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ALF - All Lifestyle Friendly - Muncie - Designed as an information group to give information to those in all the alternative lifestyles. [checked 11/24/10]

AMG - Anderson Munch Group - Anderson - The AMG has fast become one of the friendliest small Groups in Indiana. We are an all-ages Group catering to those in the BDSM Lifestyle whom are 18 years of age or older. Group membership includes lively discussion, open munches, and all without paying a dime in membership fees. We provide a safe, friendly and open atmosphere for not only those whom have been in the BDSM Lifestyle for years but those who are new to "the scene" as well. [checked 6/4/08]

Andromeda - Indianapolis - a social and educational group for lesbians, bisexual women, butches, femmes, genderqueers, and TG/FTM in the Central Indiana area who are interested in kink, B/D, D/S, or S/M. info@andromeda-bdsm.com [Elist] [checked 11/25/10]

ClubFEM-Indy - ClubFEM Greater Indianapolis chapter is a not for profit social organization composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female dominant/male submissive relationships. The Dommes are in charge of the activities at all times; and, ClubFEM Dommes are considerate and caring Women who want the D/s experience to be enjoyable for all participants. ClubFEM members get to know each other very well and even get together for vanilla activities occasionally. The Dommes are friendly and helpful to other Dommes who wish to grow in their fetish knowledge and abilities. [checked 11/24/10]

Ft Wayne Munch - A group of like-minded folks who get together to share ideas and demonstrate their talents in a pressure-free, fun atmosphere. Email parddj@yahoo.com [Email List] [checked 3/22/04]

ftwaynemunch_subbies - Ft Wayne - Submissive's discussion group that meets one afternoon a month for food and fellowship and a Yahoo group for discussions during the month. Male or female submissives who are local are welcome

Great Lakes Leather Alliance - A Three-Day Pansexual Convention featuring Five Competitions, Play Space, Workshops and Demonstrations, a Vendor Market, and Much More! Every year in August - Indianapolis, Indiana

Headspace - Bloomington - dedicated to distributing information about safe BDSM play, and to providing opportunities for members to socialize and play bdsmers@indiana.edu [checked 1/25/07]

IMAS (Indiana Masters and Slaves/Subs/Switches) - Indianapolis - A private organization of individuals who are actively interested in BDSM activities. [Email List] [checked 11/25/10]

Indy Slosh - an informal gathering of those interested in BD-SM, D/s, and/or any alternative sexual lifestyle. Since those attending have diverse experience levels, this is a great time to get your feet wet. We currently meet twice monthly. [checked 11/25/10]

Indy Woodshed - an Indianapolis group with an interest in spanking. For information, contact indyspank@yahoo.com * 2/06: On Hiatus

Indianapolis Munch - Indianapolis - group meeting monthly. [Email List] [checked 9/29/07]

K-I-S-S Kentuckiana Submissives, Slaves, Bottoms - Indianapolis - A group for male and female submissives, slaves, bottoms, and switches in bottom mode located primarily in Indiana but extending our hand in friendship to our brothers and sisters in neighboring states. [Email List] [checked 11/30/06]

Kokomo Kinksters - Kokomo - For people in the Lifestyle that live in Kokomo and surounding area. houseofdesade@yahoo.com [checked 10/11/04]

Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles - Lafayette IN - We are a kink-friendly social group based in Lafayette, Indiana. Our aims are to provide an opportunity for lifestyle education, a sense of community, and a chance to network and get to know fellow members of the local community in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. This is a casual discussion board to further the word about Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles. Fetlife

Lafayette The Flavor Of Night - We are a group of people in the Lafayette/Indy area who share a common interest in BDSM/D/s and fetishes of all kinds who seek a safe place among friends to talk, share experiences, knowledge of the scene, to meet others and to have fun. LafayetteTheFlavorOfNight EMail discussion list

North East Indiana Leather Association - Ft. Wayne - A pan-sexual group for folks in the Fort Wayne and surrounding area involved in the Leather and alternative lifestyles. This group is only for those over 18 years of age. The group meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month with location being announced. Your Yahoo Profile must have age filled in to be admitted. [Email List] [checked 9/30/07]

NIK - Northern Indiana Kink - Established in January 2000 and serving the leather BDSM community in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan areas by offering two monthly gatherings; one being an evening slosh and the second being an afternoon munch. In addition to the social gatherings we also offer the community ongoing educational opportunities through lectures, demos and discussions. Also Available: NIK's (Northern Indiana Kink's) submissive/slave group Holding regular in person meetings in the northern Indiana region offering fellowship and support to our brother and sister submissives/slaves. For more information refer to the Elist or email StMaria@aol.com [checked 11/7/05]

NLA Indianapolis - Local Chapter of the National Leather Association. [checked 11/25/10]

OVALS - Ohio Valley Alternative Life-Stylers - The purpose of this group is to be a support group to other support groups and anyone in this wonderfully kinky community of ours. OVALS has a regular “Meet-N-Greet” on the third Friday of each month. Folks new to the lifestyle are more than welcome, and in fact are urged, to join us. Both novice and experienced lifestylers are always welcome here.

SE Indiana Kinksters - Madison - We are a group in the south eastern and south central part of Indiana. We are a very laid back group that enjoys getting together with other like minded individuals. [Email List] [checked 11/25/10]

Summit City Munch - Fort Wayne - We are a discreet, friendly group that cater to people in all aspects of the B D S M lifestyle. We meet once a month in a public setting. What we have to offer is a support, education, and social group for adults who share these interests. It is our goal to provide a comfortable, safe, and discreet environment where one can meet others of like mind. We also hold Play Parties in a private dungeon. [Email List] [checked 9/30/07]

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