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Nottingham Dungeon
BDSM Lincolnshire - Holds two munches per month in/near Lincoln. bdsmlincolnshire@yahoo.co.uk [checked 8/28/08]

BDSM Manchester Community Project - The site is for the benefit of all those interested in BDSM activities in the Manchester and North West England area. Monthly munches in Manchester on the second Saturday of each month. We run an IRC chat channel on irc.bondage.com called #bdsm_manchester_uk. For more information, E-Mail Lord_James2000@hotmail.com [checked 8/28/08]

BDSM-Scotland - BDSM info on Scotland and chat room [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Bedford Munch - monthly munches on the 2nd Thursday. Contact ally2u_uk@yahoo.co.uk or amberess@hotmail.com for further info. [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Birmingham Bizzare Bazaar Midlands Adult Fetish Market - Third Sunday of every month - A great chance to socialize and shop!

Bound Together (B2G) an organisation aimed at fostering a sense of community for people interested in power exchange (or new to D/s, B&D, S&m) in and around the Midlands (UK). For more information, EMail violently@violently.com [B2G Announce] Or find them on IRC channel #b2g on irc.bondage.com [checked 8/28/08]

Bristol Munch - Bristol - The popular west country Bristol Munch continues... Come along and meet this friendly bunch - old friends and newcomers always welcome. Vanilla dresscode. Anyone needing further information please feel free to email jazwild@yahoo.com or jjmunch@yahoo.co.uk [checked 8/28/08]

British BDSM Personals In Britain? Into B D S M? Single? Well, you guessed it, this list is an attempt to redress that balance, by allowing you the opportunity to find your partner (or more than one, if that's your bag.) [checked 8/28/08]

Cambridge Munch - The Munch is a regular social meeting point for people on the BDSM, fetish and kink scene in the Cambridge area there! [checked 8/28/08]

Carlisle (CumbriaBDSM) Munch - Carlisle - A munch held the 2nd Saturday of every month. Friendly folk and great atmosphere. Email morticutor@hotmail.com [checked 8/28/08]

Cheltenham Munch - A get together of people in, or interested in the B.D.S.M scene meeting the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Everyone is welcome, whatever your role, gender, or level (or not) of experience. Contact cheltmunch@yahoo.com [Email list] [checked 8/28/08]

Chester Munch - Chester - Meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month. If you are new to the scene, we can offer you a meet & greet service. Email pussylash@yahoo.com [checked 8/28/08]

Chesterfield Conclave - Hosting the CMunch with fetish vendors, potluck, demos [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Chiltern B.D.S.M. - Hitchin - The Chiltern Group, covering Herts, Beds and Bucks. Giving information about Chiltern B.D.S.M.'s munches and other events. Email chiltern.group@ntlworld.com [checked 8/28/08 Defunct?]

Club Domina - London - Club Domina meets in North London every Sunday { and first Friday of the month } and is a small friendly sub/dom fetish event. We also hold other events several days a week at the same venue, so please visit our site for up to date details. Email info@fetishlondon.com [checked 8/28/08]

Coventry Munch munches the 3rd Tuesday of every month. For information, Contact Covbdsm@yahoo.co.uk [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Desyre Foundation for UK based people of all sexualities with an interest in Erotic Power Exchange and fetishism. Also visit Fetish-Net UK, their resource site [checked 8/28/08]

Dudley Munch - Get togethers at a local pub - for information, email jm89@btinternet.com

East Anglia BDSM - group has monthly munches In Norwich. Our aim is to encourage and Promote alternative events within the East Anglia region. [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Gabby's Web lists transvestite resources in Scotland and the UK [checked 8/28/08]

Hull Munch a friendly, informal gathering for people with an interest in BDSM. It takes place on the third Saturday of each month. organiser@hull-munch.org.uk [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Informed Consent Comprehensive list of UK Sites, info on uk.people.bdsm newsgroup, UK BDSM Events and Information as well as chat [checked 8/28/08]

KinkyKent - Kent Area - "a group of people who have an interest in BDSM and D/s. Kinkykent aims to be a focal point to bring together like minded people and to keep us all informed of local(ish) events. ..." Information on munches held in the Medway area, Ashford, Canterbury, and the Thanet area. Email munch@kinkykent.co.uk [checked 8/28/08]

The Lady O Society to provide information and support for submissive women - Lady O Society, BCM/3406, London WC1N 3XX

Leeds Munch - Newcomers are always very welcome. The munches are held in a vanilla environment and people are asked to dress appropriately, wearing collars is acceptable. Email contact@leedsmunch.org.uk for information [checked 8/28/08]

Leicester Munch - This munch is completely free, also there is no dresscode though some people like to dress up a little, and no permission is needed to attend. Meeting the first Sunday of each month. [checked 8/28/08]

LND Nottingham Munch Leicester, Nottingham and Derby BDSM community. Group for announcements and talk about the local scene only. Holding R/L munches on the third wednesday of every month. [checked 8/28/08]

Liverpool Munch - A gathering of people with a shared interest in fetish and/or BDSM. Munches are relaxed, informal and a chance to meet people, ask questions, learn and generally have a good time on the 4th Saturday of each month. E-Mail liverpoolmunch@yahoo.co.uk [E-Mail List] [checked 8/28/08]

London Fetish Fair Takes place the first Sunday of every month [checked 8/28/08]

LondonFetishScene - London Fetish information [checked 8/28/08]

Loughborough Munch - Discreet munches in a local pub. tinselglitter@googlemail.com [checked 8/28/08]

Manchester Super Chain a club for men who have an interest in Leather, Rubber and Uniform with meetings on the fourth Friday of the month. [checked 8/28/08]

MasterSlave.org.uk Resource site, chat room, mailing list, personals ads and much more [checked 8/28/08]

MDS - Maison-de-Sade - Bristol - Quarterly events for fun, socialisation, play and making new friends and meeting up with old ones. Email Info@maisondesade.co.uk [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

MKPowerX Milton Keynes munch - Discreet casual get togethers [checked 8/28/08]

Moonglow Spanking Club The Club for the Sophisticated Spanking Enthusiast Strictly for dominant gentlemen who enjoy the noble art of smacking the shapely bottoms of nubile ladies, and for submissive ladies who enjoy such activities. The club meets monthly in London and Quarterly in Birmingham mainly on Monday afternoons starting with a buffet lunch. moonglowDC@aol.com [checked 8/28/08]

N-E Essex Munch - This is a group dedicated to D/s in Essex and surrounding counties [checked 8/28/08]

Peaches Club UK spanking club running monthly parties within both the FEM-DOM and fem sub scene [checked 8/28/08]

Peterborough Munch - Social Group for the local fetish, bondage and domination submission community. Munches are held the 4th Tuesday in each month. vmaster.mail@gmail.com [checked 8/28/08]

Pony Pride UK - Bristol - PPUK aims to promote sane, safe and consensual Human equine, ponyplay in the UK. Email: info@ponypride.co.uk [Email List] [checked 8/28/08]

Roissy Workshops Manufacturers and providers of dungeon equipment for clubs and private parties. E-Mail info@RoissyWorkshops.co.uk [checked 8/28/08]

The Saints & Sinners (Northants) BDSM group - Northamptonshire - Holding a public munch on the 1st Wednesday of the month [checked 8/28/08]

Sheffield Munch - A social gathering in a vanilla environment the first Sunday of the month [checked 8/28/08]

Shropshire Munch - Monthly Munches open to anyone with an interest in BDSM. This is a very friendly group, very welcoming of newbies. [checked 8/28/08]

The SM-Bisexuals - London [checked 8/28/08]

SM Dykes Manchester - For Women who do SM with Women and meets monthly on the first Sunday of the month. Open to all women and to FTM people who feel that they still have links to the women's community. For more information, contact SM Dykes Manchester: Email: SMDykes@SMDykes.org.uk Tel/text: 07952 237526 [checked 8/28/08]

SM Gays London - non-profit social and educational group for gay men interested in consensual, sexual sadomasochism meeting the third Thursday of every month in London [checked 8/28/08]

SMPride Organization - The role of SM Pride is to: Coordinate BDSM information, education and resources for everyone; Promote wider public awareness of BDSM and alternative sexualities; Liase with other organisations who are campaigning to remove BDSM from the World Health Organisation list as a mental disease/disorder [checked 8/28/08]

South_uk_BDSM Email list to discuss Local meets and Munches (or lack of) And to Others In our area [checked 8/28/08]

Spanner - a British SM organization [checked 8/28/08]

Stourbridge Munch - Monthly Sunday munches [checked 8/28/08]

submission: home of the submissive sisters - website is primarily for female subs/slaves, with a lot of emphasis on safety issues, and hopefully general information that both newcomers and those that have been around in the scene for a while will find useful. Email Discussion list *solely* for *UK based* *female* *submissives/slaves* interested in, or involved in real life D/s or M/s relationships, Submission-uk [checked 8/28/08]

subDOMinion - Lists local UK Clubs and resources [checked 8/28/08]

SWAMP Bristol - The South West Premier Alternative Market & Party - For info on events in the region: BDSMSouthWestUK or chat on irc.bondage.com in channel #bdsm^swuk [checked 8/28/08]

UK Essex BDSM - Essex - Local information but no longer holding munches [checked 8/28/08]

U.K. Fetish Info

Watford Munch - A big friendly local munch, for big friendly local perverts. 18+ on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. [checked 8/24/08]

Winchester Power Exchange - Winchester - A well established monthly gathering (munch) of Power Exchange regulars who meet for a drink and a chat, nothing more, on the 2nd Thursday of each month. 8/08: Munches suspended pending new organizer. [checked 8/28/08]

York Munch - a get together and social whirl for the pervy, fetish and general out and out kinky folk that live in York and the surrounding North Yorkshire area held on the 2nd Wednesday night of each month. Also, webchat on the 4th Wednesday of the month. [checked 8/28/08]

Yorkshire BDSM - Resource site with articles and events [checked 8/28/08]

Yorkshire Spanking - Spanking parties in Sheffield. [checked 8/25/08]

UK Local Newsgroups:

UK Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards:
    BDSM in the UK Club on Yahoo
    BDSM South Wales E-Mail list Open to anyone who is genuinely interested in BDSM and who lives or has lived in Wales and their irc.bondage.com channel #bdsm-swales
    BDSM Wales and their HomePage
    British Spanking - Chat and Forums
    Cambridge-BDSM This mailing list focuses on BDSM in Cambs (UK).
    slavegirlsUK - Requirements for membership are that one is at least 21 years of age, female slave living (not online/cyber) in a power exchange relationship with their Master, and resident in the UK. *8/08: dormant
    UK BDSM - Forum on Livejournal
    the UK_Gay_24-7_slaves mailing list for Gay men in the United Kingdom (or guys that are coming to the UK!) who are seeking, or are looking for a 24/7 relationship with another gay man.
    UK/London - Forum on Mydungeonspace. Local Space for Londoners, and all UK members.

UK Local IRC Channels:
    IRC IRCNet channels: #bdsm-uk, #UK-pervy-pub and #BDSM2
    IRC.bondage.com: #UK_subbies, #submission^england, #UK_Essex and #BDSM_Sheffield_UK
    IRC EFNet channel: #BDSM
    #submissionuk IRC Dalnet and IRC.bondage.com channels with monthly meetings in London and their other channel, #subuk_scenes on Dalnet
    BDSM-Scotland IRC #BDSM-Scotland Chat Room (Java Version) or access on irc.bondage.com

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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