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A.L.I.V.E. (Active Lifestylers ISO Various Endeavors) - A BDSM/ Cultural/ Recreational events group for balance in life and lifestyle. We welcome new members, their ideas and leadership. Events are focused in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. No membership fees/free website for event updates. For more information, email ALIVEMembership@yahoo.com. [checked 12/21/03]

The Alpha Group - Greensburg - Our group exists primarily for people that are relatively new to the scene and are enjoying the process of learning about themselves and growing from their experiences. The Alpha Group is dedicated to providing an open, friendly, safe, and educational atmosphere all under one roof with like-minded and knowledgeable friends. Pansexual. For more information, email Alphas0mega1@hotmail.com [checked 3/23/03 website not updated]

Alternative Expressions (formerly Lancaster D/s) encompassing Lancaster, York and Harrisburg areas and surrounding areas for those of you who are interested in or active in the BDSM lifestyle. We strive to have monthly munches (currently in Mt. Joy), demos and group activities. Please join us! We are located on irc.bondage.com at #alternative-expressions. Email babybethie@yahoo.com [checked 2/3/08]

The Alpha Group - Greensburg - Our group exists primarily for people that are relatively new to the scene and are enjoying the process of learning about themselves and growing from their experiences. The Alpha Group is dedicated to providing an open, friendly, safe, and educational atmosphere all under one roof with like-minded and knowledgeable friends. Pansexual. For more information, email Alphas0mega1@hotmail.com [checked 3/23/03 website not updated]

BDSM Pittsburgh - Hosting the West Hills Munch on the 2nd Thursday of each month in Moon Township, not far from the old Pitt Airport. Dress is casual and RSVP's are appreciated. For more information, Email mystic3335@aol.com [checked 8/8/05]

Burghermunch Pittsburgh - a pansexual (all-inclusive), 18 years and older group interested in pursuing s/m, dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, fetishes, and other interests in leathersex, and spreading knowledge of these areas as an outreach organization for those who are curious about these areas and/or wish to find a social outlet with like-minded individuals. Meeting 1st Tuesdays in Shadyside. Burghermunch, P.O. Box 17123, Penn Hills, PA 15235 - Email burghermunch@burghermunch.org [checked 1/12/09]

Burgh Munch - Monroeville, near Pittsburgh - Our MUNCH meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month in Monroeville. Please rsvp to Mistress Paula at RSVPlease2@aol.com. [Email List] This group also sponsors a great event called Woods Stocks - July in 2004 [checked 1/12/09]

Central Penn - formerly holding munches in Camp Hill - A Central Pennsylvania-based support group which welcomes individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, fetishes and interests who are exploring alternative relationships and wish to meet like minded individuals. [checked 12/16/07]

CentralPennAlt - Harrisburg - We are an active, Central Pennsylvania based support/social group and invite new or not-so-new couples or individuals exploring B D S M, D/s, Gorean, TPE or other alternative relationships to join, attend group functions, make a few friends and learn with us. [checked 7/14/09]

Chambersburg Munch - Munches in Chambersburg. Everyone in the area is invited to attend, meet other kinksters in the area, and see some old friends. For information or RSVP, please email ilya717@embarqmail.com [checked 10/5/07]

COLD (Crusty Old Leather Dykes) - Philadelphia - The goal is to hang-out with, or play with, or meet, or talk with, or flirt with -- other leatherwomen. No drama. 21+ Women only. Email admin@crustyoldleatherdykes.com [Elist] [myspace] [checked 6/4/08]

CrimsonAbyss - Philadelphia - We stress education of the lifestyle of BDSM. Sexual preference, race, creed and color play no part in our education, only the ability to be Safe, Sane and Consensual and informed. Heavy emphasis on Ren Faires too. For more information, Contact LordeOz@aol.com [Email List] [checked 8/4/02]

Community Munch - Philadelphia /Bucks County, PA, area & South Jersey Munch group. The Community Munches are on the 1st Wednesday of the month in Morrisville, PA and 3rd Wednesday of the month in Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information Email the_community@comcast.net [checked 3/23/03]

Community Ties hosting Leather Retreat 2003 - an unforgettable 4-day get-away on a 300-acre summer camp in the foothills of Pennsylvania June 2003 [checked 3/23/03]

Delaware Valley Dominants - This group is for dominant males in the greater Philadelphia area and is the announcement board for a real time group. However, guys from outside the area are very welcome. Primarily for heterosexual men but gay men not excluded. 18+ [checked 10/11/04]

Delaware Valley Spanks - The group is for people who live or visit the Philadelphia, PA area and wish to meet others interested in spanking. Holds monthly munches. [checked 6/4/08]

DsDesires Friendship List for Women - The list is restricted to single women - single meaning you are not involved in a steady D/s or BDSM relationship (married women not involved in a steady D/s or BDSM relationship who have a spouse not in the lifestyle may join). All orientations (Dominant, submissive, etc) are welcome but I ask only those residing in NY, NJ or CT join. This list is for single women to make local, realtime, platonic friendships. Also offered is DsDesiresWomensGroup for Single, Married or Collared Women in the NY, NJ, CT or PA area

Erie Power Exchange - Erie - An educational, pansexual bdsm group based in Erie, PA. [checked 10/17/07]

Female Trouble - Philadelphia SM/Leather group, with a Social and Educational purpose, for those who self-identify as female. Phone: (215) 928-5090 - P.O. Box 2284 Philadelphia, Pa 19103-0284

The Gate Munch - - Philadelphia - Monthly munches in New Jersey. To be added to the mailing list, TheGateNews@aol.com [checked 1/28/07]

ImbasKink is a book club and discussion group located in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area that focuses on education and insight into D/s as a lifestyle. We choose and read one book relating to the lifestyle every other month, with monthly meetings in the Philadelphia area to discuss insights and meaning.

The Keystone boys of Leather (KboL) - Philadelphia - a fraternal leather club of self-identified leatherboys, and our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members with respect, and integrity. Our mission is to provide leatherboys a safe space in which to have fun, to learn, to educate, to socialize, to contribute, and support each other and our Leather Community. steve@boyshark.com [Email List] [checked 12/27/08]

Kinkhouse Philly Adult Resource Guide

Labrys Women Only Parties - Philly - private events sponsored by the Labrys Play group usually on the last Saturday of each month. Other women only and pansexual parties will be scheduled on an occasional basis. To be on Labrys mailing list: email Marya maryasub@aol.com

MAsT: Philadelphia Chapter - Philadelphia - Chapter of MAsT, Masters and slaves Together, a national organization devoted to the Master/slave lifestyle within the BDSM community. A pansexual group that is open to all people who practice the Master/slave dynamic regardless of orientation, gender, or stance on other aspects of BDSM. Meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month. Email littlesubnpa@yahoo.com [checked 5/18/07]

Mission Munches Munch group meeting in Willow Grove - E-Mail SwitchNJ@aol.com or SirOak7@aol.com for details ** On hold

NLA-Philadelphia - A chapter of the National Leather Association International for the greater metro Philadelphia area. Our mission to that we serve as both a resource and role model for the safety, power and pride for all adults who are interested in or who engage in the exploration and pursuit of the dynamics of power, sensation, fantasy exploration, BD/SM practices, and/or other expressions of creativity, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality which can be defined by SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual.) [checked 11/29/04]

NEPALthrmenNEPA Kinksters - Wilkes-Barre - We are a group of likeminded people from the Northeastern Pennsylvania area who like to get together on a monthly basis to make new friends and visit the old. [checked 2/24/08]

NEPALthrmenNE PA. Leathermen - Scranton area - gay men's leather/bear club supporting brotherhood and pride

NEAAL Munch - Hazleton munches on the first Friday of each month

OW! - Ornery Women - Philadelphia - A women's BDSM leather social group. We created our organization to provide a sexy, safe space for women to explore, learn, grow, and share in the leather lifestyle. We have demonstrations, throw parties, go out together, and just have a good time. Monthly gatherings on First Fridays at The Bike Stop. If you want to know more about us, or get on our mailing list, contact us at Ornerywomen@email.com [checked 4/12/03]

PA Dommes and malesubs - Harrisburg - Designed for Female Dominants (Dommes) and male submissives/slaves (malesubs), activities include monthly "munches" with Lifestyle topics of discussion. Play time afterwards is Ladies' choice (is there any other choice?). The purpose of PA Dommes and malesubs is for like-minded individuals to come together in a 'real' setting to learn, grow, share, and explore. [checked 6/4/08]

The Pennsmen - Harrisburg - We are a group of gay men with a common interest in the leather/fetish lifestyle. We are committed to promoting pride in and a greater understanding of our lifestyle. Meeting the second Sunday of every month. Email pennsmen@pennsmen.org P.O. Box 401, Harrisburg, PA 17108-0401 [Email List]

The Philadelphia Dungeon Society will help to serve as an informational center for the Philadelphia, PA Metropolitan and Tri-State areas [checked 4/3/05]

PAST Philadelphia Munch group - to receive munch announcements via email past@mindspring.com with only "SUBSCRIBE" in the body of the message. tribespa@yahoo.com [checked 1/28/07]

PAP - Philly Area Perverts - Horsham/Fort Washington - group for those who enjoy a wide variety of BDSM-related activities. Meeting the first Wednesday evening of every month for a munch. For information, email papmeeting@yahoo.com (papmeeting@hotmail.com?) [Email List] [checked 10/3/05]

PEP Philadelphia - the New Pep Chapter here in Philadelphia. Email pep_philadelphia@yahoo.com [checked 10/6/04]

Philadelphia Bondage Club A men's playgroup describing itself as safe, sane, sober, amenable, and consensual. First Wed of the month meetings. P.O. Box 40602, Philadelphia PA 19107 - EMail philabc@aol.com [Email List]

Philly Fetish Resource Guide

Philly_Submissive Snack and Learn - This group is a special place for all Philadelphia area Submissives to learn ways to further their Submissive space. Bi-Weekly Socials conducted with select topics geared specifically towards those who identify as submissive. Demonstrations include hands on learning and participating. Bring your ideas, suggestions and experience. All experience levels welcome. All submissives are welcome male, female, trans, bi, het, etc..etc..etc...the only requirement must be that you are "submissive" or "switch". [Email List] [checked 12/12/05]

Pittsburgh Leather Archives for Newcomers - "A Web Site Dedicated to Providing Useful Information to Pittsburgh Area D/s Scene Newcomers" [checked 10/1/07]

Poconos BDSM Munch Monthly restaurant munch close to Mt. Ary Casino in the heart of the Poconos. For information, Email: CarterS@aol.com [checked 8/25/08]

Pocono's Merry Munch Group - Mt. Pocono - We are an alternative lifestyle group dedicated to the B.D.S.M community of Northeastern Pennsylvania, particularly Poconos and the surrounding areas. Membership is by invitation only to those 21 years of age and older who demonstrate a sincere interest in the lifestyle. [checked 3/4/08]

SASSEE - Pittsburgh - the Society of Adult Sensuous Spankings & Energy Exchanges. for Pittsburgh spankos, as well as any spankos in other cities/states who wish to join us. This is a group for ADULT consentual spanking only! We have monthly Meet & Greets and private spanking parties. Sassy_Lady_Pgh@Hotmail.com

SCPA - South Central PA Alt - Altoona - We are a small lifestyle and kinksters group with munches. [checked 6/4/08]

Three Rivers Leather Club - Pittsburgh - Leather Club

Three Rivers Munch - Murrysville - Munch meetings on the second Monday of each month. vicki@threeriversmunch.org [Email List] [checked 10/6/05]

Ties That Bind Us - Philadelphia - group for people in 12 step recovery programs meets every Tues. from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in S. Phila. If your in the lifestyle and also in recovery please feel free to contact "Eddie "J" for more information at Stripednbound@aol.com [checked 4/12/03]

TNG_Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh - an open discussion list for TNG (The Next Generation) Pittsburgh. Officially, the group is for those between the ages of 18-35, but this is not a hard and fast rule as we accept anyone who is over 18 and new, curious, serious, has an open mind and respect for our fellow members. The monthly TNG munch is the 4th Tuesday of each month. [checked 10/7/07]

Tri-State Couples Club 20120 Rte 19, Suite 258, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 - E-mail: geotscc@sgi.net

Tribes - Philadelphia - The objective of TRIBES is to provide a safe, supportive, inclusive organization for the BDSM community. Email tribes@birdmail.com Or call (215) 736-3349 [Email List] * On Hiatus

West Hills Munch - Moon Township - Meeting the second Thursday of each month. The meeting is light and informal with varied topics of discussion. Come and meet with a great group of friends. SteveV_3@hotmail.com [checked 6/9/04]

Wild-O Munch - AKA "South Hills Munch" - We are a BDSM Munch Group located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, environment for adults to meet, develop friendships, and discuss kinky sex over dinner and drinks. third Thursday munches. Email wild-o@excite.com or mtantor@usa.net [Email List] [checked 8/4/02]

Women in BDSM Discussion Group New group in NE Philly. EMail VenusEnvy@email.com or KrisesPrze@aol.com for information

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