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New Jersey

Behind the Scenes
New Jersey Dungeon Society

Comfortably Tied

Dressing for Pleasure


Tinny's Wood Works

Touch Of Fur

Wild & Free

Andromeda - Asbury Park - A “Not For Profit” club established in November of 2002 promoting sexual liberation for lesbian women over the age of 21. Andromeda is also the very first women’s leather club in the state of New Jersey.

ACDS - Atlantic_City_D-s - Absecon - a group of like minded adults within the Dominant and submissive mind and spirit in Southern New Jersey who wish to share, learn and grow. The monthly meetings, held the 4th Thursday of every month, will incorporate games, discussions and/or demo's in a private non-intimidating environment. amynj911@yahoo.com [checked 5/17/07]

Argonauts, NJ - Asbury Park - A Leather Fraternity who come together in the spirit of brotherhood to achieve growth both individually and with the community at large.Our goals include bonding with our Leather brothers as well as working to better the community we live in through acts of service and fundraising. Membership is open to all Gay Men interested in the fraternal aspects of the Leather Lifestyle. argonautsnj@yahoo.com [checked 5/31/07]

BDSM_BBWs_of_NJ - New Brunswick - Email Discussion List and group dedicated to all BBW's and their admirers, who are interested in D/s, BDSM in the North, Central and Southern New Jersey area meeting monthly for munches. AKA Silent Vow Society

Capitol City Munch - Trenton - Lifestyle Munch Group meeting in Trenton [checked 2/29/04]

Central NJ Sub Support - A place where submissives and slaves can go for support, advice, or just to be themselves, a place to talk about the many things that we experience within the D/s lifestyle. [checked 2/15/09]

Community Munch - Philadelphia /Bucks County, PA, area & South Jersey Munch group. For more information Email krissegon@aol.com

CrimsonAbyss - PA & NJ - We stress education of the lifestyle of BDSM. Sexual preference, race, creed and color play no part in our education, only the ability to be Safe, Sane and Consensual and informed. Munches in Mt. Laurel. For more information, Contact LordeOz@aol.com [Email List]

COLD – (Crusty Old Leather Dykes) - Philadelphia - The goal is to hang-out with, or play with, or meet, or talk with, or flirt with -- other leatherwomen. No drama. 21+ Women only. Email admin@crustyoldleatherdykes.com [Elist] [myspace] [checked 9/17/08]

Dark Sanctuary a pansexual group of couples dedicated to the free expression of alternative lifestyles and forms of loving. We are a community of couples seeking other couples based in the DE / Eastern PA and S NJ area

The Fantasy Chateau an educational support group and social organization for adults with an interest in BDSM, Spanking, Bondage, Fetishes, the Leather Scene, Trans-Gender issues, Alternative Lifestyles, and good old-fashioned Kinky Sex. Featuring the PartyMan BSDM Events Newsletter, available on the website and via email subscription, an Annual BDSM Conference called SUMMER BASH and much more

The Gate - Monthly munches in New Jersey. To be added to the mailing list, TheGateNews@aol.com [checked 1/28/07]

KFE - Knot For Everyone - Union County Munch group - Pansexual 21+ BDSM group in the Central New Jersey area. The group serves as both an educational and social vehicle for adults interested in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Masochism). [checked 6/30/07]

Leather NJ [checked 5/31/07]

MAsT: Central New Jersey - Masters And slaves Together - MONROE TOWNSHIP - Support and education to those in the Master-Mistress/slave or Owner/property lifestyles through frank discussion and social opportunities. Our meetings are open to anyone who has an interest in, or is presently in a Master/slave relationship/household. Email: contact@mastcentralnj.org or MAsTCentralNJ@Yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 2/15/09]

MAsT Middlesex NJ - Masters And slaves Together - Central NJ - a support group for individuals involved in, or interested in, the MASTER/slave lifestyle. MAsT believes it serves that function best in local Chapters around the country where folowers of the MASTER/slave lifestyle can meet together to learn from one another and to support each other. Email: MAsT_CentralNJ@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 5/17/07]

M/s Munch - East Brunswick - This is a munch for individuals interested in 24/7 power exchange relationships. Whether you identify as Owner/ Master/ Mistress/ Dominant or property/ slave/ submissive, we welcome all genders and orientations in this lifestyle to attend and participate in on line discussions and monthly munches. slavetoMasterTony@Yahoo.com [checked 2/3/08]

BlackBEAT Philly Metro (formally MAX) - Cherry Hill - We are a multi-racial group and all orientations in the lifestyle are welcome. This is a public restaurant therefore we ask for mild fetishwear. blackbeatphillymetro@yahoo.com [checked 6/4/08]

NJ Whip Enthusiasts - Westwood - Our goal is to promote the sport and art of whipcracking, and anyone is welcome to join us no matter what your whipcracking experience or skill level may be. The idea is to just have fun! (Not an adult only / BDSM specific group). Meeting the second and fourth Sunday of the month. Email njwhipenth@yahoo.com

New Jersey Leather - A group to announce leather, bear, and fetish/kink-related events in New Jersey and the surrounding areas including New York, and Philadelphia. Also welcome is any information relating to leather, rubber, uniforms, skins, tattoos, cigars, jocks, bikers, boots, bootblacks, bears, or other similar fetish interests happening in the area. [checked 9/29/07]

New Jersey Leather N Roses - Parsippany - We are a 21+ North Central New Jersey BDSM social group that holds a Munch get together with open and like minded people who share a common bond of with in this lifestyle. We have open discussions on D/s, M/s, relationships and other avenues of BDSM. We will be holding monthly munches at which there will be time for dinner and great discussions. Email LadyIce1004@aol.com or Pinical2@ yahoo.com We also have a chat room on collarme.com : #NewJersey_Leather_N_Rose's [checked 3/12/08]

NewJerseySpankos - A group for spankos from NJ and nearby areas of bordering states. Ladies-only meets in Bordentown (Email islandgal2@yahoo.com), Casual meet-and-greets in Saddle Brook, (Email irvingdarling@yahoo.com) and field trips

The Northeast Girls of Leather - A group focused on providing a welcoming space for leathergirls to find sisterhood and provide service to their local communities. This meeting is for all self defined leathergirls. A leathergirl is a submissive, slave, and/or bottom with a feminine heart, regardless of their gender. Email NEgirlsofleather@yahoo.com

North Plainfield Munch - North Plainfield - Meeting for munches as a "Computer Group". For more info, contact either TinaRock@aol.com or MastrCuffs@aol.com.

The Northeast Fetish Group - an alternative educational and social community group serving CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VT [checked 2/29/04]

Promethean Guard - New Brunswick - An organization of men, who have come together to share their experiences and to perpetuate/educate; safe, sane and consensual leather activities. The organization will engage in social and fund raising activities. The Promethean Guard will strive to improve the gay uniform /leather image. Also has club socials in Boonton and Asbury Park. [checked 5/30/07]

RUST - The Very Infrequently Meeting Central Jersey Youngish-People's BDSM Group. jeffmach@runningwatermusic.com

The South Jersey Alternative - Wrightstown - a Network of compatible friends/play partners with munches and parties. Anar_Kisst@hotmail.com [checked 5/2/05]

Toms River Munch - Lakewood - Group with 3rd Saturday of the month munches VeiledLady@aol.com [checked 3/3/08]

Tribe - NJ's Leatherdykes - Asbury Park - As long-time, experienced players we have long felt the need for a more “advanced” club where we can play, share our experiences and our diversity. We follow the Old Guard principles of Honor, Respect and Charity. Tops/Dommes are responsible for their slaves/submissives/property at all times. Anyone who wishes to become a member must be sponsored by an existing member who will vouch for their history and integrity. [checked 6/4/08]

New Jersey Local Email Discussion Lists & Message Boards:
    BDSMofNewJersey · This list is for all aspects of BDSM of New Jersey.
    CentralJerseyBDSM This mailing list is dedicated to find matches between Masters Slaves Dominants Submissives.. male or female.. get some good information related to BDSM
    DE-MD-PA-NJ-BDSM where BDSM Lifestylers can meet, chat and get to know eachother. Personals welcome
    NewJerseyBDSM list to be used for personals, photos, stories, videos and sites information related to BDSM
    New_Jersey_Femme_Dommes_Group - Email list intended for adults (21+ only) Female Domination, male and female slavery and submission. This group is Femme Domme oriented... but A/all are welcome
    NJ_Ms_Ds - discussion list for the Loving Dominants / Masters and their submissive / slaves. This forum is for serious discussion relating to our lifestyle and our events. Additionally, we will be facilitating parties and visits to the Tannery in Philadelphia and Paddles in NYC.
    NY_NJ_BDSM_Lifestyle List for those involved in the real life local scene
New Jersey Local Online Chat:
    #BDSM_NY/LI/NJ_AREA on irc.bondage.com - Discussion of the REAL LIFE BDSM scene in the New York, Long Island, New Jersey area.

New Jersey Local Special Events:

New Mexico

AEL (Alternative Erotic Lifestyles) Pansexual Playgroup, Sponsors of Monthly private play parties for those interested in exploring alternative sexuality. Play not required for attendance. For more info, E-Mail Stan & Kathryn at AELmail@yahoo.com, write P.O. Box 80676, Albuquerque, NM 87198 or call Infoline at (505) 345-6484 [Online Group]

Dragon’s Den Southwest - This group is for people in New Mexico and surrounding areas who have the passion of dominance, disciple and submission (DDS)

Kinkyspot Albuquerque Events Calendar

New Mexico Leather League - informational resources for New Mexicans and visitors who are interested in leather, fetish, kink, bondage, discipline, Dominance/submission, sadism &/ or masochism, etc.

New Mexico Leather Wolves - Albuquerque & Santa Fe - Leathermen's Fraternity for New Mexican men into kink & fetish with other men.

New Mexico Leathermen's Network - provided as a means for gay leathermen of New Mexico to network and connect with each other.

New Mexico: The Next Generation - Albuquerque-based pansexual organization for people 18-35 who are interested in, curious about or already involved in Leather, polyamorous or kinky relationships. We hold monthly educational and social discussion groups as well as participating in larger community events and throwing occasional private parties. [Email List]

Rio Grande Leather

Sandia Women’s Dinner - Albuquerque - a monthly, public dinner/discussion group where women can meet to ask questions and discuss topics like sexuality, alternative sexuality, polyamory, "kink," BDSM,etc. -- in an environment that's safe. Or simply meet, have a little dinner, spend some quality time among like-minded women and have a good conversation. The Women's Dinner is open to all biological women, those who live their lives 24/7 as women, and women who are in or who are contemplating gender transition. Straight, Lesbian, Bi, curious, celebate, and anything in between - all orientations are welcome. e-mail SandiaWomensDnr@aol.com

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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