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Community Ties - an education and support group - Their Email lists: BDSM_Nebraska and BDSM-Nebraska to find and meet others in the Nebraska area (and surrounding states) who are interested in exploring and learning more about r/l B.D.S.M and the lifestyle. Associated with the IRC dalnet channel #bdsm_Nebraska

Heartland Gathering - Omaha - informal group meeting last Sundays at the DC's Saloon - email savo402@netzero.net or heartlandgathering@usa.net

International Ms Leather Weekend 2004 - Omaha - International Ms Leather 18 and International Ms Bootblack 6 will be held July 16-18, 2004. IMsL Weekend 2004 will take place in Omaha, Nebraska; easy to get to and centrally located (just a tad North of Oz). Sparks will light up the skies and there are tons of activities surrounding our city’s 150th anniversary that very weekend.

Kink in Lincoln - Lincoln - Group with local offline meetings

L2EP - Learning to Exchange Power - Omaha - a novice support group/club focusing on reaching out to novices with an interest in BD/SM Leather activities. We provide a safe environment where one can express their concerns, exchange information and recieve support from peers [Email List]

LEO - Leather Engineers of Omaha - Omaha - A men's education/support group. PO Box 8181, Omaha NE 68108

Midwest-Alternatives - An alternative option for those who live an alternative lifestyle. We welcome all - affiliated with the #NEAlternatives channel on irc.bondage.com. Come join us and relax and chat. 21+ please. [Email List] [checked 1/24/06]

N-IKY Nebraska - Iowa Kinky Youth - A group for all individuals between 19-35 who are interested in B D S M, D omination, Submission, and other Kinky topics. This group is primarily a social group based out of eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa specifically Omaha and Council Bluffs. [checked 10/2/07]

Nebraska_Community_Ties - Lincoln - Group with many events and also chat at #Nebraska_Community_Ties on irc.bondage.com [checked 3/18/08]

Omaha Area Munch/Slosh - OAM/S is not affiliated with, nor is it endorsed any particular group. It is an independent event, which is solely for the purpose of members of the BDSM & D/s community to gather and enjoy a night in each other's company! Have a drink, share a meal, swap stories, laugh and sing. (OK, maybe not sing.) For more information, Email GOSlosh@gmail.com [checked 1/24/06]

Paddlers - Norfolk - Munch and Discussion group [Email List] [checked 11/26/06]

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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