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ALUR - Alternative Lifestyles United Retreats - Lewiston - taking a lighter side here in Maine, focusing on the social aspect of alternative lifestyle choices. This is YOUR social group. Those who attend the socials will help decide how you want it to run - ALURofMaine@hotmail.com [Email List]

BDSMmaine - Email list For all those living the lifestyle in Maine, whether experienced or newcomers. To exchange ideas and questions and to make new friends

Central Maine Alliance - promoting the safe, sane and consensual exploration of the practices and variations in the alternative lifestyles chosen and defined by our own individuality; through outreach, education and cooperation. * 7/10/03: "Due to lack of financial support, the officers of CMA have voted to disband the group." CMA@CentralMaineAlliance.org Mailing address: PO Box 3, Richmond, ME 04357

CUFS - Coastal United Fetish Society - Portland - a free social, support and educational group located in Central Maine, serving northern New England. Munches are held monthly on the last Sunday and our newsletter is available via Email. CUFS is open to all alternative lifestyles. Email CUFSmaine@aol.com for details

Kindred Leather group - Our membership runs the gamut of individuals, men and woman from all walks of life who share our interest in wearing leather and wish to involve themselves with other leather folk. The interest can be as simple as the desire to wear Leather/Levi/Latex/Uniforms all the way up to the exploration of S&M.

MaineBDSM - The other BDSM Email List for those in Maine. Unmoderated and open to all (18+) that enjoy our alternative lifestyle.

Maine Dungeon - MSN Community - Maine BDSM support group

Maine Munches 3rd Sunday Munches in Portland - Email for information

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This list is constantly being added to and corrected.. if you find a broken link or have a group or area-specific IRC channel which should be listed here, please send me an email

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