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ALM - Alternative Lifestyles of Michiana - Group with "coffees" held in South Bend, In., Mishawaka, and Niles [Email List] [checked 12/15/03]

Ann Arbor TNG Kinksters - Next Generation group for those ages 18-35. [checked 12/15/03]

Southeastern Michigan Munch on the third Saturday of every month in Ann Arbor and the first Friday of every month in Sterling Heights. [checked 8/25/08]

The Detroit Area Leatherwomyn's Dinner - Ferndale - Dinner held on the first Tuesday of each month for anyone who identifies as a woman and lives as a woman in her everyday life. for info contact mistressg@aol.com or shakingbooty@aol.com [checked 12/15/03]

Detroit Bondage Club - The DBC is a play club for GAY men who share a passionate interest in bondage, S/m, leather and rubber. Group meets monthly. [Email List] [checked 12/15/03]

Detroit D/s Dinners - This group is for those interested in or living the Dominant/submissive or Master/slave alternative lifestyle. [checked 3/2/08]

Eastern Upper Peninsula D/s Group - Sault Ste Marie area [checked 1/29/07]

saginawSaginaw Valley Deviants Munch has joined with Flint A.L.T. Munch with munches the 3rd Saturday of the month in Birch Run. RSVP to FlintMunch@hotmail.com

G.L.O.B.A.L of Michigan - Grandville - We are A Learning Group here in the Great Lakes Area of Western Michigan Thats Sole Purpose to Help Educate Others Interested in The BDSM LifeStyle. Holding munches just outside of Grand Rapids. For information, Email mds_honey@yahoo.com

GRALE - Grand Rapids Alternative Lifestyle Enlightenment is branching out in a continuing effort to spread all the best qualities of a BDSM Community. We are dedicated to the enlightenment of various adult consensual lifestyles. Our vision is to educate and enlighten individuals to the BDSM lifestyle guided by the principles of Safe, Sane, Consensual, Respect, Honesty, and Confidentiality for members and non-members alike. While respectful of different lifestyles no matter their race, gender, or sexual preference.

Grand Rapids BDSM - For Adult men and women who have an interest or curiosity in BDSM in central and western michigan. Discussions online about role play and lifestyle, or realtime at the West Michigan Munch every Thursday for the Rumors Alternative Munch (RAM) [on alt.com] [checked 8/25/08]

Grand Rapids Rivermen - A levi-leather club home based in Grand Rapids, Micigan.

ICON Detroit Leather Group - The purpose of our club is to represent a positive image of leather. For information, email icondetroit@geocities.com

KINK - Kinky Individuals Near Kalamazoo - Munches in Kalamazoo. also visit us at #GreatLakes On IRC Bondage.com For information, Email mastermerlyn@hotmail.com [checked 8/29/05]

Lansing Alternative Munch - a traditional pansexual munch open to all, the first Thursday of each month with a few exceptions for holidays. Email Stephen for information at Goodrock7@Gmail.com [checked 11/27/06].

L.I.F.E. Detroit (Leather Institute for Education) - a Metro-Detroit based discussion and presentation group that meets twice a month for the purpose of sharing knowledge with the Pansexual Leather, BDSM and D/s community. [Email List] [checked 6/11/04]

The MiChatOhs - Detroit - a group of Ds folks who meet socially (for dinners and munches) and who have educational groups in Michigan and introduce people to other local groups. E-Mail Info@MiChatOhs.org for information [checked 12/15/03]

MichiganBDSMSwingers - New group for those who enjoy bdsm, reside in Michigan and are swingers [checked 12/15/03]

MichiganRope - a discussion group for people who are interested in bondage and other BDSM activities. We are based in SE Michigan (metro Detroit area) but anyone is welcome to join. We share information and discuss techniques, safety, the psychology of using rope, and events of interest. For more information, email MichiganRope@aol.com [Email list] [checked 2/3/08]

The Muskegon Munch - Muskegon - Monthly get-together .. for more information, contact Northernfire1@aol.com or samos_rm@yahoo.com [checked 2/3/08]

NIK - Northern Indiana Kink - Established in January 2000 and serving the leather BDSM community in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan areas by offering two monthly gatherings; one being an evening slosh and the second being an afternoon munch. In addition to the social gatherings we also offer the community ongoing educational opportunities through lectures, demos and discussions. Also Available: NIK's (Northern Indiana Kink's) submissive/slave group Holding regular in person meetings in the northern Indiana region offering fellowship and support to our brother and sister submissives/slaves. For more information refer to the Elist or email StMaria@aol.com [checked 11/7/05]

Northern Michigan Munch / Traverse City Munch - Traverse City - Casual dress, no scene dress please, and no blatant sexual behavior. A comfortable event for people who are new to BDSM and for people who are very concerned that their neighbors will find out they're into BDSM this is a small town. Munches only occasionally

San Shin B&B - West Michigan - Newly opened B&B also hosting events. san_shin_bb@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 2/28/07]

Service of Mankind Church Michigan Essemian Sanctuary - The Michigan SMC Sanctuary is located mid-state, and provides a structure for the recognition of Female Dominance as a valid lifestyle and philosophy. We promote Femmedom D/s worship and living among our membership

West Michigan Rope - We are a discussion group about rope and rope related topics with monthly meetings where ties are demoed and time is provided for applied practice. For more information, Email dolphinguy_2000@yahoo.com or samos_rm@yahoo.com [checked 2/3/08]

Western Upper Peninsula Group - Formed to promote the understanding and to the education of the alterative lifestyle of D/S, and to bring people together to talk and meet. [checked 5/27/07]

Michigan Local Email Discussion Lists and Message Boards:
Michigan Local Online Chat:
    #BDSM/Michigan on IRC.bondage.com - email group for channel is BDSMMichigan on Yahoo and #BDSM/Mich-Dungeon on IRC.bondage.com , a Sceneing room for the channel #BDSM/Michigan

Black Rose Leather
D'sensual Products
Gray's Leather
Heartland Toolery
Madame Giggles'
Master's D/signs
Athenor - Minneapolis-St. Paul - BDSM Organization focusing on energy, community, education, and formality

Atons of Minneapolis Minneapolis-St.Paul - gay men's leather/levi club

BDSM-GreaterMinn - Duluth - Munches every month on the third Saturday as well as the North Area Meet N Munch on the second Sunday of each month. [checked 2/3/08]

BDSM-Minn - information on munches, discussion groups, meetings, outings. You'll find reference material, information on statewide groups and personalities of members from all across the Tri-state region. Find them on IRC bondage.com on #bdsm-minn

The Black Guard of Minneapolis - Social organization for gay men who believe in the Leather/Levi community, living that lifestyle

Disciples of DeSade - a group in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area devoted to the D/s, B/D, S/M lifestyles (Collectively BDSM). We meet about once per month to talk, teach, learn, and just have fun. D.O.D. is intended to help our members learn more about the BDSM lifestyle as well as form more contacts in the BDSM community , Jan 01 meetings on hold indefinately - - [Alternate URL]

Erotic Deviance - Twin Cities Area - Promotes safe kinky activities between consenting adults. We offer educational information, forums and other resources to help adults connect in real life with other adults with similar interests. We support a variety of kink and GLBT causes through contributions and fundraising, and also host occasional events, demos & workshops. [checked 7/15/06]

Ds Minnesota - We're a group of Minnesota, Midwest and Canadian BDSM lifestylers. We have an IRC chat channel, #D/s-Minnesota on IRC bondage.com, and meet weekly on Thursdays in the Highland Park area of St. Paul. Come join us for fun, conversation and discussion.

Erotic Deviance - Minneapolis - An educational non-profit, all-volunteer community-based social organization dedicated to serving the needs of the GLBT & Kink communities. We are specifically focused toward Kink enthusiasts living locally in the Greater Twin Cities area. We offer educational safety workshops and provide information on how to participate in Kink activities in a Safe, Sane and Consensual manner. [checked 9/15/07]

HankySpankyMN - Warming frozen buns in the cold north woods -- a group for spankos in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (and those who visit here) [checked 8/10/09]

Knights of Leather - The Knights of Leather are a private organization whose purpose includes the free and unashamed expression of BDSM sexuality in a Safe, Sane and Consensual arena. E-Mail - PO Box 582601, Minneapolis, MN 55458-2601 - Phone: 651.489.7441

Latexians - This group was put together to help rubberists in Minnesota and surrounding states in the upper midwest to have a contact point to get to know each other [Email List] [checked 7/29/05]

Leather Journey - On online resource for the Minnesota Leather Community [checked 11/27/06]

MAsT - Minnesota - A gay male support and discussion group for those interested in the Master/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship. It serves the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. For more information email Sir Bud at BudPeehl@Peehl.com. [checked 11/27/06]

Minnesota Bondage - Roseville - Group for Minnesota constraint and restraint enthusiasts, meeting monthly. [checked 10/6/10]

Minnesota_Ds_Lifestyle_Society - 18+ group [checked 10/7/07]

MN Electrical Play - Adults in Minnesota who are interested in violet wands, TENs units and other elctrical play toys. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at a private home to talk, play learn and discuss all things electrical. [checked 8/10/09]

MN_Kink_Calendar - Events calendar for all Minnesota groups - check out the links section too! [List allowing discussion about events] Also find the events on [Fetlife] [checked 8/12/09]

Minnesota Kinky Youngsters - A pansexual oragnization operating out of the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota. Our aim is to reach local people between the ages of 18-35 to help them make informed decisions on their lifestyle choices through educational classes and recreational gatherings. Holding the Minky's Monthly Munch in Roseville[checked 7/15/06]

Minnesota Leather Pride - Minneapolis - Each year in June [checked 6/16/07]

Minnesota Power Exchange - Discussion group with events including a Newbie Munch in in the Twin Cities, and Munches in Duluth and Superior. [Email List] [checked 7/14/09]

MSDB - Minnesota Stocks, Debentures and Bonds - Organization for people who are actively involved or seriously interested in BDSM lifestyles and activities. MSDB provides social and educational activities and information to its members and to the BDSM community at large. Membership is open to adults 18 or older, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, or physical ability. Holds munches in Rochester and in downtown Minneapolis. [Email List] [checked 6/2/08]

Minnesota Storm Patrol - Minneapolis - A Minnesota Non-Profit Levi/Leather Organization. Our organization is open to and welcomes all genders, races, ethnic backgrounds, and all sexual orientations. [checked 8/8/05]

MORE-MN - Duluth - This groupís main purpose is to educate its members, being male adults, who are age 19 and over on the BDSM, fetish lifestyle. [Email List] [checked 2/16/09]

Northern MN Kink - Hosting the "North Area Meet & Greet" in Duluth. this group is for adults 19 and over who are into the world of BD and SM and all the other fetishes. This group is for those that are interested in networking with others of like mind. [Email List] [a href="http://fetlife.com/groups/2234" target="top">on fetlife] [checked 2/16/09]

Switching Post - Minneapolis - a monthly discussion group for people who like to spend time on both sides of the power exchange. Our primary goal is to empower each other to explore ourselves, and have fun doing it. Offline discussions about all things switchy on the second Sunday of each month. [checked 9/17/08]

NALS (Northland Alternative Lifestyle Social) - Duluth - This group is a lifestyle social group, meeting the first Sunday of each month to discuss a lifestyle issue for 2-3 hours [checked 7/15/06]

P.E.P.R.MN.T. Munch - St. Paul - Munches on the third Thursday of each month. [checked 7/15/06]

Range Focus - Virginia - Holds munches on the 4th Sunday of each month. [On Fetlife] [checked 2/16/09]

St. Cloud BDSMGroup - Email list for people in and around the area to get together and talk about the lifestyle. Munches every other month and online chat nights [checked 9/15/07]

TCMedFetish - Medical Fetish Group for the Minnesota Twin Cities Area [checked 7/15/06]

TIES: Tremendously Intense Erotic Situations - Minneapolis - a pansexual BDSM-oriented†organization, and SubSpace a discussion and support group specifically for submissives with monthly meetings. ties@mn.rr.com [checked 11/29/04]

TCMBC - The Twin Cities Mens Bondage Club - Minneapolis - This groups meets every other month for a brief meeting and play party. Activites generally involve restraints but otherwise run almost all of the bdsm gamut. BNDGMASTER@aol.com [checked 8/10/09]

WestCentral Minnesota Power Exchange - Wahpeton/Fergus Falls area - West Central Minnesota and south east North Dakota power exchange. For doms, subs, switches. Be you a new comer or old timer, all are welcome here Has now moved to TriState_PX_Group meeting in Fargo [checked 6/4/08]

Wicked Vixen - Minneapolis - A non-profit, all-volunteer, educational social organization of women dedicated to serving the twin cities Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight Female Kink community. Holding the Pi Munch on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. info@wickedvixen.org

Minnesota Local Email Discussion Lists & Message Boards:

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