lolita's Incomplete and Biased NYC SM Resources extensive list of Organizations, Clubs, Shopping & Other Resources [checked 11/7/05]

Longislandbdsm Mailing list for people on Long Island to discuss domination and submission, place personals for others on Long Island into bdsm, and plan get togethers

LILNR - Long Island Leather N Roses - Huntington Station - Group with one regular weekly meeting event most every Tuesday night.

Long Island Ravens MC Men's Leather organization [checked 11/9/05]

MAsT: Metro New York Masters And slaves Together(MAsT) is a national organization with local chapters that provide support to those in the Master-Mistress/slave or Owner/property lifestyles through discussion and social opportunities. It is open to those who are presently in or wish to be in a household/relationship with such a dynamic. MAsT: Metro New York is a pansexual chapter (open to all genders and orientations) serving the NYC and tri-state area meeting the first Sunday of each month. [checked 11/7/05]

Nassau Munch - East Meadow - 1st Thursday munches. For info, email Ladymerryny@aol.com [Nassau Munch] [checked 10/4/08]

New York Bondage Club - Chelsea - We are a safe sex, bondage, s/m, play club for men located in New York City [checked 5/31/07]

niagraNYboL - New York boys of Leather - Group to provide leather-boys (of any gender) with a forum to socialize and support each other and the leather community. newyorkboysofleather@gmail.com [checked 2/15/09]

New York female sub/slave Forum - A place where female submissives and slaves can go to be themselves. Free to talk about the many things that we experience within a D/s lifestyle. To have an open forum to be able to discuss and share feelings ..quandries .. fears .. as well as ever day life events.. Without fear or fallout from others who would otherwise not understand .. in a non D/s .. non threatening environment. [Email List] [checked 11/9/05]

New York Panthers Leather Club - Discussion list for the New York Panthers Leather Club (NYPLC). NYPLC was established in 1999 (and is maintained) by and for men of color in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area who are interested and involved in leather and leather-oriented fetish, B-D-S-M, uniforms, and related activities.

NYRenegadesNY Renegades a brotherhood of men dedicated to having safe, sane, and consensual action in leather, rubber, bondage, S/M, and other fantasy play. webmaster@nyrenegades.com [checked 5/30/07]

NYCMunchNYC Munch - Meeting the First Friday of every month nyc_munch@yahoo.com [checked 5/30/07]

Onyx - NY - an organization formed and operated by People of Color who enjoy the leather and fetish lifestyles. 21+ Males only? [checked 5/30/07]

The Queens BDSM munch - Elmhurst, NY - munch group. For more info, email SirAlexNY at siralexny@hotmail.com [Email List]

RochesterKinkRochester Kink Society (RKS) - Rochester - A social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink. Email: rks@rochesterkinksociety.com [Email List] [checked 4/28/08]

SILK - Sexual Identities Lifestyle Knowledge - Bard College - Campus group here to promote respect and acceptance of Alternative Sexuality, as well as the sexual sophistication, safety, and enjoyment of our community. We uphold the standard of the national SM community, that all our practices be Safe, Sane, and Consensual. (Formerly SM/ACES) -

The Spanking Club of New York - SCONY safe and sane regular social gatherings and parties for traditional spankers of legal age for the purposes of meeting kindred spirits. MsMargaret@scony.com or Ms.Margaret's Party Page [Email List] [MSN Page] [checked 5/30/07]

Staten Island Kink Munch - Munches the third Thursday of each month. For more information, Email Topm1973@yahoo.com [checked 5/30/07]

SIDNY - Still In Diapers New York - a not-for-profit, real-time, volunteer-driven, 18+ diaper desires social group welcoming open-minded adults of all consensual adult persuasions [checked 1/29/07]

The_SSC · The Suffolk Supper Club - This club meets one Sunday per month at 5:30, at The California Diner in Patchogue, NY. It is for people who know that WIITWD is not necessarily SSC and who would like to gather with others for a friendly, no-pressure munch. [checked 1/29/07]

Syracuse D/s Society - We are a local lifestyle group that strives to provide an environment of education and a safe social setting for our members. 21+ [checked 2/15/09]

Utica Kink Society - a social and educational BDSM group for the Leatherstocking region of Central New York. Embracing the motto “Consensual Kink,” we offer an online group, chats, munches, parties and educational events. info@uticakinksociety.org [Elist] [checked 6/4/08]

niagraWappingers Falls Munch - If anyone in the hudson valley is interested in finding out about our munch, they can contact monstie114@aol.com with "munch info" in the subject line. No File Attachments please

Westchester Munch - White Plains - We're a group of people in Westchester County, NY and the surrounding areas interested and active in BDSM. We hold munches and parties. The munches are non-play gatherings that take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Email David.Sadist@Verizon.Net for info.

Western New York Lifestyle Society - To promote fellowship, support, understanding, compassion, acceptance and knowledge to ALL who are interested in the D's/BDSM Lifestyle. (Heavily leaning towards the D/s aspect). Email: mistressdiva1@hotmail.com [Email List] [checked 5/30/07]

Westchester Munch - Meeting the third Thursday of every month at a public restaurant for a casual non-play get together in White Plains. [checked 11/9/05]

WNY Association of Consentual Kink - Cheektowaga - A pansexual group interested in alternative lifestyle choices. Munches on the first Sunday of each month. Email: roadhard537@yahoo.com [checked 5/30/07]

New York Email Discussion Lists & Message Boards:

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