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Clubs / Dungeons

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Leather/Kink Bars

Adventures in Sexuality - Columbus - PanPolyBDSM - Pansexual group for those who have their "feet" in both pools, the honest, open relationship/polyamory pool and the BDSM pool. [Email List] [checked 5/27/07]

Carpe Diem - Canton Akron Region Power Exchange - D/s discussion group in the Akron-Canton area with fourth Saturday Demonstration Information Education Meetings. If you'd like additional information, contact CarpeDiemOhio@aol.com or Lucar@carpediemohio.org.

CO_RG - Central Ohio Rope Group - Columbus - We meet on a monthly basis and we will cover the many erotic, sensual and down-right dirty ways to use rope from basic ties to beautiful shibari, predicament, simple to complex knots, partial, full and self suspension and much much more. Tops, bottoms, all-arounds are welcome here! [checked 8/25/08]

C.A.R.E: Cincinnati Area Rope Enthusiasts - hosts a Rope Rendezvous© Workshop SIG in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Rope Rendezvous class is a hands-on, 3 hour workshop geared for both Tops and bottoms, and will have a different rope theme each month. [checked 3/3/08]

Cincinnati Chaps - Cincinnati - A gay men's social and educational leather club emphasizing the living in leather aspect of the club - "Livin, and playin in leather"

Cincinnati Leather Alliance - Formed in 2004 to promote the BDSM/Leather/Fetish Lifestyle in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area without regard to race, sex, creed, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. [checked 4/28/04]

CincyMunch - Cincinnati - Cincy Munch is a casual dinner held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00PM for new and experienced people interested in B D S M to meet and enjoy a meal and some good conversation in a safe social setting. [checked 10/7/07]

CleavagelandOhioKnotts - NorthEast Ohio area - We are a BDSM oriented group, primarily for the education and entertainment of members located in the Greater NorthEast Ohio area. HoweverALL people, and ALL lifestyles are very much welcome !! Email: HugeKnotts@hotmail.com

Cleveland Transgender Information

The Cleveland Internet Group - a group of dedicated adults who explore and participate in consensual spanking. We recognize that consensual spanking can both provide erotic pleasure and bonding in relationships. We practice the safe, sane, and reasonable aspect of spanking. We are dedicated to getting together in safe areas, with multiple people to have parties, and increase relationships between people who enjoy adult spanking

Cleveland Annual Leather Weekend ! Now also on myspace

CORDS - Columbus Ohio Real Domination/submission is a casual gathering of people that are involved in or who are curious about the D/s lifestyle. CORDS is intended as an opportunity for the social gatherings in and around the Columbus, Ohio and their Email Discussion List. info@cordsinfo.org [checked 7/15/06]

Crimson Moon Over Ohio - Columbus' Spanking Headquarters for adult spanking parties, spanking toys, spanking advice, spanking party etiquette, and opportunities to meet and play with other adults in the spanking social scene. - for information, E-Mail CMoonOvrOH@aol.com or call 614-793-3086

Crossport Cincinnati - Transgendered support group

C.U.F.F. -- Columbus United Fetish Friends - Columbus - A group for people in and around Columbus, GA that are interested and/or active in the B_D_S_M lifestyle.

CYPRUS (Cleveland Young People Realizing and Understanding Sexuality) - Cleveland - A group for Kinky People in Northeast Ohio, Ages 18-35 and their Significant Others. [checked 9/29/07]

Dayton BDSM Support Group Dayton - a new-and-starting support network for, of, and by BDSM players in the Dayton, Ohio, and the Greater Miami Valley area. [Email list]

The Defenders - Columbus - A club for individuals who value and wish to celebrate both their leather "lifestyle" and their Christian spirituality. Contrary to common belief, the two are not mutually exclusive. The Defenders believe that the leather experience can, when integrated and spiritually informed, actually produce a richer spirituality for us, and for the Church. defenders@dignitycolumbus.org [checked 11/27/06]

FightClub TNG - Dayton/Columbus area - a BDSM support group based in Central OH to help younger adults (aged 21-40) from the BDSM scene in OH, KY, IN and beyond to create a community where we can support each other in our exploration of this lifestyle. This is a pansexual group, open to all sexual preferences, persuasions, orientations, identifications and kinks. All kinks and levels are welcome.. newbies to kink and fetish, the uber-experienced and the simply curious! [Email list] [checked 10/7/07]

The Forum 21+ D/s Discussion group with no pressure, informal meet and greets in Columbus.

GLD Enterprises Whip Artistry Studio - Jamestown - Conservatory of Professional Whip Artistry. Whip Arts Education & Entertainment [on myspace] [checked 8/27/08]

Heartland Leather Productions Leather events in Columbus

La Fraternité du Loup-Garou - Holland (Toledo) - La Garou is a levi/leather club whose main focus is masculine gender outlaws: people born female or intersexed and raised female but whose gender identity is masculine. It is also for people who are interested in showing support for masculine gender outlaws in the leather community. LaGarou@hotmail.com [Email list] [Events list] [on myspace] [checked 3/3/08]

MAsT - Masters And slaves Together - Cincinnati - An organization for adults who live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. We are a group of men and women who are gay, straight and bisexual who wish to learn from and network with each other in a safe, secure and friendly environment. 859-283-1794

MAsT: Greater Dayton - Dayton - a pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in Master-Mistress/slave or Dominant/submissive relationships. Persons of any gender or sexual orientation are welcome. For information, E-Mail mstrnight@yahoo.com [checked 9/8/08]

MORAL - Mid Ohio Rose and Leather D/s Lifestyles - Columbus - We gather every Thursday night for munches, holds monthly meetings, and host regular play parties. Our goals are to promote the BDSM lifestyle by creating a group where people feel safe gathering to learn about, discuss, and experience the beauty of BDSM relationships. For more information, email MORALINFO@aol.com

National Leather Association - Columbus - A pansexual organization dedicated to education and understanding of alternative sexual lifestyles. While we are primarily a BDSM/Leather group, all interests are welcome. For more information, Email nlacolumbus@hotmail.com [Email list]

NorthCoastBound AKA N.C. Bound - Cleveland & North coast area - This group has been created to be a social forum where many of us in the D/s community can share ideas and educate each other . A forum where all Safe Sane and Consensual D/s activities can be shared . A place where all of us kinky non vannila people can feel welcome . A Place where we can learn and improve our D/S lifestyles. Email NorthCoastBound@aol.com [Email List] Phone: 419-752-4900

Northeast Ohio Spanking - Cleveland - A group for those who reside in Northeast Ohio or travel here and are interested in adult spanking. [checked 3/3/08]

NWOH/SEMich Married Dom-Sub Munch - Munch/social group open ONLY to married dom-sub couples in Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. Membership in this group is restricted to legally married D/s couples living in NWOH/SEMich. nwoh_married_bdsm@yahoo.com [Email List]

Ohio Alternative Lifestyles events, organizations and people in Ohio and home of the ohio-alt listserve Email: ohioalternatives@yahoo.com - OAL email discussion list

OhioBound Webring - We're hoping to link all organizations, groups, clubs, businesses and the friendly folks of Ohio with personal web pages together! See also their List of Sites

Ohio Boys of Leather - Cincinnati - Any boy/slave/pup/submissive in Ohio and Kentucky is welcome and encouraged to join. Also, other Boys of Leather Club members around the counrty are welcome to sign up to advise and aid in our growth. [checked 3/18/08]

Ohio D/s Forum - The Forum is intended to be an open discussion group for those living in and around Ohio and see D/s (Dominance and submission) and M/s (Master/slave) as a lifestyle. The groups also hosts opportunities for members to meet in person as well to foster building relationships with our monthly topic meeting. [Email List]

ODS (OhioDomsub) - The Gathering is a group of like-minded people with an interest in BDSM that formed from a chat room on AOL. The Gathering is a semi-annual meeting held in various locations around the state of Ohio. They have another one planned for October 27, 2001. For additional information, contact MsFrancene@aol.com

OLSC - Ohio Leather Social Club - Canton - The OLSC meets at least monthly for munches, parties, and events, both in public and private facilities. Our focus being on the building of community, social time, and developing interpersonal lifestyle relationships. 21+ pansexual [checked 4/28/04]

Ohio Lesbian BDSM Group email list

Ohio Valley Regional Leather - Columbus - The ideal of the Ohio Valley Regional Leather Contest is to promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle. It is our belief that the Leather community is comprised of an extremely diverse group of people. The Ohio Valley Regional Leather Contest titles seeks to make all Leather- Men/Women/boy/boi/girl feel good about themselves regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition. [checked 9/8/08]

PEER Group - Power Exchange & Erotic Roleplaying - Cincinnati - a sincere discussion/support/social group for all adults (be they male/female, married/single, straight/gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite) concerned with Dominance/submission in love relationships. Formerly PEP-Ohio, the group holds munches and meetings [Online Munch] [checked 8/25/08]

Power and Trust - Toledo - a pansexual support, educational, and social group for people whose lifestyles and/or interests include (but not limited to) the following: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, submission, Sado-Masochism pwrandtrust@yahoo.com [checked 10/1/07]

The Purple Rose Society - Akron - This is a real time (21+) and online (18+) group of people in Alternative lifestlyes. All are welcome here. This group has been established to meet others, learn with and from others, play with others and help others in this lifestyle. There will be play parties, discussion groups, demonstrations, and just general social gatherings for likeminded people. Our mission is to provide direction, guidance and pass on knowledge about safety, and our lifestyles. [checked 3/17/08]

The Purple Rose Society - Central Ohio - Columbus - This group has been established to meet others, learn with and from others, play with others and help others in this lifestyle. There will be play parties, discussion groups, demonstrations, and just general social gatherings for likeminded people. 18+ [checked 2/16/09]

SMART - Sado-Masochist Alliance Real Time area's largest BDSM, D/s, and Fetish lifestyle organization S.M.A.R.T. Hot-line - (216) 670-6718 or the S.M.A.R.T. Phone-line - (440) 835-6946. Special Interest Groups for Dominants, female submissives, and Ohio Lesbian BDSM for lesbians, lesbian identified MTF's and bisexual women into BDSM, fetishes, and all forms of kink (WolfGrrl at ohiolesbdsm@yahoo.com) [checked 4/28/04]

SORE - Southern Ohio Resource and Educational Group - Columbus area - Educational group to increase the knowledge of those interested in the lifestyle. Providing the ability to meet people with similar interests, expand knowledge, all in a safe environment. [checked 11/16/04]

The Sterling Shadow Club - 21+ pansexual D/s, BDSM club in Dayton, Ohio. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to join us and others in the lifestyle some evenings and afternoons for education, play, demonstrations, and PARTIES!!!! Contact us by e-mail at: sterlingshadow@hotmail.com or by snail mail at: Sterling Shadow, P.O. Box 616, Miamisburg, OH. 45343-0616. [Email List] [checked 4/28/04]

Tamingwood - Columbus - A new spanking group planning to have parties four times per year, beginning on Saturday May 10th, 2003! Fun is the all important goal. For more information, Email bellarisatk@yahoo.com

TOHS - The Ohio Hedonistic Society - Cincinnati based pansexual group for those with an interest in BDSM and other fetishes. tohs@cincyleather.org [Email List] [checked 4/28/04]

Tri-State Area Power Exchange - TAPE - WV/KY/OH - We're a bunch of regular folks who share an interest in an alternative lifestyle. We promote education, safety, and a desire to share our experiences. [Email List]

Ohio Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards: Ohio Local Chat Rooms:
    IRC Dalnet channel: #bdsm_ohio
    #Ohio-BDSM 21+over!! Bi-straight-Gay on irc.bondage.com
    AOL Chat room: Ohiodomsub
    Bootmaster - MSN Community for Gay Leathermen BDSM IRC Chat Ohio


Clubs / Dungeons
Extreme Restraints

Leather Passions
#bdsm_oklahoma - IRC Dalnet channel For Okies and friends in the BDSM lifestyle and their email list

D/s_Lifestylers_in_South_Central_Oklahoma - This group is for adults in the D/s lifestyle. Feel free to post any topics you wish to discuss. We will be meeting once a month for a discussion session on various topics. We also have demos and parties each month. Email: dslifestylersokrsvp@yahoo.com [checked 6/12/07]

Glass City Pups - Toledo - A group for those in the Toledo Metropolitan Area and its surrounding Major Cities that are interested in pup play. 18+ [checked 2/16/09]

Kinbaku_OKC - This is a group where people in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas can discuss issues about rope, rope art in its various forms. This group can also be used as a resource guide where you can share information about rope art in its various forms. [checked 8/27/08]

Leather bottoms of OKC - Oklahoma City - The group is designed for those who identify in a submissive role regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or group affiliation to have support, education, and fellowship.. Email night_surrender@yahoo.com [checked 6/12/07]

LiNK-Oklahoma - A pansexual support group for the leather/fetish community. It provides education and social activities for its members. All adults are welcome. Email ladylavenderrose@aol.com [Email List] [checked 2/27/04]

NewcomersOK New to Erotic Power Exchange in Oklahoma - This groups primary purpose is help educate Oklahoma newcomers to Erotic Power Exchange (EPE). Those of us who have learned from people who came before us have a responsibility to share the knowledge that we have acquired with others. [checked 8/27/08]

NLA OKC - Oklahoma City - NLA is a panfetish, pansexual organization committed to the exploration, support and inclusion of all forms of alternative sexual expression and gender orientations. nla_okc@hotmail.com [Email List] [checked 6/12/07]

OK to Beg - Tulsa - Organized Kinky Tulsa Oklahoma Bottom Exchange Group - This group is for bottoms, submissives, pets, boy's/girl's, slaves of any gender to have a place online and in reality to share, learn, and socialize. We meet once a month to discuss topics and support those of us who have a hunger for "submission" within the lifestyle. [checked 6/12/07]

Oklahoma Demo and Discussions - We are a pansexual group for people in or around, but not limited to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our group is to educate, support, give understanding to this alternative lifestyle and to have fun. You must be at least 18 years old to join this group. [checked 6/4/05]

Oklahomas Submissives Circle - OKC area - This is a group of women and men who idetify as either submissive/slave/bottom or switch. We are a group here to help with questions, concerns or just a place to have friends and talk. [checked 8/27/08]

OKC Whip Enthusiasts group meets at Eldon Lyon Park and is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about whips (bullwhips, stock whips, snake whips, etc). All are welcome to come out and learn; men, women, and children. We will work on technique, safety, a variety of different sport cracks and basically just having fun. You do not need to own a whip to come out and learn, just come out and see what we're all about. There is no charge for anything, just come out and have a good time. You can contact Bill at OKwhipman@aol.com for info or questions

Oklahoma Demo and Discussions - We are a pansexual group for people in or around, but not limited to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our group is to educate, support, give understanding to this alternative lifestyle and to have fun. We have a group gathering monthly. You must be at least 18 years old to join this group. [checked 5/12/04]

Oklahoma_Young_Kinksters - OKC area - a TNG (the Next Generation) group, which is for younger BDSM'ers 18-35. We have monthly meetings [checked 2/29/04]

OPEP - Oklahoma's People Exchanging Power - Oklahoma City - a support group for the leather/fetish community. It provides education and social activities for its members. It includes both newcomers to the community and experienced participants in the leather/fetish community. [checked 2/29/04]

Stillwater Alternative Loving - This is a group dedicated to alternative sexual practices, concerning people in and around Stillwater, Oklahoma. We are pan-sexual, meaning that we will discuss anything humanly possible, and legal. [checked 2/3/08]

T.U.L.S.A. - Tulsa Uniform and Leather Seekers Association open to all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin, and is dedicated to educating the community and promoting unity in social, charitable and political ways [checked 8/27/08]

TDS - Tulsa Dungeon Society (formerly ADI-Tulsa) A social/educational group for people of all orientations, as long as they're 21 or older and genuinely interested or involved in BDSM. For information, email TDSEvents@hotmail.com - TDS, P.O. Box 695, Catoosa, OK, 74015 [Email List] [checked 2/27/04]

Tribal Fire a BDSM educational event organized by NLA-OKC. This Event is held in April each year, Oklahoma City, OK [checked 2/29/04]

Tulsa Power Exchange for those in the Tulsa & surrounding areas who are interested in learning more about the Power Exchange & Leather Lifestyle. [Email List] [checked 8/27/08]

Twisted Events - Oklahoma City's Adult Playground! An activities group for adults only. Twisted Events is for couples, singles, swingers, BDSM, kink, fetish, all trans-gendered communities, and any adult who is looking to explore a more intimate side of themselves. [Email List] [checked 6/14/04]

WICK'D - Oklahoma City - A new chapter forming of WICK'D. WICK'D (Women in Control of Kink and Discipline) is a group for Female Dominants and those who choose to serve them. It's a place for Female Dominants to learn from other Female Dominants, as well as providing a safe place for submissives who wish to meet Female Dominants. Our group is open to any Female Dominant, and to any submissive regardless of gender.For information, Email MstrsDragon@aol.com or LadyLavenderRose@aol.com [Email List] [checked 8/27/08 *No activity since Jan 2006]

Oklahoma's Local Mailing Lists and message boards:
    Ds Seekers of Tulsa - Email list for BDSM personals with the focus on Tulsa's BDSM lifestyle.
    Femdom_Personals_In_Oklahoma · Femdom/Fetish Personals In Oklahoma
    Heartland Submissives - Yahoo group email list for submissive women and men to talk and share feelings about what is important to them. A place to talk about the spiritual and emotional side of submission as well as other aspects. It's NOT for looking for a playmate though, but you never know who you might meet after some creative dialog. Created for subs in Oklahoma by Oklahomans, but also for TX,KS,AR,MO,CO and anywhere else you might be
    okbdsm Yahoo mailing list. The list serves as a meeting place for those who wish learn from the experienced, find someone special, share your experiences, or announce local happenings. This is a neutral list that everyone from all clubs and proclivities can enjoy. And it's homepage: Central BDSM serving the entire region
    OKsmbdwomen - This list is for women in Oklahoma interested in the leather lifestyle. B/D, S/M, tops, bottoms, lesbian, het, or bi, etc. This is a networking list for women to meet one another, share information and experiences, post activities, teach and learn. Please, no men
    OklahomaSubmissivesSupportGroup - This group is formed for the support of submissives, slaves, bottoms and switches in the state of Oklahoma.
    Tulsa_Kinky_People - Email list for those of us who are just plain KINKY. It is open to any sexual preference, proclivity, lifestyle, or orientation.

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